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So... how old is Ash?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Myzou, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. -Starly-

    -Starly- Brain Damage

    Ash is 665 years old, and if he is ever seen having a birthday, the apocalypse has begun (add 1 to 665, for you slow people)
  2. vhanix

    vhanix Grass grower!

    I accidentally came to a site that shows their age, but it's kinda confusing, I forgot that site coz I only end up there accidentally. It says that Ash is 15 years old, presently in Sinnoh Generation, Misty is 17, Brock is 21, May is 11 and dawn is 10, of course. But it's realy confusing coz pokemon trainer starts at the age of 10, maybe the time in the show is so fast, it's hard to imagine he is now at that age. But remember on the episode of "School of Hard knocks", I guess. Ash says that he is travelling with Pikachu and others for 2 months, that's why maybe this site posted Ash as 15 years old in Sinnoh Generation.
  3. jessem39

    jessem39 Pokemon Diamond Fan

    i would say 13 - 15 :/ just a rough guess. Because Dawn = 10 she looks Anime wise alot younger than ash.
  4. zeroX20

    zeroX20 Indigo Champion

    Ok I have to say this. If ash is between 12 or 16 then Detective Conan must be 22 or 23 and shin chan he aint alittle boy he is about 15 he is just a midget.

    oh lets not forget luffy, who is turning 20 soon.
  5. I think that on one on the Pichu Shorts in Jhoto Pikachu went to play with the Pichu Bros while Ash, Misty, and Brock were preparing a party celebrating 1 Year since Ash got Pikachu, making him at least 11, but I wpuld say about 14.
  6. freakin_chicken

    freakin_chicken Well-Known Member


    Kanto- 10
    Orange Islands- 10
    Johto- 11
    Hoenn- 12
    Battle Frontier- 12-13
    Sinnoh- 13-14
  7. mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

    mrrrrrrr KENNEDY Latest (SR)

    This is crazily confusing as on one episode at the end of the first season he said that it has been a year since he left pallet town

    I think the makers of the anime intend to just never make him grow older than 10
  8. zeroX20

    zeroX20 Indigo Champion

    was that what the original version said or is that what 4kids has said?
  9. Ketsueki Saikuron

    Ketsueki Saikuron ~Pearl Consumer~

    Ash is.. Old.

    But then look at us. Hardly any of us Pokemon players/watchers are ten. xD
  10. Mew2

    Mew2 Team Rocket's Enemy

    I would guess that Ash was around 12-13 years old by the end of Battle Frontier. My guess is that he'll be around 13-14 by the end of D/P.
  11. vhanix

    vhanix Grass grower!

    Ash started at the age of ten years old at the beginning of the series. In the episode "The Battle Of The Badge", Ash says that it was a whole year since he, Pikachu, and Misty first came to Viridian City. Also later in the short called Pikachu & Pichu in the third movie, Ash said it was the day he met Pikachu, meaning his age at that time would logically be 12. A English promo for the episode "Better Eight Than Never", which involved Ash getting his final Johto badge, said that Ash started his journey three years before, meaning he was then 13 then. From Wikipedia.

    Then I guess he travelled in Hoenn Region for 1 year and now in Sinnoh, maybe he is now 15 or turning 15 so soon.
  12. Mcr 4 life

    Mcr 4 life I love Alice Cullen!

    I think he is 13 or 14 and will probally be 15 after the Sinoh region
  13. zeroX20

    zeroX20 Indigo Champion

    ok, that makes since. But please tell me, is what ash said in the battle of the badge, what the japanese version said? And is the pichu, pikachu short part of the tv series time line? also, is what the annoucer said the same thing the japanese annoucer said in the original?

    And I dont trust wikipedia completely
  14. rescue team powerpokes

    rescue team powerpokes D/P is finally here!

    I'd say 13... Kanto=10 Johto=11 Hoenn=12 Sinnoh=13...
  15. LordBueno

    LordBueno New Member

    I'm gonna have to say 13-14. The episode before he battles Claire, the Jhoto final Gym Leader, the announcer states that it had been three years since he left Pallet Town. Plus all the time in Hoenn and Kanto again....
  16. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    That does seem to make a little sense.

    Since I don't completely trust wikipedia, I say that he's somewhere between 14-15
  17. vhanix

    vhanix Grass grower!

    Whenever I open this topic to my friends who's alos obssessed about Pokemon, they also think really deep. I first watched the Pokemon when I'm only a grade 2 pupil and now I'm a 4th year highschool in the coming next school year. I'm 16 and I hope he is also 16 years of age, hehe.
  18. zeroX20

    zeroX20 Indigo Champion

    geez you guys keep avoiding this question. does it have something to do with the comparsion of the japanese verion and english version? And also the relvance of pikachu shorts? and validity of the annoucer?
  19. -Starly-

    -Starly- Brain Damage

    His age is mentioned even less in the RAW.
  20. TheHolyShoe

    TheHolyShoe Well-Known Member

    o_O Does it really matter that much? Age in anime is hardly ever indicative of anything about the character. No matter how old he is, Satoshi has yet to undergo any dramatic changes in his appearance. True, he's matured somewhat as a character, but even in the beginning, he certainly didn't act 10.
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