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So Near Yet So Farfetch'd (049)


a nice episode that has farfetche'd in it but personally i think farfetche'd belongs more in a walt disney movie then a pokemon movie because of it's looks, it mighht be me though.

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I think it was a shame how he made Farfetch'd steal for him.

Why didn't he try training his Farfetch'd to battle and catch some pokemon of his own?


This episode was really funny because Ash and Misty had enough adventures with Farfetch'd stealing and tricking trainers for their Pokemon. That's when Team Rocket is tricked two times. x3


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i think its funny how farfetch'd is eaten in the pokemon world, and thats how it is rare


Wow wasn't this one neat? A bad guy who isn't Team Rocket?

So fun with Fafetch's being so mean, helping to steal other people's Pokemon.

I like how the COTD changed his ways and learned his lesson. Misty got some screentime too. 7/10


farfetche'd was very poor. his trainer is so mean.

Misty's Psyduck was the hero... Good for him.



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That boy was pretty mean. He tried to steal things from people. Good, he was arrested in the end, and all by Psyduck's help. :)


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Didn't like the episode that much. I can not stand that thief trainer! Glad to see he got what he deserved in the end. Too bad the 1st episode Farfetch'd is in, is when he's helping a thief... The Likitung thing was very confusing the 1st time I watched this episode.



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I didn't like the Keith guy in this episode. I thought he was a lazy and mean trainer because of how he made his Farfetch'd a thief instead of actually bothering to train it properly.

This episode made me like Farfetch'd a lot for some reason. I think I might have felt really sorry for it or something. I remember being really excited when I got my Gold version and caught a Farfetch'd on it.


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Great episode and introduction for the best pokemon ever. Farfetch'd

just mew

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what makes me laugh is when meowth literally said:
oh this guy tricks us two times in one episode!!



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what makes me laugh is when meowth literally said:
oh this guy tricks us two times in one episode!!


I found that funny too. It's actually a pretty good episode.


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This was a nice episode to debut Farfetch'd. That little boy definitely did a much better job than Team Rocket (supposed professionals) in stealing.
I'm not really a Farfetch'd fan, I didn't like it... Misty with her backpack with rocks was so awesome! I'm still happy that she got them back. It was cool to see Farfetch'd beat Ashyboy's Bulbasaur. Seeing Psyduck win and be awesome again was great as well, Psyduck is a true hero and a perfect battler.


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That theif was so mean stealing Misty's poke balls I'm glad Ash & Brock helped her to get it back!!!


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Yeah, chronologically, the episode takes place after " Princess vs. Princess" I did enjoy this episode a little. I think you can call this this a refined and better version of a standard filler episodes you have in other seasons. I also loved the personality of Farfetch and the character of the day was interesting enough too.
How dare they steal Starmie and Staryu away from Misty?! He should have payed ten fold. Haha. There was a mistake in this episode as well. Jessie said one of those Poke Balls had her Lickitung in it. Funny that she catches it three episodes later. But, I do wonder how they get their Pokemon back.