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So Near Yet So Farfetch'd (049)


KyogreThunder said:
The Dex saying Farfetch'd was edible was a surprise.

I did find it kind of surprising at first, although it made sense in hindsight since we had known that Pokemon such as Koiking were edible too.
This episode felt more serious than most Kanto episodes since Ash's group was dealing with a criminal who was their age. I liked how the guy tricked Team Rocket since they deserved a taste of their own medicine for once and Farfetch'd was stronger than I thought, but it made the mistake of causing Psyduck's headache to worsen which cost it the battle. At least the kid became good in the end.
Episodes that make me like Psyduck are rare because he was mostly just an annoying duck with powers that he never mastered but here he was the main Pokemon of the episode and he deserved his praise after how he defeated Farfetch'd. Granted it was mostly Keith's own fault for losing since Farfetch'd whacked Psyduck's head repeated but it was still a good battle. I thought that Keith was a real troublemaker who deserved the worst punishment. 7/10