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Snow Way Out (066)


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I remember how Ash and his Pokemon were huddling together to stay warm in this episode. That part really touched me. I also liked being able to see Charmander, since it was my favourite Pokemon of Ash`s back in Kanto. Other than that, I found the rest of the episode to be quite boring.


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I loved this episode. My favorite part was when Ash tried to get Pikachu inside his Pokeball but refused and all of his Pokemon came out and they all cuddled up together


I didn't like the episode. Ash's wasn't very interesting early on in the series and this episode just happens to be one of my least favorites. The idea was pretty neat but I felt bored watching it. Nothing noteworthy happened.


aka Lamia
This episode was ok. I don't see why Ash was so adamant to go through the harder path though. And he sure did pay for it, almost freezing to death while Brock and Misty spend the night in a hotspring. And somehow Team Rocket make a perfect looking 'ugloo' as James says. Those snogus boards looked horrible too.
I don't understand the whole emotional scene Ash had either, I would have been annoyed that Pikachu wasn't obeying me. It was nice to see that Ash and co. actually end up stealing Team Rocket's balloon.
This is a good episode, and it shows the love of Ash's Pokemon for their trainer. However, Ash shouldn't have tried to get Pikachu back in his Poke Ball, Ash knows how much Pikachu hates that by now. But Ash deserved the cold problems, because of his stubbornness.

Emotional episode, 9/10.

Haunter ゴースト

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Loved this episode purely for the scene with Ash and his Pokemon trapped in the cave. Easily one of the best scenes in the entire anime. It's very emotional and i'd love to have scenes like this brought back/made more often in the newest seasons of the anime.

None of the newest seasons have ever managed to create atmospheres like this, it's a shame.


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That scene in the cave is probably one of the most sweetest moments a trainer can have with his Pokémon. For a filler episode that aired out of syndication, I did enjoy this one - mainly because it made the bond between all of them grow stronger.

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
This episode reminded me a lot of the movie "Alive" - although I haven't seen it, I know what it is about. It's based on a true story too. Look it up.


On a quest to be the best...
I could never seem to see the episodes when they first aired, so Charmander appearing didn't matter. I was used to stuff like that happening. All-in-all this is a decent episode. I'm happy that Ash pulled through; the journey is dangerous, and this episode shows it.


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I love the scene when Ash and his Pokemons huddle to try to stay warm. Pikachu never wanna be in the Pokeball but this time it was not only because he hate being inside but also for the fact to make sure Ash would be okay.

It is so great to see all Pokemon he has going out of their Pokeballs and huddle with him. This shows us how special they are for each other. One of the best scenes in the Anime!


Gone But Not Forgotten
This episode still gets to me after all these years...I wish we had more scenes like this



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nice episode but why is charmander in it? he already fully evolved in charizard

I was confused by that too when I first watched it. I think it was probably for marketing purposes. At that point in time Charmander was probably far more popular than Charizard, so since those episodes weren't really in the story-line of the show much they decided to bring Charmander back?

That's just a theory of course, and could be dead wrong. *Shrugs*