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So Near Yet So Farfetch'd (049)


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So Near Yet So Farfetch'd!

When Misty's Pokeballs are stolen by a Farfetch'd, Ash & Co. go to investigate to try and find the thief and get all the stolen things back. Can they do this and help the thief change his ways?

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Ororo Munroe

This was a good episode. The thief's sneaky ways of getting others Pokemon was cool. Does anyone remember the theif's name?


Battle Factory Champion
Yeah I saw the episode today I can't remember the guy having a name although we'll just call him Tracey2 cause he sounds exactly the same as he does.

Wow those rocks Team Rocket and Misty were carrying could have been a clue, you see how heavy they were, surely not the same weight as the Pokéballs are they? I don't know about you lot but I like this guy, he seemed to be one of the more "friendlier" crooks, I was even actually cheering him on to win when he fought Ash would you believe :p

I thought Misty and Psyduck were really together funny in this episode, as Ash said never ask a Psyduck for directions lol.

Yeah Team Rocket, don't tell Giovanni about the theif or you would be fired alright!
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This was a really funny episode, mostly because the theif kept fooling Team Rocket. It was so funny when they discovered that all the pokéballs he gave them contained Voltorb.XD Psyduck was also very funny, as always. I really miss the days when it would still get headaches and use it's psychic attacks, that was always cool.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I remember when I first saw this episode. It was aired slightly out of order, since "Princess Vs. Princess" originally came before it, but 4Kids was still painting that one at the time. So naturally, I was a little confused when Farfetch'd scoops up THREE Poké Balls and Jessie shouts "My Lickitung!"


Team Awesome
Yeesh, Lickitung gets its first mention. I'm not a fan of Lickitung, which is my least favorite pokemon. At least it's only mentioned and not seen in this episode (its voice is REALLY annoying), but I'm glad Lickitung's only on the show for so long.

I'm not all that fond of this episode, and that trainer was a bit of a jerk. At least he mended his ways at the end of the episode, and farfetch'd was funny, but otherwise I didn't like the episode very much. The biggest highlight of the episode was Misty shooting off a string of questions at Psyduck, and he just kept saying "Psyduck". :)


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Ahh a good epi. The thief was smart and cunning and fooled misty good. TR got fooled so many times. Fully Funny Epi. 8/10


little punks!
Even the fillers of kanto were gold. Man, I love this first season even more now that I'm re-watching them. Thats theif's pranks were priceless. The best was what he did to TR, clever little b*stard (and yet he couldn't figure out how to use Farfetch'd properly >_>). I still thought he was a good memorable filler character just like everybody else in the early days. And no, I'm not saying this because of nostalgia, I'm saying this because Johto and Hoenn is pure crap compared to this brilliant writing and these comical moments.


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Not to excited about this episode I liked the parts with Misty and Psyduck, I also noticed the dub mistake where Jessie mentions her Lickitung even though she hasn't even caught it yet.


Oh I love this episode, it was the first one I ever saw. I remember seeing Psyduck's headache powers and watching TR fall down a waterfall XD


This ep was ok. I never noticed the Lickitung mistake when I watched it as a child. I probably thought it was a mistake by 4kids and not because it was aired out of order. I think I thought they mistakened it for Victreebell.


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This episode was a bit boring.


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I have a question...When Team Rocket loses there Pokemon in the River Jessie mentions losing Arbok and Lickitung, which she does not have yet. Can anyone explain this to me? o_O


I have a question...When Team Rocket loses there Pokemon in the River Jessie mentions losing Arbok and Lickitung, which she does not have yet. Can anyone explain this to me? o_O

That's because the episode to which Lickitung was caught was previously meant to air before this one but was rescheduled in the english for one reason or another after this. I think that's how it goes


kiss my greens
I didn't enjoy this episode that much. Farfetch'd just annoyed the hell out of me. I felt like giving it a good boot >(

But I gotta hand it to that kid, he was a tricky one. lol when Misty opened her bag and saw it was full of rocks? Friggin awesome. I also loved that bit when he tricked Team Rocket on that boat. He gave them the bag, jumped overboard, then the boat sprang a leak. Best part ever! ^_^

Do I think he's changed his ways? Highly doubt it =\