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SM's post league arc

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So something I've thought about the current SM series was the pacing of Ash's trial quest. Pretty much half of the region is already done after Ash won against Olivia. And it even looks like they're preparing for the Aether Foundation arc/climax based on the new episode summaries. The AF plot pretty much started on the exact same time like in the games, just right after the second island.

The problem here is the pacing. It didn't even took fourty episodes until we're pretty much done with the half region and there are probably only four more trials left (with them probably getting packed near together like with the first two islands). If they're going to continue with this pacing, then we're probably done with the island trial quest + a possible league by episode 80-90.

So what after that? If the next generation starts at the end of 2018, then the actual pacing would fit. If not then they have to fill more than fourty episodes between the league and Gen 8. As of now there's nothing like a Battle Frontier announced for USUM.

One idea I had would be Ash retaking the Kanto gyms for some reasons (maybe his Kanto badges expired?) because we saw Kanto gyms in USUM screenshots.

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Maybe Lillie takes the Kanto gym quest instead? And they can honestly make up any kind of battles tournament for Ash to participate if they need to. I'd rather not see Ash go and challenge badges that he already has.

Either that or he goes to Sinnoh to challenge the Battle Frontier with Lillie challenging the Sinnoh gyms.


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Maybe they will use that time to go to other regions.

I would like for Ash to redo his Kanto Badges because he didn't earn most of them, but the problem is that it we then won't be able to follow Lillie on a Gym quest in Kanto because they don't want to show each Gym battle twice.

I would like to see Ash and Lillie go to Sinnoh and meet Dawn. Ash could take on the BF and win the Sinnoh League, while Lillie could do the Gyms. Dawn can win the Grand Festival.

Or they will probably do what they do best and shower us with fillers.

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What if Ash actually wins the SM league? They could dedicate an arc to him preparing and facing the E4


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I think that writers might create a quest like they did back in AG!!!! And the main characters will be Lillie and Ash!!!
But on the other hand what make us believe that USM hasn't anything more to give in the plot!!! In a lot of cases anime doesn't follow games' passing!!! So we will have to wait and see!!!


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RETURN TO DECOLORE ISLANDS!!! Really, I just want to see old companions/Pokemon return. 20th anniversary BF quest would be cool too. Or Sinnoh (and Paul).


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Whoa, whoa! Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

He may have beaten half the Kahunas but there's still more than can do, especially if they mix in USM elements to the over all story like they did with Platinum in DP.

There's certainly plenty of story to work with if everyone goes after Z crystals. Heck, that actually gives them more to work with than a Badge Quest. (though the issue if they'll make good use of it is another story...)

Not to mention how they have THREE villain teams to deal with (even if Aether Foundation is more misguided/fooled than evil and we're not quite sure about the Ultra Recon Squad yet. (Though they sure LOOK like bad guys. Heck, they're the most intimidating looking group we've ever had))

Least we forget, DP had a whole year between the 7th and last badge, while Kalos had a 6 month gap between them after Ash gained the middle badges quickly, with all kinds of events happening in between. So you never know really be sure just HOW the pacing on this show will ultimately be until all it is said and done.
I would rather have the series end in 2018 instead of getting slammed with a filler arc like they did in Best Wishes. In a years time they could easily wrap up the story with minimal filler.
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