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~ So Close, Yet So Far Away! ~ An AAMayL novel

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Shiny May

~ So Close, Yet So Far Away! ~ An AAMayL novel

So Close, Yet So Far Away ! An AAMayL novel
*contains anime spoilers!*

This is an AAMayL novel, by me of course. It takes part in Hoenn after the Hoenn League where Ash came in the list of this years top four trainers. Now they’re on their way back to Petalburg City to pay another visit to May and Max’s parents.​


Leaving Evergrande City behind them, Ash, May, Max and Brock walk down a road. Walking in a romantic environment filled with blooming roses, trees and happily chirping birds in the trees.

“So Ash how does it feel to be one of the best trainers in Hoenn?” May asks one of her closest friends.

“It feels good May. I’m sorry that you didn’t turn out well in that contest tournament,” Ash said feeling sorry about her loss against Drew.

“Well Drew was just better, I’ll just have to train some more,” May said as the conversation came to an end.

It was really weird, May had never felt like this around a boy. She always talked like a maniac around everybody even around a boy she liked when she was in kinder garden. But when she was around Ash, she couldn’t even start a decent conversation and when they had a conversation it was about gyms and contests. She just wished that she could bring out some more words about other more personal stuff. But she was too afraid for this, she would feel ashamed that she brought up the subject and then the end of the conversation was back in sight again.

Brock saw that the conversation between May and Ash had ended and saw that there was a slight tension between them. He suspected a few things, but decided not to bring up anything.

“So guys, what do you want for lunch?” Brock then said. “I bought some brownies in Evergrande and some lovely tomato soup!”

“Wow Brock! That’s great! I love brownies and tomato soup!” Max said excited.

They decided to find a place to lunch and they found a perfectly place by the river. There was a picnic table so they didn’t have to sit on the ground. As Max and Ash helped Brock by preparing the lunch, May had to search for some lumber .

“Brock do I have to search for some lumber!” May said annoyed. She hated to do that, she just wanted to cook because she loved food. “Why can’t Max do it for once!”

“Well Max doesn’t have a pokemon,” Brock said as he received a loud ‘cough” from Max.

“Well not yet at least,” Brock corrected himself and laughed at Max.

“Well fine!” May said annoyed as she walked into a nearby forest. Kicking against some rocks on the floor she searches for lumber.

“You know,” she said out loud. “This is too boring by myself. Go Combusken!”

May threw out a pokeball which revealed a large red and yellow fowl pokemon. It appeared right in front of her and happily cried out his name.

“Good to see you Combusken. Are you going to help me with the lumber?” she asked her pokemon which happily nodded a yes. “Thanks!”

She was happy when her pokemon wanted to help her but soon her face became sad again. She thought about her behaviour when she was around Ash. It was just childish and made her look stupid with Ash. That was the real thing she was becoming sad of. Ash probably would think she was being childish and would probably be ashamed of her.

“Busken?” it asked May.

“Nothing Combusken,” May comforted her pokemon as she sat down on a tree stump. Combusken saw that something was bothering his trainer so it sad beside her.

“You know Combusken. You’re the only one I’m telling this,” May said as she looked around her to see if nobody else was hearing this. “You know, I secretly have certain feelings for Ash. It’s really weird when I am around him. I have a weird feeling in my stomach when I am near him or even talk about him about the stupidest things.”

“Com,” it said in agreement. “Busken com”

“You already knew this?” she asked her pokemon which nodded. “Oh my, who else knows? Brock, Ash or Max? Oh no not Max, he would tease me for the rest of my life! You know if he knew then he would tease me so that means he doesn’t know.”

“Busken?” Combusken said a bit confused.

“It’s okay. I talk a bit confusing sometimes,” May said. “Well I’ll see how it will turn out. First let’s get some wood and bring it back to Brock.”

Combusken and May found some wood which they brought back to camp. When she arrived there, she saw three impatient trainers.

“Where were you?” they all said in unison.

“Looking for wood,” May said a bit sarcastic. She knew she took some extra time but telling Combusken how she felt really made her feel better.

May gave the lumber to Brock which made a fire with it so he could make the soup. May then sat down by the river and she looked at the cool water.

She then looked back at the group and especially at Ash who was looking at the soup. She started to stare at him which her brother Max noticed so he stepped towards her.

“Who are you staring at?” he asked his big sister.

“Nobody!” May said embarrassed and quickly looked back into the water.

“Or do you have a crush on a boy?” he asked his sister which really made May’s head go tomato red.

“Boyfriend?” Ash and Brock said in unison and looked at May who became more red every second.

“Who is it?” Brock said excited. He was glad that finally he wasn’t the one who had a crush on somebody.

“Nobody!” May said getting annoyed.

“Do we know him?” Brock interrogated her.

“No, you don’t!” May said as she got up and walked away from Brock and Max and walked to a different part of the river a few metres away from Brock and Max.

“Guys, just leave her alone!” Ash said as he didn’t want to know anymore information about May’s secret love. Since the first day he met her and especially since the finales of the Hoenn League, he felt really weird around May. It felt like something he had never ever felt before and he thought that he might had fallen in love with her. That’s why he didn’t want to know anymore information about this secret guy.

“Thanks Ash!” May said as she had a slight blush on her cheeks and it even made Ash blush slightly.

Then somebody rushed by and threw May in the water.

“Ash ash ash?!” the girl screamed and walked over to Ash who shockingly looked at the girl. When the girl stopped in front of Ash, everybody could take a close look at her. She was about Ash’s height and wore a pair of black trousers with a white tank top above it. Her blond curly hair was breezing through the wind and her bright blue eyes sparkled when she saw Ash.

“Yeah I am Ash,” Ash said silently as he looked at May who tried to get out of the water with the help of her little brother Max.

Brock already was standing next to the girl and examined her and like always he started to flirt.

‘You’re Brock right?” the girl asked. “I know everything about Ash so also his friends!”

“Yeah I am Brock and you’re beautiful!” Brock said trying to flirt with her again.

“Thanks. You’re cute too but I’m here for Ash! I’m your number one fan!” she said excited. “I watched you at the Hoenn League and you were just awesome!”

“Thanks,” Ash said as he saw how May came out of the water completely soaked. Together with Max she walked up to Brock, Ash and the weird girl.

The girl turned around and saw May standing behind her.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” the girl said rudely and turned back to Ash.

This turned May furious. She did give an apology but she didn’t mean a thing about it. But she wondered, was this really what upset her or was it because she seemed to get Ash’s complete attention, something which she tried to get for a long time. She then walked to her bag and grabbed a towel to dry herself a bit.

Then May heard how Brock invited the girl to stay for lunch. This really made May angry. First of all, she soaked her without a decent apology and then she starts to take away Ash from her.

When everybody already started to eat, May walked to the table.

“Thanks for waiting,” May said sarcastically and also sat down at the table.

“I’m sorry May,” Ash apologised and so did everybody else except for the girl.

“So what is your name actually?” May then asked the girl. “It would be nice if we knew that.”

Ash looked at May strangely, this wasn’t the same May he knew. She seemed to be angry about something and he would love to know what she is so angry about.

“My name is Kari,” the girl replied to May’s question.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!” Brock complimented her once more which made May noxious.

“Uhm,” Ash started. “May could I talk to you for a minute?”

‘Was this it?’ May thought to herself. Was Ash going to confess his love for her or would this be a good chance to tell her feelings.

Together with Ash, she walked to the river side where they sat down as Kari, Brock and Max looked at them.

“What’s wrong May? You look upset!” Ash said to start the conversation.

“Nothing,” May said a bit depressed. It wasn’t what she hoped it would be, but it did show that Ash cared about her as a friend. But not like that was something new, she knew Ash cared about her like a friend would do. He proved that by saving her a few times.

“It’s nothing Ash,” she said once more. “I think I just need to eat something. I didn’t eat much this morning.”

With that she stepped up and walked back to the table to finish her lunch. Max and Brock already started to clear the table as Ash sat down by the river together with his Pikachu.

Then Kari leaned over to May and started to whisper something.

“You’ll never get Ash!” she said and she immediately leaned back and walked over to sit next to Ash.

Shockingly she looked at Kari, what would this mean. Would she never ever get Ash now that Kari wouldn’t let go off Ash. This really frightened May, she never really was scared to loose Ash. Not even when he was around other pretty girls. But for some reason, she has a thought that she wouldn’t get rid of Kari that easily and that she had to do everything she could to win Ash for her.


I hope you guys like it, it's my first real shippy story. I am writing two trainer fics but there isn't much shippiness in it, only a little bit but frankly these chaps have to be filled with shipping so it was really something different.
I hope you all like it and that it isnt too much like other shipping fanfics. It's not really this long, only four pages but I always think that the first chap is the hardest to start with. I hope that the other chaps will turn out to become longer.

Please tell me what you think about it.
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Solid Kirby

Back, I guess.
*cough* Since when was kari's name changed to Lisa? Just wondering. :)
I like it, though. Sudden fierce Competition. Bad for Businesses, Good for shipping stories. ^_^


This Fanfic is cool for crying out loud!!!!
Fanfics like this one inspire me to write my own ones.


Battle Pyramid Champion
This is an awesome advanceshipping fiction. Is this a one-shot? I have seen no grammer or spelling mistakes--yet. I was just thinking... shouldn't the title be "So Close, Yet So Far Away" instead of what you have now as of this moment? 'Cause it sounds a bit funny when you say it. :D

Shiny May

Sorry aNiMeAzNgUrLLH , my English isn't that well so I couldn't make a nice sentence with it. But that's a good title. I'll edit as well as the Lisa thing. Those were the two names I was doubting about, so I kinda mixed them up.
Anyway, I'm glad you liked them and this is not a one shot fanfic. Because this rivalry has to become bigger and of course May has to get Ash !! :D


This is a decent fic. The grammar and the spelling is pretty good. Length is average, but could be better. Otherwise, it's pretty good. Pretty good plot, but the Kari thing is a little freaky. A girl just shows up, and they instantly invite her to dinner? Umm...okay, isn't that just a liiiiittle bit of a tad odd?

Another thing that bothers me, though it's not a bad thing about the fic in general. I just don't enjoy it when people write stuff like 'Ash had this weird feeling everytime she was around, but he didn't know what it was etc.' Okay, I know Ash and May are like what, twelve, but even a ten year old would get that's he/she's got a crush/is in love with this person...
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oohh ^^ dis is really good ^^, now me just has to put up my story heh ^^ please write more though ^^



Ooo, I like it! It's wonderful so far! But May better get Ash, or this is the worst advanceshippy fic ever! Lol...

Anyway, I didn't see and spelling/grammer problems. The length and describtion is good so, everthing looks great!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Ashy_GIRL ;255;


Whoa! At 1st I thought I wouldn't read this bu this is so kewlogy! Keep it up! Rivalry, good strategy for ship fiction...

Shiny May

thank you all for replying. Last night I've been busy with thinking of chaps and I watched a few shows and I thought of 9 chaps. I'm busy with chap 2 so expect one this week !!!! :D

Shiny May

It's not the largest chap but it's nice imo !!! Read and reply !!

Chapter 2
The beginning of the end!

“You’ll never get Ash!” Kari said and she immediately leaned back and walked over to sit next to Ash.

Shockingly May looked at Kari, what would this mean. Would she never ever get Ash now that Kari wouldn’t let go off Ash. This really frightened May, she never really was scared to loose Ash. Not even when he was around other pretty girls. But for some reason, she has a thought that she wouldn’t get rid of Kari that easily and that she had to do everything she could to win Ash for her.

“Is everything okay, May?” Brock asked as he cleaned up all the empty plates from the table.

“Yeah, I am fine,” she said as she looked angrily at Kari as she put her last piece of bread in her mouth. “Do you need some help with the dishes?”

“No thanks, Max is going to help me today!” Brock said as he looked at his 8 year old friend.

“What?” I said. “It’s Ash’s turn!”

“Too bad for you but you’re going to have to do it today!” Brock said as he threw a towel in Max’s hands and they started to do the dishes.

Brock saw how May looked at Kari angrily but also saw a bit of sadness in her eyes. He thought he had a few ideas about May’s feelings but he decided to keep things to himself and especially not telling anything to Max.

As she feels really saddened, May sits down by a big tree, a few metres away from Kari and Ash who whispered to each other. May saw how Kari kept going closer and closer to Ash and it made her crazy.

“So Ash,” Kari said as she got closer and closer to Ash. “How does it feel to be such a good trainer?”

“It feels fine,” Ash said while blushing. “My friends supported me really good. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

“I bet you couldn’t,” Kari said. “What if I joined you guys. I would love to support you, Ash!”

Shockingly Ash looked at Kari. She was a pretty girl in his opinion but she was pushy. Kari was nice but for some reason she also scared him. But of course Brock overhead the conversation and was thrilled since he thought she was beautiful and he could think of a way to hit on her.

“Sure you can join!” Brock said excited and happily walked back to max who mocked since he didn’t want to do the dishes.

“Oh wow Ash, isn’t that great!” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Ash blushed when Kari kissed him on the cheek but he immediately stepped up and walked to Brock.

“So Brock, do you have any chores?” he asked quickly so he could forget about the entire kiss on the cheek.

“Nope sorry Ash. Max was thrilled to do the dishes so he did your chore for today!” Brock said while laughing but Max couldn’t laugh. “And Ash, that kiss on the cheek was sweet, but please don’t go any further. She’s so cute.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t!” Ash said as he sat down at the table.

In the meanwhile, May overheard the entire thing about Kari joining them on the rest of their journey. She thought that after today she would get rid of her but now she would get in her way forever.

Then May thought it was about time that she would talk to her friend Brendan Birch again so she decided to send him a message.

She and Brendan Birch have been good friends since their parents were close friends. Except Brendan was one year older then May so he could leave on his journey a bit earlier. She sometimes contacted him but it wasn’t that often. And now that she got a mobile phone from her parents she could send him a few messages every now and then.

She then started on her message.

“Hi Brendan!
How are ya? I’m fine except for the fact that a stupid girl just joined our group. She’s so obnoxious, well you know why. I’m glad I can talk to you about things like this. I miss our conversations we had in earlier days. Hope to hear from you soon,
Lots of love, May!”

She then send the message to Brendan and walked back to the table where all four of them were sitting. May put her phone on the table and sat down.

“Okay, guys. Here are the plans. We have to get to Petalburg City within three weeks because it’s Max’s birthday then. So we have to hurry. If we take a boat to Slateport City then we’re getting really close. But the boat ride takes about 3 days from here till Slateport. That means we’ve got two and a half weeks till we can reach Petalburg City,” Brock explained.

“I see,” May started to taunt. “It’s not like it’s that important. Max is only becoming 9 years!”

“Don’t be mean, May!” Kari interrupted. “Every birthday is important.”

“Thanks Kari,” Max said gladly. “Finally I have a person who protects me from May!”

Everybody started laughing except for May. Sadly she looked at the way Kari and Max were hanging out. She and Max had never been like that together. The only thing they ever did was fighting.

Then May’s phone started to vibrate and started to make a beeping sound, which meant that she received a message.

“Saved by the bell,” she said as she angrily walked away from the table and walked back to the tree.

She opened the message and saw that she received a message from Brendan.

“Hey sweetie!
Maybe you just have to get used to that girl. She can’t be any worse then you are !! Just kidding! May you know that no girl is better then you are. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I am sure she couldn’t replace you.
I’ve got to go now, I’m challenging Bugsy in Johto now. Wish me luck!
Love and a big kiss from you’re boyfriend Brendan !!! XD”

She looked at the screen with a big smile on her face. For some reason, Brendan could always make her smile in sad times. That’s why they could never be mad at each other for a long time.

Then Brock came to the tree and sat down next to May.

“What’s up, Brock?” May said as she started into the shiny blue water in front of her.

“Nothing. How about you?” he asked as he knew that something was bothering her.

“I’m fine,” May said.

“You know for some reason, I don’t believe you. Is this about Kari?” Brock asked her.

May looked at Brock and she knew she couldn’t lie to him. She did it several times when he taunted her about she liking Ash. Of course, she did but she never told Brock this. But for some reason he always had a big smile after such a conversation and grinned at her the entire day.

“You know I can’t lie to you, Brock,” May said. “I guess I am a bit bothered by the fact that Kari is joining.”

“I knew it,” Brock said with a big smile on his face.

“Knew what?” May wondered as she looked at Brock suspiciously.

“You’re jealous that she kissed Ash on the cheek!” Brock whispered.

“What?” she yelled and caught all the attention from Ash, Max and Kari.

“No, I’m not,” she said in a soft tone. “I’m just a bit jealous of the way she and Max are acting together. Max and I were never that close!”

“You know that’s not true,” Brock comforted her. “You and Max are family. Nobody can come between you not even the love of your life and especially not Kari. You know Max told me about the time that he was in the hospital and you stayed with him the entire night.”

May smiled when she thinks about that moment.

“I guess you’re right. Thanks Brock, you know how to cheer me up,” May said as she was about to rise from the ground.

“Are you sure there’s nothing else?” Brock said as he stops May from rising from the ground.

“Nothing else,” May said quickly as she walked back to the table.

When she walked back to the table, Brock quickly followed her. May saw how close Kari and Max were but thought of Brock said to her. But for some reason it didn’t help much, Kari could get along with Brock, Ash and even her brother Max while most of the things they did with Brock and co was arguing. Maybe it was better for her to leave so Kari could take her place, everybody loved her.

“Uhm, May?” Ash then asked.

“Yes?” May said as she cheered up to hear Ash’s soft voice again. “What’s up?”

“Do you mind if I use your phone to call my mother. She’s probably worried about me and I need to ask her a few things.”

“Sure, you can use it,” May said as she handed Ash the phone.

Ash walked away to the river and sat down as he peddled his feet in the water. He dialled the number and waited till Delia answered the phone.

“Delia Ketchum,” a voice said through the phone.

“Hi mom. It’s Ash!” Ash yelled through the phone.

“Hi honey! How are you? When are you coming back home?” Delia asked quickly as she was very anticipated to see her son again.

“Probably next month, I’ll arrive in Pallet Town,” Ash replied. “I can’t wait to see you again mom. I want you to meet all of my friends. You know May and Max but now you can also meet Kari!”

“Who’s Kari?” Delia asked. “Is she your girlfriend?”

“No, she isn’t,” Ash said a bit embarrassed about how excited he was when he talked about his mother meeting his new friend.

“Oh my, Ash has a girlfriend!” Delia said excited through the phone.

“No mom!” Ash yelled through the phone and caught all the attention of Brock, May, Max and Kari. “She’s not my girlfriend!”

“Fine! I’ll judge that when you get back in Pallet Town,” Delia said while giggling.

“Bye mom!” Ash said through the phone and he hung up.

He didn’t understand much from May’s phone so he pushed various buttons on the phone and then a message appeared on the screen. Out loud he read,

“Hey Sweetie!
Maybe you just have to get used to that girl. She can’t be any worse then you are !! Just kidding! May you know that no girl is better then you are. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I am sure she couldn’t replace you.
I’ve got to go now, I’m challenging Bugsy in Johto now. Wish me luck!
Love and a big kiss from you’re boyfriend Brendan !!! XD”

“Boyfriend?” Ash wondered. He never heard May talking about a guy named Brendan and especially not about the fact that it was her boyfriend. He didn’t feel well, he seemed jealous of the message that he send to May.

“Ash what are you doing?” May then asks madly. “Why are you reading my messages?!”
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Shiny May

thank you, the both of you for replying.

The next chap will be about !!!

******** SPOILERS **********

"I've had it! I'm leaving!"

******** END OF SPOILERS *********

Just fill in your own thoughts about this. it's not much but I don't want to ruin too much !!!

Solid Kirby

Back, I guess.
Oooooo... This is getting interesting... Text Messaging and Idiots don't go well together... *Random rotten fruits get thrown at me by angry Ash fans* ...Ew. you didn't have to be THAT harsh... X_x

As for the spoiler... Hmmm... Tis either May or... May. Sorry, that's all I can think of...


I like-a what I'm reading! Lol, GtEK said it, Idiots and Text Messaging don't go together! Hehe. Well, it's got good description and stuff, and length is just fine. Character development is probably your specialty, from what I've seen :p. Well, good fic overall, it'll be really cool when the conflicts really start building up...

Also, I think this'll happen...judging from all the movies I've seen(anyone who doesn't want to go 'yeah, he's probably right, now the whole story is spoiled..' shouldn't read this);

Kari starts hitting on Ash. May get's pi****.

May hears/finds out that Ash doesn't like Kari. She gets happy.

May goes to tell Ash about her feelings.

Walks in when Kari is trying to kiss Ash. Gets pi****.

Then I dunno what'll happen...but that's what I think...it happens in a lot of shipping fics. I hope you don't use that, it's unoriginal I think.

Shiny May

Nobody gets kissed in the next chap. Probably around chap 5/6 somebody will get kissed and Brendan will also make an appereance around that time !!!


I like it. The whole May/Kari thing is well done. Though as long as Ash gets May, I'm happy. I've noticed no spelling errors so far, so thats a plus. Kepp up the good work *hands Shiny May a cookie*


This is really good ^^ please do write more Shiney May ^^ *leaves a cake behind for Shiny May*
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