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So I got a birthday email from Serebii yesterday…

President People

Eat The Path
So I got a birthday email from Serebii yesterday…

And my birthday was exactly three months ago! lol

I think something went wrong there, but thanks anyway, guys. :p

Not sure if this is the right forum for this. Kind of a bug report in disguise?


Sweaty Toad
Did they send a birthday cake too? That would have been so awesome...
Maybe you will find out later that... You actually have TWO birthdays :eek: muahahaha....

Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
President People, do you subscribe to threads and get emails when they are updated? are those emails way off too?

I had to disable all subscription emails because they were months behind.

Oh, happy birthday 3 months ago!

Razor Leafeon

The Shadow Remains Cast!
I'm having this same problem. I get friend request emails that I should've gotten months ago. It's weird.

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
same here...lol...it's happened to me a few times, I'm like o_0