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So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

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I started a new game on White about a month and a half ago. I'm at the 8th gym now and I've currently built up just under 50 hours. Iv'e been taking this run slow and steady unlike my last, where I rushed through.


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Well it took 40 hours just to beat the game including training all my pokemon to level 50 before the pokemon league. I tried to level at least 1 of my pokemon up 5 levels (for example at the first gym I'd have a level 15 pokemon,2nd gym level 20 or more,3rd gym level 25 or more,4th gym level 30 or more.5th gym level 35 or more and so on. Plus I overleveld my feraligater 4 levels over level 50 to have a backup level 54. On my first pokemon white playthrough I had 150 or 200 hours spent on the game.Also I don't EV/IV train and shiny hunt. I just trained, caught stuff, caught dupes, caught more dupes, get legendaries, level them up to level 75 or level 80 then ditch em back to my old team.


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I am around 145 hours, I left it a few times on in the charger while falling asleep xD


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Black: 112:35
Black 2: 140:05

And I thought I was crazy.


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I am at 149 hours exactlt now xD! Really 149 : 00


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