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Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Kirby, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    You have one of the main composers of Sonic making a remix of a Mega Man soundtrack. Interesting...
  2. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris Hee hee...

    What Auraninja means with that is that a new music track dropped on the main site: it's a medley from Mega Man 4.

    Done by composer Jun Senoue (who is the other half of the band Crush 40 next to the vocalist) who has done music mainly for Sonic games since Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (and some other lesser known games like Nights).

    I think this is a rejected music track for Sonic Adventure 2 or something. Ha ha.
  3. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    The Crush 40 guy?!

    Expecting awesome music...maybe lyrics added to some older songs? Or should we leave that to YouTubers....?
  4. Genos

    Genos Ultimate

    Pokemon Power likes this.
  5. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    I wonder if Inkling will receive a player 2 version of its amiibo so that we also have a male version of it like what happened to Corrin in SSB4. But then female Robin didn't receive one possible because she wasn't popular as female Corrin so I guess it's unlikely it will happen for the Inking to have its male variant as its player 2 version.
  6. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris Hee hee...

    Sooo why the $4 price increase.
  7. R_N

    R_N Better Name GET

    Maybe cost of production went up? It looks like the singles version of the champion amiibo are the same price.
  8. Genos

    Genos Ultimate

    Best Buy have both Rildey and Inkling amiibo pages up for pre-order.

    I already went in for Ridley. I will do the same once Wolf is up.
  9. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    All I care about is Pichu
  10. R_N

    R_N Better Name GET

    My amiibo shortlist is Wolf, Ice Climbers and Snake. If they do player 2 amiibo and also if the trainer gets an amiibo, I'll grab Leaf.
  11. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Pretender

    Trainer makes me curious if it'll just be the Pokemon Trainer as an Amiibo or if we'll get Squirtle/Ivysaur as well as the Pokemon Trainer.

    either way I'm excited for the new amiibos, I only have Duck Hunt, Ness, Lucas, Olimar, and Yoshi so it'll be nice to see more than just the Animal Crossing amiibos in stores.
  12. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    For the Pokémon Trainer's case, I doubt the amiibo will fit Charizard, Ivysaur, Squirtle and Red all onto the same stand so I guess that it will only be Red. They're about as wide as a small apple so not everyone can be put on and the safest option would be that only Red will be on the stand.
  13. R_N

    R_N Better Name GET

    the money maker avenue is to make separate amiibo of the trainer, squirtle & ivysaur
  14. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Pretender

    yeah which will probably be the case tbh

    I know some people would be upset about Charizard having an amiibo and Ivysaur/Squirtle not having their own so they'll probs just split them all up

    yaaaayyyy money


    am I the only one that has a feeling they'll pass on a Gen 7 Pokemon rep for a Gen 8 Pokemon as DLC? I dunno just seems like a smart choice to me. Skip over Gen 7 rep to add in something else and bring in something from Gen 8 via DLC. There's really no hype for Gen 7 since that was nearly 2 years ago and everyone is focused on Gen 8 arriving on Switch next year, so it's only sensible to me that they wait and promote the Gen 8 games with a new Pokemon rep similarly to what they did with Fates and Corrin.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  15. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    They weren't in Smash for 3DS and Wii U, so having amiibo for them is a big deal.
  16. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Gen 8 isn't coming out until the fall of next year most likely.
  17. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff

    I’m pretty sure Gen 7 will be represented by Decidueye or Incinaroar. They are the most likely candidates as Mimikyu will most likely be a Pokeball summon and same could be said of Alolan Meowth. Unless Sakurai throws a curve ball and makes either Pheromosa, Buzzwole, or Celesteela the newest Pokémon rep. Those three I think also have a chance of being playable.
    Pokemon Power likes this.
  18. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris Hee hee...

    This is not even the reason.
  19. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    I'd rather have Mimikyu as playable.
  20. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    There's also Lycanroc who I can see as playable.

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