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So... how old is Ash?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Myzou, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Miniduffa

    Miniduffa Fire Lover

    yeah that is right i supose but i never saw the episode battle of the badge i only saw the bit where ash beat jessie. So i thought that in the pikachu and pichu short was a year ater pokemon i choose you (ep 1)
  2. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Orange Islands-10
    Battle Frontier-12 and-a-half

    He even looks 13ish. Ash Ketchum was exaggerating about it becoming an year when he reached Viridian the 2nd time.
  3. robbybevard

    robbybevard Sandshrew fan

    Ash is the Highlander. The fearow killed him in the first episode, and he's been stuck as a ten year old ever since.

    The official Japanese website says he's still ten, and that makes no sense, but thats what it says.

    I feel he's gotta be 14 or 15 by this point. With each outfit change he dresses more maturely, so he looks older now, evn if his model sheet and height haven't really altered.

    That explanation aside, I always felt the official ages were off by a a few years. The early official ages always placed Ash at 10, Misty at 12, Brock at 14, and Team Rocket at 18 (what's wth the multiples of 2?) but they always seemed older than that to me in terms of character design and personality, and I felt everything made more sense if you just added 4 years to all those "official" ages.

    It really just boggles the mind that they'd set 10 year olds out upon the world, but then, the Pokemon world is a generally nice place where random strangers will feed you for helping them find their runaway Farfetched or something. But sending out a 14 year old, (Which is the start of high school instead of the end of elemetary school) who team up with a 16 year old girl who's on the road to becoming a gym leader, and a 19 something older mentor, (and the Rockets being in their 20s and past their primes) just makes more sense.

    And of course, considering the sheer number of siblings Brock has, it makes more sense for him to be not 14 but 18ish.
    nd of course, when May came in... she really, really does not look like a 10 year old, 14 would make way more sense with her too. Dawn at least, actually looks 10ish.
  4. On pokemon.com they had a mailbagand said that it didn't matter
  5. mewmew202

    mewmew202 Well-Known Member

    He's probably 14-15 now. THat is a guess though.
  6. Crystal_Knight

    Crystal_Knight Dragon Tamer

    By the time Hoenn rolled around, Ash HAD to be almost pushing 13 or 14 years old, and maybe almost 14 or 15 by the time Battle Frontier is over.

    Come on all those months on the road traveling place to place ON FOOT in different continents, plus the amount of time it probably would have taken him to reach the other continents by boat or planes.

    Taking the gym challenge in each continent, takes a lot of time, especially if your going to be walking to the cities the gym's are in with no other mode of transportation in sight.
  7. SudovVoOdO

    SudovVoOdO The afro is powerful

    He's over 12 that's for sure. But u should notice from Johto==>Hoen he got a bit grown-up. So maybe 14 years old?
  8. DaMike52

    DaMike52 Banned

    I always picture him being the same age as me.
  9. latiaswindblast

    latiaswindblast Well-Known Member

    He's probaly 13.
  10. shoyon

    shoyon Seer of Truth

    There was another forum like this, so i'll copy&paste what I said on that one

    ok, I don't wanna sound odd, but I'm going to have to...well laugh at this
    But I'll give in and put up some arguments:

    Ever seen May? Even Misty? And ALL the other female chars around the show? They have cleavage lmao... Now, take that fact and the fact that Misty had this thing for Ash, right? What do you get? A possibly 13-15 yr old with a 10 yr old? Gee, maybe its no wonder she never really said anything...

    Well, I'm not doing any racial profiling cause thats not me, but isn't there the stereotype that most asians are short/small? I wouldn't think that the creators would do this, but it does come from Japan and even the adult characters aren't much taller than Ash, Misty, and the others. Brock is supposed to be something of an adult right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but then why is he relatively the same height as Ash and rest?

    Finally, How old is May's little brother then? 5 or something?! Theres a literal 3feet difference between him and the others, whenever it shows him you always have to look down quite a bit.
  11. My post must have not went through or dissapeared, anyways, Heres what I said

    EDIT: My post is still there, In the other topic '>_>
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2007
  12. larvitar005

    larvitar005 I'm just myself...

    Maybe 13 going to 14, he's been out of his house for a long time...
  13. -Starly-

    -Starly- Brain Damage

    Seriously, this MUST be added to Anime FAQs, if it hasn't been already. Then again, no one pretty much reads it so doing so isn't going to make a difference.
  14. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    i think so
  15. ultimate_pokemaster

    ultimate_pokemaster Well-Known Member

    I guess he is about 13-15.

    One thing for sure is that he is not still 10
  16. Michii

    Michii :]

    I'd say 13 going on 14. He still seems to match up to the age of May and Dawn, so that makes it confusing. 13 would be good. In the 3rd movie, he turned 11. Lets say every three movies he turned older. That would make him 13 now right?
  17. Drkecho

    Drkecho Retired

    1 Region= 1 Year cause they said that the league only happens once a year
  18. ~.:Southern lights:.~

    ~.:Southern lights:.~ X~.:Water lord:.~X

    i think he's 13-14 years old
  19. Ash.. hmm probably Around 12-13..
  20. crobat commander

    crobat commander Bear hug!!

    i'd say around 15 because if wikipedia is to believe and he said it was 3 years after he started he got his final johto badge, then when he met max he was about 13 1/2 and max was 7-8 so at least 2 years must have past since then if max was old enough to start his journey at the end of BF.
    so i think that ash is 15 1/2
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