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So... how old is Ash?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Myzou, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Chelch Dran

    Chelch Dran Banned

    Well girls are liking him a bit so I would say hes probably 15. You saw Anabel at the attle tower. I reckon he also fancied Misty. He wouldn't do that unless he was about 13 in johto.
    ;munchlax; ;munchlax; ;munchlax; ;munchlax; ;munchlax;
  2. BlazikenBud

    BlazikenBud Only on Wii

    it's about 7 years since the anime started, and if you count all the days that each of the episodes take, he would be at least 13.
  3. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    He's about 14-16 now.
  4. ~.:Southern lights:.~

    ~.:Southern lights:.~ X~.:Water lord:.~X

    i think he's 14
  5. _Aerodactyl_

    _Aerodactyl_ Skilled Trainer

    Yeah I think that seems right :)
  6. ~.:Southern lights:.~

    ~.:Southern lights:.~ X~.:Water lord:.~X

    i think he's 15
  7. Kametsou

    Kametsou Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing he's 13.
  8. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    I guess he's 13, He looks goof for 13, But itsn't that abit to young?
  9. Miniduffa

    Miniduffa Fire Lover

    I don't think he is 15 because he doesn't look that much older than Dawn and she is only 10
  10. Cenzo

    Cenzo Red: True Master

    By the end of Sinnoh, he'll be about 14.
  11. Rachel

    Rachel Goddess of Pikachu

    Like everyone else said, about thirteen to fourteen. He looks a little more mature, just not much. And there are several hints in the anime at different times.
  12. Hell_fire

    Hell_fire ......duck...

    definetly 14 he has spent at least 4 years since kanto

    see one year per region
  13. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    I see one region 9 months.
  14. Blaperile

    Blaperile Blaziken rules!

    I think he is 14 years.
  15. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    Same here. He never celebrates his Birthday anyway.
  16. (Well) Then

    (Well) Then It's Lesson Time!

    I say hes 13 in age, mainly because for some reason pokemon characters don't age very much, but if you compare the first episode to the latest one, you can see a difference.
  17. Pichu Fan Girl

    Pichu Fan Girl Sexy Southern Belle

    Wikipedia says he's about 13. I agree with that.
  18. DanPMK

    DanPMK MK

    Whatever age he was the first episode :p cartoon characters do not age

    Was he 10? I forget.
  19. Ilogiast

    Ilogiast Member

    13 or 14 i think.
  20. Kurashima

    Kurashima Member

    Right now, I think he's 14 to 15, wich makes brock 17 - 18
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