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So are you excited for b/w as you were for d/p?

are you excited for this new region or do you not feel the same way?

  • Yes i am excited but not the excitement i felt when "fill in the blank" began

    Votes: 22 25.9%
  • Yes i am still just as excited

    Votes: 44 51.8%
  • no, not anymore

    Votes: 19 22.4%

  • Total voters
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I'm just wondering once the games come out and the new anime begins then will this encourage you to continue with the series or no? Are you still just as excited for this new series to begin as you were when either r/s or d/p began and if not then i would love to here your opinion. I know some people have some complaints about it being repetative but think about when hoenn started and then sinnoh and now the ishuu region. What are some of the differences you can think off when it began and up to this point are you excited anymore or are you just not looking forward to major changes when it comes to cast replacement or new pokemon being brought in. I hope i made it clear but if not then you can ask me what i'm trying to say lol.


Well-Known Member
All I can say is, with all this hype surrounding the cast...

I won't be missing it. That's for certain.


Well-Known Member
Honestly? I'm very excited, I'm not a huge fan of D/P and have only watched episodes here or there. I pretty much follow it through the forums/episode pictures. So, I can't wait to start over fresh. Hopefully, B/W will catch my interest.


No, because I don't want that Ash will suddenly leave, which is very possible.

It's pretty hard to think about this show without Ash, Dawn and Brock.


Well-Known Member
I'll always be excited for the show, as long as Ash stays.
I'd be even more excited for it if Dawn stayed as well, but if not for Ash than yes. And if they get rid of Brock too that'd make things intresting. Add a whole new group for Ash.


Ash's fangirl
I'm always excited for the anime since I love it a lot (that is if Ash is still in it). DP was great so I hope BW will be good as well, hopefully Dawn will be in it.


Rikudou Master
I'm more excited for B/W then I was for D/P and R/S. But to be fair, I didn't even learn of R/S til the first episode actually aired stateside. Anyway, Considering the sheer number of pre-released Pokemon I like and how amazing the region looks, I honestly can't wait to see it animated.


DragonType GymLeader
I'm definitely excited coz this is goin to be my first time for a new series premiere and i'll be able to follow B/W right from the beginning....so well i'm having this adrenaline rush for about days now... ^ ^


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
I'm excited, but not as excited as I was for DP, because, I'm not going to lie to you, DP meant, replacing May and Max, and I was so happy. Then I saw Dawn and thought, EWWW! New coordinator (now she's may favourite character and I love contests) but now, we have the possibility of Dawn being replaced and I'm not as excited now. Plus I love DP, its been the best so far. But I suppose the writing should improve even more in BW so it should be just as good.


Writer's Block
Of course I am. I've been excited for all the new seasons.

I'm curious to see what the main cast will look like. I'm curious on how they will use triple battles and whatever new features come our way.
I can't be less excited than I was for D/P since I had no excitement at ALL for D/P.

I dropped out of the anime around Hoenn and only came back recently to watch the Leauge, I've only seen about 40 D/P episodes before

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Yeah kinda am, I want to know where the anime is heading now and all the new Pokemon. Also guys if you haven't seen the announcement there's a big chance if the beta stuff we saw is all true Ash will be in the anime still.


Well-Known Member
Yeah. Wasn't really excited for D/P mainly duo Dawn. But I've watched almost all the episodes, or at least the ones that really matter. B/W will probably be good, if they take out Brock and Dawn, and that will be a big improvement.

And some of the Pokemon might look cool in the Anime, so I guess I'm excited.
But I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled something I dislike in here, so I won't be excited at all.


Well-Known Member
ash wont leave dawn will be replaced by iris it said in the news i am eggcited i watched it also since the first episode


Shiny Flygon
Yeah I'm pretty excited, the new female doesn't that good, but the boy and the name "best wished" are awesome.
I was much more excited in DP, but every time it's gets better.


Well-Known Member
No, because I don't want that Ash will suddenly leave, which is very possible.

It's pretty hard to think about this show without Ash, Dawn and Brock.

Ash leaving wasn't ever even 0.0000000000001% Ash can't leave as it will ruin the show
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