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~ So Close, Yet So Far Away! ~ An AAMayL novel

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YAY YAY YAY YAY YA.... Oops, sorry. First I MUST say that this fic is absolutely.......


Awesome Awesome Awesome!! I liked this chap. And please.....

MAKE MAY COME BACK OR ELSE I........ *starts to cry thinking this will end up in adult thingy* I HATE adult Ash and May!! I hate when they say they love each other when they are adults!! I HATE IT!! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!! PLEASE PLEASE POR FAVOR!

Err.. Sorry about that. Keep it up! (Unless it is about the adult thingy :mad:)

Shiny May

thank you all for reviewing and for the adult thing. I don't know how I'm going to put in the I love you thing and I don't think I'm gonna make a big drama out of that
But I can tell you that I've thought of 17 chapters and a lot of chapters contain lots of drama and really I love drama !! Probably that's the reason why it is in it !! :D

The next chap is about May telling her feeling towards her mom and maybe somebody else is listening ?! (hint! not gonna tell you who that is going to be !)

And May is gonna say this is the next chap


Now isn't that spoiling much !!! I can tell ya it's a reply to something that Max said.

Well hope i spoiled enough !! :D Hope to see more reviews soon !!! I am awaited your thoughts about the last chap !! Since so many people replied to my last chap !!! XD


I need a tissue. That was AWESOME, and very sad. Detail was awesome, length was fine, and I damn near cried.


oh my how cool is this fic, id love to see more, keep it up, its very sweet

Shiny May

thanks guys !! Good to see that you liked it !!
And you cried TheEspeonKing ?! That's sweet !! :D

New chap will be up tonight or tomorrow !!! And it will also contain a bit more about Max's feelings !!


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Woohoo! It's good! I like this story because it's got humor, drama, and romance! It even included Brendan in a small part! This is so good, I think I'll rate it 5 stars! *scrolls up and rates it a 5* Nice job Shiny May!


Brilliant! Hope you get the next chapter up soon. [Thinks who the person watching is. Lightbulb on top of my head appears out of nowhere, BRENDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]



undefinedi thought that this novel was so kool
it was pretty sad too:(:(becuz may left me i want to read more and more,more and undefinedMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solid Kirby

Back, I guess.
O_O *backs away from the Rabid Newbie* Easy there...
...COWER TO MR SQUIGGLES AND DON'T BITE ME! *tosses Deformed Deoxys Plushie at HLCA18 and runs*

Anywise, Update soon. ^_^
When is the next chap coming? Sorry for not being pacient but it's cuz i'm dying of suspense!


Wow, that's a very good chapter! It makes me want to cry too...

Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next chapter!


Good chapter of the story Shiny May you are really a good writer and you are doing a great job.


I read all of the chap and your last one was killing me. May wanted to tell Ash, Ash doesn't want to see her go. But they are both to embarasses to tell eachother. The way its happening is making me wonder if Ash is gonna loose it and chase the bus she is in. XD. Anyway keep up the good work Shiny May, I'll be waiting for the next chap.

Shiny May

Thank you all guys for reviewing the latest chap. I hope you'll enjoy this chap as much as you did the others. But the next chap it's going to be amazing. When I get enough replies (From different people so don't triple or double post!) I'll spoil a bit :D

Chapter 5
There’s no place like Home

Sitting in the bus back home, May holds Max as she looks outside the window. Rain is pouring out of the sky and makes lots of noise on the bus roof.

As Max was asleep and leaning against her she thought about home and about the friends she left behind. She was glad to be home again. She missed it, her room, her parents just everything. But she did also leave a part of herself behind with Brock and Ash. She loved travelling with them even though she had a few quarrels every now and then.

“May?” Max said very sleepy as he put on his glasses.

“Yeah Max,” May reacted quickly and looked at her little brother. “What is it?”

“Are you going to miss Ash?” Max asked her.

“Of course I’m going to miss Ash and Brock,” May said a bit confused about why her brother asked her this.

“I didn’t ask you that, sis!” Max commented with a grin. “I asked you if you are going to miss Ash?”

“Well,” May started as a blush appeared on her face. Nervously she looked around her but she knew there was no way to escape this. “Well I am going to miss Ash yes, we’ve been really close friends just like I am with Brock!”

“Are you sure there isn’t more?” Max started to ask her.

“What do you mean?” May said as she became impatient and got up quickly. She grabbed her and Max’s bag out of the rack and threw it at Max. “Besides we’re almost home. Get up!”

“You’re avoiding my question!” Max started to nag her.

“Quit it Max!” May said annoyed and hit her brother in the head. “Even though you’re sick. You’re still annoying! Hey there’s mom and dad!”

“Where?” Max asked his sister and she pointed at the bus stop where a man and a woman were standing with a big smile on their face.

The bus stopped and May and Max walked over to the door which opened slowly. While holding their bags they walk out of the bus and immediately start to hug their parents.

May tightly holds her father as Max holds his mother.

“Well kids,” Norman said. “Why didn’t Ash and Brock come along?”

“Well,” May started as she stared at her brother. What was she going to say?

“I was sick so May said we should go home so she came along with me as Ash, Brock and Kari would walk to her. I don’t know why it happened but it just happened,” Max quickly explained.

“Who’s Kari?” Caroline asked interested.

“Kari is just a girl who we met on our way back and who is a big fan of Ash’s training and pokemon,” Max explained to his mother.

“That must have been nice for you May to travel with a girl for a while. I hope to meet her soon!” Caroline said excited.

“Yeah it was great,” May commented in a sarcastic tone as she let go of her father and gave her mother a quick hug.

Caroline looked at her daughter strangely and slightly had a hunch about what happened between Kari and May.

“Well let’s go back. Your mother made some cookies for you and some hot coco!” Norman said as he smiled of the thought of hot coco.

When May, Max and their parents returned back home, three weeks passed without any problems. May walked through Petalburg City and shopped with her mother. She trained her pokemon against some trainers who lost from their father so she decided to battle them to train her pokemon some more. Of course, Max criticised her battle skills as usual and as usual she gave her little brother a smack on the head.

The day before Max’s birthday, May sat in her room. Silently with her knees to her head she sat on her bed. She thought about tomorrow. It was her brother’s birthday and she bought her brother the perfect present, at least that’s what she thought. But another thing that crossed her mind was the fact that Ash was coming tonight or the first thing tomorrow. How was she going to face him? What was she going to tell him? She was still mad at him for reading her messages and angry at Kari. She was going to be there too and she knew Kari wasn’t going to make things easy.

Then there was a soft knock on her door and Caroline slowly opened the door.

“Can I come in?” Caroline asked as she peeked around the door.

“Yeah come in!” May replied and looked at her mother who sat down her on the bed.

“So May, what’s going on?” Caroline asked on the point. “You’ve been down for the last three weeks now and even when your father made some hilarious jokes you didn’t laugh. While otherwise you always laughed about his jokes. Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know,” May started. “I don’t know if it’s my fault or somebody else’s fault.”

“Tell me,” Caroline said and May started to talk about her feelings to her mother.

In the meanwhile, Max sat downstairs at the table and eating one of his mother’s chocolate cookies. Then the phone started to ring and Max picked it up and Brock, Ash and Kari appeared on the screen.

“Hey guys!” Max said happily. “So where are you? Are you going to be here soon?”

“Yeah we’re almost there. Now we’re in Oldale Town so we’ll be there tonight. Are you sure we can stay there tonight?” Ash asked.

“Yeah, mom already has your beds ready!” Max said happily. “So what time are you coming? Seven o’clock?”

“About that time, maybe even six o’clock if we walk fast!” Brock commented.

“That’s great. I’ll go tell my mom. See you tonight guys!” Max said and hung up the phone and so did Ash as the screen turned black.

“Who was that son?” Norman said as he went off to the refrigerator to grab something to drink.

“Ash, Brock and Kari. They’re coming tonight around six or seven o’clock!” Max yelled happily.

“Great!” Norman said. “So where’s your mother? I’m sure she wants to know what time they’re coming.”

“She’s upstairs talking to May!” Max replied. “I wonder what they’re talking about.”

“That’s none of our business, son,” Norman said angrily. “Well let’s get upstairs and tell your mother when our visitors are coming!”

Norman and Max walked up the stairs and up to May’s bedroom where they heard May talking to Caroline. As Norman and Max were about to open the room they stopped and listened to what May told her mother.

“So you love him?” Caroline asked her daughter.

“I think I do,” May said sadly. “I don’t know. I’m just so confused and afraid!”

“Afraid of what?” Caroline asked as she held her arm around her daughter.

“Afraid that he doesn’t look me!” May said. “I’ve been acting so weird to him. I get that feeling all the time when I am close to him.”

“So Ash gives you butterflies?” Caroline asked her mother while giggling.

“Stop it mom!” May yelled angrily. “So I guess Ash does make me feel that way!”

“Ash?” Max said out loud and quickly Norman covered his mouth.

“Did you hear that mom?” May asked her mother and her mother nodded in return. Silently both of them got from the bed and walked to the door. They opened the door but nobody was there.

In the meanwhile, Norman and Max had run off downstairs and quickly grabbed some drinks and cookies so when Caroline and May would come down it seemed like nothing had happened.

“Nobody’s here,” May said. “I really know that somebody was here.”

“I heard something too,” Caroline commented. “Perhaps it was something else. Well let’s head downstairs and I’ll give you some coco. Let’s see how your father reacts. If it was him I’ll scratch my neck.”

“Thanks mom,” May said and happily she walked downstairs with her mother where she saw Max and Norman sitting by the table.

“So honey,” Caroline started. “What have you been up to?”

“Nothing important. I’ve been hanging around with my son, right Max?” Norman asked his only son.

“Right,” Max said as he quickly took a nip of his hot coco.

“Okay, don’t worry. I believe you,” Caroline said as she scratched her neck. May looked at her mother and nodded.

“I’ll go outside,” May then said and walked out of the door to the pond behind the house.

“What about your coco?” Caroline asked her daughter.

“Maybe later,” May said as she closed the door.

Time passed by as Max walked outside and sat next to May on the ground before the pond.

“I have to apologise from mom because we heard what you said earlier,” Max said.

“It wasn’t nice to listen to me and mom,” May said angrily.

“I know. I’m sorry. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anybody about it!” Max defended himself. “Or maybe Ash if you’re not nice to me!”

“What?!” May shouted and started to threaten her little brother. “You’d better not! Or I’ll tell mom how her precious porcelain bowls broke!”

“You wouldn’t!” Max started to yell.

“I would,” May said and got up.

“Please don’t tell her that!” Max said and begged his sister on his knees.

“I won’t as long as you don’t tell anybody about what happened earlier!” May replied.

“What happened?” Max asked his sister with a big smile on his face.

“That’s my brother!” May said as she slapped him on the head and walked off.

Max just kept staring at the pond. He missed Brock and Ash and even Kari a bit. But he was also glad to be home. He was right all along, that his sister was in love with Ash. He could understand how hard it must have been to see Kari with Ash and to leave him alone. But now there was no time for those thoughts. Ash could come any minute and he would make things right between Ash and May and he would get lots of presents and the day of getting his pokemon would get closer even though he had to wait for another year.

May walked back in the house where she got stared at by her father who sat by the table.

“Stop staring!” May said angrily and ran into the living room where she turned on the TV. She zapped around until she saw a contest show on TV.

“Man it’s been a while since I’ve been in a contest,” May said saddened. She then turned the TV off since she couldn’t watch at it any longer.

Then the doorbell began to ring and Max ran over to the door. May got up from the couch and was about to walk into the kitchen when she heard her brother yelling.

“ASH!” Max yelled happily.

May quickly turned around. There he was, the guy she hadn’t seen in three weeks. Butterflies were flying through her entire body but not a word came out of her mouth when she saw him.


Excellent chap Shiny May! I can hardly wait for the next one keep up the good work.


Another great chap Shiny May. I like how Max and his Dad listened, they are so nosey(like father like son or vice versa). Very descriptive and a good length, I hope next chap has a lot of Shipness :D.
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