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So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

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im like 124 hours. That's probably because at first, I was depressed they decided to add not 100 pokemon like before but like 150! wtf! and I was like, I'm never gonna catch them all so I might as well just beat the elite four and get it over with, and like 60% of the pokemon were ugly as fudge, but then I got hooked, annd started to migrate all my pokemon. I expect it to go up to 800 like in pearl(because it happens whenever they make a new gen.)


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As I train a Battle Subway team, my Play Time adds up, and I now sit at 366 hours. It's not 999 uet, but I'm getting there, little by little.


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1 minute :p I've been SRing for a shiny Tepig so it can evolve into a blue Emboar


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250ish. I'm going for a black trainer card and hunting shinies whenever I get bored of losing at the Battle Subway, which tends to kill a lot of time.


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100ish, though I haven't made much progress this month, considering that the game is down. I might as well got to my house and start from Route 1 and capture all Pokemon that I haven't captured or need another one.


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I think I have around 130 hours clocked. My friend says that I have no life because I play it too much >.> lol.


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I am at 303 hours right now. Most of mine are from MM shiny hunting. I would say about starting from 75 hours to the 303 hours I am at now has been nothing but shiny hunting. But in that crazy amount of time, I now have a shiny Zoura, Dratini, Charmander, and Axew while currently hatching Swablu eggs as I type. :)


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My game clock says ( haha ... i have little to no life at the moment ..... the ds is in my hand for probably the day , while concentrating other stuff ...... heh ... pokemon is an easy game for multitasking , since it's menu battles) over 980 hours at the moment .... lol ...

I have to complain at least 100+ or maybe 200+ hours was just running around on a bicycling trying to hatch eggs .... I wish Game Freak would think of a different way to do eggs next game ..... hopefully something less boring and less tedious on your finger/thumb too ....

wonder if the clock goes over 1000+ .... lol .... I swear pokemon is the one game that is seriously depressing/shocking if your data gets wiped out ....

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about 400 hours on white and 7 and a half on my new black game (got it yesterday)


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Wow, I'm only at 320 hours so far. I thought that was too many until I saw that others had even twice that amount.


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How do you guys have so much? o_O I only have like 32 on my White and 16 on my Black.


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I have 323 hours on my Black game. I know someone who has over 900 (I think) on his White game though <.<;
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