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Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

Nicholas Perkins

The Smasher Demon
Pyra/Mythra amiibo are coming out July 21st.

On top of their Smash Bros. compatibility, they can unlock a costume for the swordfighter class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
They also announced amiibo for Noah and Mio.
I think this just goes to show how popular they are and, in my opinion, would be a good choice for Smash. You could probably make them stand out from Pyra and Mythra by holding B to switch during special moves, which in this case would become Fusion Arts.


"I know what you did last Tuesday."
Disney needs the money to fight fascist DeSantis.


Eh, ragazzo!
From what I'm gathering, Update 13.0.1 added Kazuya, Pyra, and Mythra functionality, but not Sora. Simply put, you would probably have to hack Smash Ultimate to even get an NFC that holds Sora's data to work (not suggesting you do that, but that's what I'm gathering). I still think a Sora amiibo is possible. It still seems weird to me that Sakurai wouldn't just simply say that Sora isn't coming like he did with Ultimate renditions of Link and Zelda. Anyway, we can speculate on this for weeks on end, but I wouldn't necessarily expect an announcement (at least not anytime really soon).


Ghost-Type Master
Yeah, but it was probably much harder to get Sora's Mickey keychain through the door than Ridley's size.

I'm more than certain the Amiibo was included on whatever contract Disney signed. It would make no sense for Nintendo to do business for a Smash character and not include the creation of am Amiibo.

Nicholas Perkins

The Smasher Demon
Here’s another Smash-related thought I’ve been musing, one that’s more relevant to the site we’re on: how would you guys react if the Pokémon Trainer’s three Pokémon were Totodile, Grovyle and Charizard? Allow me to elaborate:

I wanted to have more variety between Generations and not have it be only the Kanto starters, with Charizard being the only Kanto starter I retained. Grovyle was included as the mid-stage Grass starter partly because of its importance in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, which would’ve released during Brawl’s development (but mostly because I think it looks cool). Totodile was included as the first-stage Water starter just because I figured it would be hilarious.

That said, I also wanted to keep the lineup between Gens 1-3 because A). it’s a team of three Pokémon and B). Lucario exists as the Gen 4 rep, for the lack of a better term.