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So Bad It's Good (Oneshot PG-15)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dormant, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Hello my fellow patriots, Dormant here. And I'm here to attempt to make the most Randomous and Crazious Story that will make your mind go KABOOM!!

    WARNING: This story is not suitable for kids and Orangutans. If you value your sanity and don't like crazy awesome fics, Then I recommend not reading this fic. You have been warned. This fic may cause insanity, bleeding, pregnancy, diarrhea, puking, smoking, nausea, dementia, ugliness, fatness, hypothermia, Rage Quit, Fever, and etc. Parental Guidance is advised.

    Rated PG-15!!!!

    Genre: WTF (Horror)

    Alright! If your still here, then let us begin!!!


    "There was once a boy named Nikki Boom. He lives in a house at Kanto. One day, he was walking by the grocery shop to buy a bunch of black powder. But then, all of a sudden.....


    The Giant Spaceship is as big as Yo Mama's underwear. The Spaceship's entrance opened, and showed a figure.

    That figure, IS DARTH STEELIX.

    He came to Earth to invade the planet with his mighty jaws of Owwie. Darth Steelix is a Steelix that wears a Vader hat and cape. He also thinks he's awesome.

    Darth Steelix called upon his mighty army of Porcupines to invade the World. Dr. Professor Midgard Midget summoned the Kanto Army, which is comprise with WOMAN- EATING LAPRASES to defeat the Porcupine Army.

    Darth Steelix summoned the Force to destroy Saturn's Moon for no reason at all. Then Mt. Coronet was angry at New Jersey for stealing his mother's shirt and began beating the Crap out of it.

    Nick Fury rides on his Planetary Garage door to defeat Darth Steelix using the Ultimate Fluffy Bunny. But little did he know, Darth Steelix is LATIN and the Ultimate Fluffy Bunny exploded like a Firework. For as we all know that Latinos ARE INVINCIBLE.

    Dr. Luke Skywalker ate My cat and Yo Mama SAT on him causing the big bang to restart again. Meanwhile, a Spiderpig exploded. NOOOOOO.

    Darth Steelix saw Lord Moldy Lasagne and ask him to eat his children. But it was a trick! For you see, Darth Steelix STOLE his son's birthday card! Vile villain!

    The Jonas Brothers swam in Kanto's water, and starts to make fun off you. You were angry and you smack them back to Uranus from whence they came.

    Meanwhile, The Porcupine army ate The Ice Cream man's Sandwich and the Great Arcanine of the North roared into the sky which caused EVERY SINGLE TOILETS AROUND THE WORLD TO EXPLODE.

    Luckily they still have Toilet Paper....

    But then, Freddy Mercury raised his fist in the air and the very sky exploded. Rayquaza is angry. It's so angry that it's anger caused Nicolas Cage to awake. Nicholas Cage then brought Armageddon to the world with his insane smile.

    Dr. Hyrule called upon the world's mightiest Heroes. He summoned Thomas Edison, Ho-oh, Donald Duck, Gimli, Yo Mama, O.J. Simpson, The Simpsons, The Sims, The SIM Card, The Jackson 5, Mary Sue, My House, The Toilet Seat, The Mailman, Superman, Burp, Sorry and My bad.

    All of them then attacked Nicolas Cage's Army of Rabid Coconuts. Darth Steelix exploded as Nicolas's Power has overwhelmed the Darthiness. The Porcupine army Retreated and vow to eat lasagne forever

    The heroes managed to defeat the Rabid Coconuts, but Nicolas Cage summoned his Ultimate Weapon. He summoned a T-Rex with LONG ARMS. Many Heroes died before defeating the Unstoppable one. Now they venture towards Disneyland to defeat the Nicolas Cage.

    However. Walmart sued everyone in the World, causing World Wide Poverty. The WWP has turned everyone into donkeys and the donkeys are MAD.

    Luckily, The Pokemon found out the secrets of Yo Mama and for some stupid reason, Everyone turns back to humans. Even Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage began to shoot lasers at the Hoenn region, causing every Eco- Loving freaks to transform into Rattatas which created the World Plague.

    Many Orangutans tried to stop The Cage but then they were sued by Walmart. WTF Walmart? The Nicolas Cage destroyed everyones hopes and dreams and the whole universe turned into a giant Hippo that spontaneously exploded.

    THE END"




    "... ... Remind me never to let Nikki tell a Ghost Story ever again..."

    Somewhere in the Woods, a group of 5 teenagers are camping. They are currently sitting around their Camp Fire to tell Ghost Stories.

    "Uhh... What?" said a Teenager

    "My head...."

    "That is... Ugghhh..."

    "Nikki? Are you insane?" said a Teenager

    "Man, dude. Even a Crazy person can't make up that story!"

    "Dude...........Dude, What the f**k."

    "Nikki.... What is wrong with you...."

    "Oh, I'm not Nikki."

    Suddenly, the boy transformed into Nicolas Cage!

    "I am Cage, You boys are mine."

    The teenagers screams as Nicolas Cage consumes them with his grin.


    Congratulations!!! YOU SURVIVED MY CRAZY ONESHOT!! WOO!! As your reward for reaching the end of the story. I will give you....... This Smile! :) .
    Do you like the prize? Well if you don't then, I'll give you 30 smiles!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) etc.

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2013
  2. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    My sanity has officially been shattered; it was approved by not one, not two, but FOUR doctors! And I now claim my thirty smileys!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    BTW, this is my face: XD
  3. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Glad to know that my fic is actually random!! Mission: Succeed!! XD

    Too bad that I can't make my fic longer, I think this fic is random enough.

    My first oneshot is a fic that makes people go 'WTF'. I called it an achievement!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
  4. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    An achievement indeed! And you know Psychic read this, right? She noted it in her 'Important Announcement' fic, that I was so stupid as to thinking it was an actual announcement. XD
    I think you are very good at writing hilarious randomness. :)

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