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Snivy Trainers Pokemon White Team!

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
I've decided I wanted to do a run through on my white to catch up to my friends. This is my team. Apologies if the pictures don't work!


Adamant/Jolly Nature
~Leaf Blade
~Dragon Tail
My starter(hopefully shiny!). Coil boosts my attack, defence and accuracy, which means I can abuse STAB Leaf Blade. Return and Dragon Tail are strong physical attacks that help cover stuff other than steels, which'll get lost with Dragon Tail.


Docile Nature
~Fake Out
~Night Slash
~Grass Knot
~Shadow Ball
MixedPard. Fake Out is a great opener, and Night Slash is powerful STAB. Grass Knot for rock types and seismitoed, and Shadow Ballis for filling a space. I don't risk Nasty Plot or Swords Dance as it's to frail.


Timid Nature
Flash Fire
~Shadow Ball
~Energy Ball
My favourite 5 gen pokemon, and she fits perfectly into my team! Flamethrower and Shadow Ball for STAB, Energy Ball and Psychic for coverage.


? Nature
~Rock Slide
~Ice Beam
MixedPour, like liepard. Scald and Surf are both pretty strong STABs, whist Rock Slide, Acrobatics, and Ice beam are for coverage.


Timid Nature
~Thunder Wave
~Bug Buzz
~Electro Ball
~Energy Ball
My 2nd best special attacker. My set is it'll use Thunder Wave, then Electro Ball away! Bug Buzz For STAB and Energy Ball for coverage.


Docile Nature
~Brick Break
I know, 2 electric types. Thunderbolt for STAB, Flamethrower, Brick Break and Crunch for coverage.

Well, that's my team. Again, sorry if the pics don't work.


le quant-à-soi
Interesting Liepard set. Sucker Punch is an alternative STAB move instead of Night Slash if you don't mind the prediction required. I'd personally go with Aerial Ace > Shadow Ball as it lets you hit Bug- and Fighting-types who would otherwise destroy you. Docile's a neutral nature; go with Rash or Naughty instead.

Psychic gets rather redundant coverage on Chandelure. For Chandelure, it only hits Fighting- and Poison-types for super-effective, neither of which are a threat whatsoever to Chandelure. It's better to go with Calm Mind for boosting.

Rash nature on Simipour (+SpA/-SpD).

With Compoundeyes, Thunder hits a respectable 91% accuracy (higher than Rock Slide) so you should go with Thunder > Electro Ball on Galvantula. Sucker Punch is an option > Thunder wave if you like.

I'd also go with Dragon Claw > Brick Break on Eelektross as Electric + Fire + Dragon get amazing coverage.


3 sum!!!
I would rather you go with a special sweep semipour as it can plot up like lieperd and run a mixed on lieperd. Pack grass knot/HP electric on semipour.

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Thank you Zhanton and noob21 for rating my team. Haven't really gotten any other rates, so I'll do some monos or nuzclokes and see where that goes. I'll make another team too, but this can be kept open and I'll keep checking for updates.