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So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

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I'm at about 240, which isn't really that much. I haven't used it competitively or for shiny hunting yet.


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Way too much. I left my game on all day long once while it was on the charger. Due to that and my shiny hunting/ev training I'm around 400.


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The last time I checked, I was close to 130 hours. If my DS lite was compatible with WPA, then it would probably be higher.
I might buy a 3DS eventually, but if not, I won't be using Wifi any time soon.


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I'm only on 36 hours, I clocked the game in 25 hours but stopped playing due to exams and I've picked up where I left off to play on Battle Subway and Wi-Fi.


Shouldn't this be in the Black and White section? I don't know how much time I spent since I lost my game.


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Moving this to Pokemon Black and White Discussion.

To answer the topic at hand... I believe I'm on around 161 hours for White. Not played the game as often has I would have liked due to my job offline and preparing for the vacation I have recently returned from.


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Simple, i don't know.

Edit: 200 and something, meh.
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i just hit 270 i bought the game 2 days after its realease because i didn't pre-order had to wait 48hrs probably could had more.:)

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I'm just short of 230 hours now XD That's nearly 10 days!!!


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Over 400 hours....o_O.
Over 200 now and i'm not even at lv 75. The hours is due to the amount of time Axew took to shine via MM. I was at around 30-40 before that hunt =S

I have to say... well worth it seeing as I got two shiny Axew out of it!
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