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Snivy's Breeding Shop


Mega Blastoise
Hey, would any of you have a Totodile Compatible pokemon with Ice Punch and Dragon Dance? Or a totodile with one?


Dragon Master
I was wondering if you can breed me an evee.
With 31ivs in hp,spatt,and spdef.
Nature does not matter.31ivs in hp and spdef would be fine also.
PM me if you can.
willin to trade any of my legit legendaries.


New Member
I would like an igglybuff! I know these pokemon are off your list but i am willing to trade one of these pokemon-
Charizard, lvl 38 earthquake flamethrower air slash dragon claw
lotad, lvl 5 astonish growl absorb
corphish, lvl 1 bubble superpower x-scissor false swipe
for the rest of the info, please just PM me
NOOOOOO!!! Not that oshawatt AGAIN!!!!(my friend uses it too as his profile pic)


Glaceon Master
I'm sorry but I can't breed much right now. I lost my pokemon white and black game


Well-Known Member
Does that mean you can't trade as I was about to say that I can breed Drifloon and Tailow. I also can breed a DWF Shuppet. I also have an Absol. And a Dark-typ Poochyena and finally a Ice Typ Snorut. In return I would like Terrakion and Spiritomb. :)


Sexy Cowboy
Are you still taking worker applications? If so, id like to become a worker to :)