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So In Love (A Tails&Cosmo Love Fanfiction)

Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
NOOOOOOOO! *Hates Mephiles's guts* That was a shock, Cosmo being Blaze's ancestor hit hard too. What's the world coming to?

Fingers crossed that cosmo survives...

Air Dragon: Oh, you think all this is a surprise? I've got tons more coming. :)

Anyways, come on people who are reading this! I really want you to review the latest chapter. I know people are reading this with the "views count" going up and all.

Come on! Don't tell me this chapter has ended your interest in it.

I'm asking you, please give me your thoughts on this chapter. I really worked hard and I really want to know what people think.

In short, please give me your thoughts on this.

Well, I'll see ya later! ^_^
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Brian Random

And here we are thinking that something special might come out. Seriously, at first before you informed that it’d be ‘not what we think’, I thought they will be doing something like ‘that’. After you informed us, I was thinking that something funny and embarrassing would happen at the hotel, thus why I suggested a song called ‘Beauty and the Beast’. But then this… a purple hedgehog killed Cosmo. I was very surprised when that happened, but I didn’t get emotional there.

This is what I like about fics, either you have fics that have a bunch of surprises or when there are no surprises, there ought to be something that would really grasp the reader’s attention. I would like to see what happens next.

It was nice to see Bunny from one of them old Sonic shows as well and I also think that the characters stuck with their personalities as well, which is also a plus.

Very well done.


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I liked it pokeplayer. This is the first Taismo fic I ever read. I really don't like Mephiles. Nice touch on making Blaze's ancestor Cosmo. I think you put it as Silver descends from Sonic, and Blaze from Cosmo (and Tails, but mostly Cosmo because it's her blood). If the future didn't change when Mephiles killed Sonic, how does he expect it to change when he kills Cosmo. Also, since the whole thing never happened (i.e. Sonic and Sally (originally Elise) blew out the flame) so probably Cosmo survived.


I'm back, baby!

I've just come back on this. My school has given me waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much homework.

She took one look at Cosmo and was completely blown away. She felt a feeling similar to that of love, but it was really lust. It wasn’t exactly the same she felt as Sonic, but in the strangest of ways, she felt somewhat sexually attracted to Cosmo.

“Is that you, Cosmo?” She asked in disbelief.

“You like what you see, Sugar Girl?” Bunnie questioned.

“I actually feel like I’m in love with her! If I weren’t going for Sonic and was actually a lesbian, I’d probably want to have a sexual relationship with her! Seriously, I’m quite envious of the way you look, Cosmo!”

YIKES! Good thing that didn't happen.

“That was too close! I had nearly been destroyed by that trio of hedgehogs!” He said, recalling the event. “By going back in time, I can correct my own mistakes.” He looked once again upon the bright city. “My plan will now be to destroy both Sonic and Shadow as my past self combines with Iblis. In doing so, everything will come to fruition in time. There’s only one thing that needs to be done to make the plan succeed.” He then searched the vast city, looking for a victim to the crime he was about to commit. “If I can insert a bit of myself into another, the plan shall truly be unstoppable.” He continued his search until he spotted a young maiden that he identified to be part plant by the red roses in her hair. “Ah yes! The true ancestor of Blaze! Her bloodline eventually leads to the birth of Blaze. Blaze is the one that will stop the plan in the future, but if she doesn’t exist to do so, then the plan will be even better.


According to the data banks of the future that I acquired, that maiden is to be impregnated tonight by her lover. After that, it would seal their fate and thus in a number of months they would have children to care for, but I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen.

WOAH!!!!!!!!! Didn't see that coming.

Cosmo gasped in horror at seeing her lover get knocked away like that. However, the split second later that she turned around was her final vision as the strange looking hedgehog then plunged his hand right into her chest. No blood had flowed out of Cosmo as the hand had actually phased right through her skin and was now resting near her heart. There was then a quick flash of black light that emitted from the hand inside Cosmo’s chest and her body became limp as the gift of life disappeared from her. Satisfied with the results, the hedgehog removed his hand and threw the body to the ground. He then laughed evilly and vanished.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're evil, pokeplayer.

Multiqouting rules!
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Cool, Mephiles killed Cosmo. Blaze is descended from Cosmo?! Didnt see that coming. I always thought it was Big or something, but thats just because he's the only other cat character.

AHA! I KNEW IT! I knew Amy was planning to, um, get Tails and Cosmo 'Busy' at the end of their date, and Mephiles confirmed it. Anyways, awesome fic, cant wait till the next chapter.


I'm back, baby!
Wait a minute....

I've just figured something out. If Cosmo is dead, doesn't that mean that the fic is over?


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I've just figured something out. If Cosmo is dead, doesn't that mean that the fic is over?

Nuh uh! Obviously they're gonna...

[spoil]Travel back in time and stop her death![/spoil]