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So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

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Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
I've got well over 400 hours on Black, and perhaps about 40-50 on White...then again, I've had Black almost since it was released LOL


Supreme Overlord
I've got over 50 hours clocked, with many more to come.


Ace Trainer
Around 272 Hours and 37 Minutes... Though mine looks weak compared to others on here ^^;


Water Gym Leader
I have 325+ hours on White
and 75+ hours on Black
(I think I play Pokemon too much lol)


stay sweet
84 hours on White... can't seem to put in as many hours as I would years ago on the games anymore, it seems. Then again, these games are pretty short imho.


Active Member
189 hours on white


Dragon Trainer
on white, around 320 on my second playthrough, the first had about 150.


Typhlosion Trainer
445 hours! :) More than I've had on any other game before. Not even Ruby or Firered had that much, and I played them for years. I've had White for 10 months...

Smoke Monster

Well-Known Member
Just reached 102 hours, but the last 10 hours of that was when I learned EV training.


Trader and Battler
after looking at my game 412 becuase ive been playing every weekend and more sice a week after release


Howls of Loneliness
over 500 hrs.because I rarely play it.
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