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Small Giveaways Thread [OFFERS Only]


danger chili pepper
Staff member
Welcome to the Small Giveaways Sticky!

This thread is for giving away things like breeding rejects that may be useful to someone else, but you do not want to start a giveaway thread or your giveaway is not substantial enough to merit its own thread.

You may only post if you are giving something away. State exactly what you are giving away in the post and whether you want users to PM/VM you to claim the Pokemon.

No discussion is to take place in this thread: offers only. Once you have given away your prize/s, edit your post to say that the giveaway is over.

All forums rules and Giveaways & Contests rules apply.


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
Yeah I have tons some even know high jump kick.I can trade for shield exclusive mons or for Grookey and Sobble