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So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

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999:59 ;P No kidding, that's really it. I've hit max, but i don't remember when....last month, maybe?
Right now I'm at 669:07. All I've been doing is battling people on Random Matchup.


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Haven't really done much after I beat the game. I don't care about filling the National Dex now that I have Platinum. If I fill that I'll probably bring all those Pokémon onto this one.


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im currently on 118:43 on my white version
and 89:21 on my jap black version .


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I'm at 99:58 right now only because I'm working alot with other games such as HG/SS and D/P/Pt. to fill the Natl. Dex


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I`m at 90 something


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My black version's clock shows 09:04 hours, I am unsure on my White Version-will check later-.


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I say around 400 hrs. since I've started 4 new games on Black, and gotten to around 100 hrs. on each.
What can I say? I get bored.

ShadowScar Knight

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I haaaaaave...

*drum roll*

... 314:00, right on the dot.

Blame that on rebreeding only a few specific Pokémon to EV train AND from repeatedly challenging the Super Trains, and then throwing rage fits from losing when I'm so close to reaching the Subway Bosses. XD


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Around 204. And that's mainly Negotiations. :p


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I have currently accumulated 85 hours and 34 minuets on my copy of White Version at the time of this post. Had it since the launch date over here in the states. National Dex is also completed legit in the game. Having some of the other Pokemon on the Fourth Generation legit and more than 1 DS. Plan on the next time I play is tackling the Battle Subway and Shiny Hunt the next time I play the game.

Shadow XD001

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I have about 45 hours clocked on my Pokémon Black, which I've had since it was released in America. I'm starting to get back into it, so I'll probably have more hours in it.


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400.35 for me


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831:23.I have been playing WAAAAAAAAY too much.Though it was fun so that made up for it.
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