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So there will be 2 more mythical pokemon.

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I was actually initially hoping that Meltan and Melmetal would be part of a set of five mythical evoluion lines, with each responding to one of the Chinese elements. But that was always a long shot. Even if the two mythicals is true, I'm not sure there's much else to go on. I wouldn't hazard a guess beyond "one of them will probably be pixieish and psychic or fairy" and "one will seem really speedy and cool" since those are kinda the two staples.


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This new mythical silhouette reminds me of Rafiki from The Lion King (the old baboon). I don't mind whether this new mythical is pure Grass or pure Fighting, but certainly hoping it isn't a monkey. <1 day to go!


GameFreak has not made 2 mythical pokemon of the same element yet. Even with Shaymin and Hoopa forms.

And boy was I wrong about this. We now have 2 Psychic/Grass legendary or mythicals.


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