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So... how old is Ash?

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Well girls are liking him a bit so I would say hes probably 15. You saw Anabel at the attle tower. I reckon he also fancied Misty. He wouldn't do that unless he was about 13 in johto.
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Well, in the 3rd movie Pikachu short, they confirmed that it was one year since they started, making Ash eleven there. I assume that by that same point in Hoenn, Ash would be 12. By that same point in Sinnoh, I assume that Ash would be 13.
Yeah I think that seems right :)


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By the end of Sinnoh, he'll be about 14.


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Like everyone else said, about thirteen to fourteen. He looks a little more mature, just not much. And there are several hints in the anime at different times.


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I think he is 14 years.

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I say hes 13 in age, mainly because for some reason pokemon characters don't age very much, but if you compare the first episode to the latest one, you can see a difference.
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