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Slyph's 6th Generation Breeding Shop

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@ohjeezitskim: I'd appreciate that, thanks. :) And yeah I just realized the images aren't working for me either. Anyway, I've messaged a staff member so they should reply sooner or later. xD


Cool Trainer
Pokemon: Scyther and a Eevee and a Axew
Gender: Scyther: Male, Eevee: Female, Axew: Male
Nature: Scyther: Adamant, Eevee: Calm ( i can supply with a 5 iv calm male eevee to ease the process), Axew: Jolly
Ability: Scyther: Technician Eevee: Any except the DW ability, Axew: Mold breaker
Nickname: Scyther: Sanguine, Eevee: Zelda, Axew: Blade
IV's desired: Preferably 6 perfect ivs on all of em else if my offers are not good enough 5 perfect ivs wheres the eevee skips out on attack stat and the other to skips out on special attack
Your Friend Code: 2020-0782-5443
Your In Game Name: Andreas
What you offer: Ghastly Male or female (your choise) 31-xx-31-31-31-31, Timid nature or Shiny (mabye flawless) milotic or a Shiny 100% flawless gallade with punch egg moves and adamant nature

Plus if there is any possibility id like all of them in pokeballs, seeing as id am very pecky with pokeballs

Sorry if you do n ot have any of these but your shop kind of dont show the pokemon you have available XD

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
sylph, do you need extra help with breeding?


I'm soo sorry to everyone for the long time its taking. The WiFi here is bad on my 3DS so I can't trade anytime soon. >.< I appreciate the patience, and if you do have another way to get the desired Pokemon, you can do that too. :) Unless you're able to wait until April the 16-17.
Once again, sorry for the inconvenience and inactivity.


Some Guy
Name(Forum and In Game Name): Xenevix for both.
Friend Code: 2895-7887-7462
Want(s): Squirtle and Charmander.
Gender(s): Doesn't matter.
Ability(s): Rain Dish for Squirtle preferred but I'll take either. Doesn't matter for Charmander.
Nature(s): Modest for Squirtle and either Jolly/Adamant for Charmander (whichever is easier)
Wanted IV Spread: 31/x/31/31/31/31 for Squirtle and 31/31/31/x/31/31 for Charmander
Nickname(s): N/A
Timezone: ET (GMT -4)
Egg Move(s): Dragon Pulse + Aura Sphere for Squirtle. Dragon Dance for Charmander.

Offer Form
Offer(s): Alakazam (Shiny)
Gender(s): Male
Ability(s): Magic Guard
Nature(s): Timid (-Attack +Speed)
IV Spread: 31/30/31/30/31/30
Egg Move(s): None
Other: Has the IV spread for Hidden Power [Fire] Power 70

Your First post mentioned that shinies with good IV spreads are worth 3-6 Pokemon but I really only want these two just as I have requested them. I have other offers as well if this one doesn't really cut it, just let me know. I also have the ability to add any battle points item to my offer including ability capsules if you so desire.

I realize that responding to this post make take some time as you said you'd be away but I will keep this offer around for a while so whenever you're ready to field it is fine with me.


New Member
Hi all I want is an impish vullaby and a ha excadrill I've to not matter not does excadrills nature since I'm not asking much I can offer you a 5iv modest riolu with perfect Iv except hp


I'm back home and ready to take requests!
@Xenevix: Accepted! I'll PM you when I'm done your requests.
@thetrollhunter: I don't evolve Pokemon, but I can get a Drilbur for you. :) Same with Vullaby. Accepted.

As with the requests I could not trade with during my time off, I'll be trading one by one with you if you were willing to wait. ^^
Also, the images will be fixed soon.
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