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So why did Team Rocket capture Victreebel and Lickitung just to not use them?

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It was always something so funny, how both of them had to wait like 30 episodes or so just to get some fresh air. It was like the writers had no idea what to do with them and they only served to debut their respective Pokemon for the first Season (since Lickitung's capture was indeed produced for the first Season, you can tell because Togepi is nowhere to be found).

Poor Lickitung especially, who never saw the light of day until the Orange Islands. It got a small mention after its capture, but just like with James, only the Poison-Type Pokemon got used instead.

I'm a huge fan of Victreebel and glad she (yes, she) never really got the shaft. Heck, she lasted most of Johto and often teamed up with Arbok for then. All with her awesome screeching noise. Still, I dunno why they just didn't write in a role for her in Kanto. Yes, yes, she got two appearances in the Indigo League, but they weren't that memorable.


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Poor writing/ planning by the writers is my guess.


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You're probably right, it may have more or less done with the fact there were already a handful of Pokemon in the main cast. Ash and the gang had Pokemon themselves that the writers wanted to give more attention to. I don't remember much about Lickitung or Victreebel (1 or 2), but I recall them being comic relief. Lickitung, of course, was also used to bring in one of the most crazy iconic characters in the show: Wobbuffet. That may have been the most useful thing Lickitung was around for. Just to be moved around to make room for a beloved Pokemon to among the Japanese audience.

That's just my guess though.


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Jessie needed trade-fodder for Wobbuffet so they gave her a Pokemon they didn't think the audience would miss. That'd be my guess.

Yeah. Those episodes were aired out of order because of the Porygon Incident causing a delay and throwing off the schedule. Togepi wasn't around, sure, but around that time they started to get wind that Pokemon was taking off and the series would be continued. I imagine they made some changes to the original plan during the tail end of Kanto to fit a renewal, but couldn't quite figure out a way to utilize those Pokemon until quite a while later. Togepi was the same way. It came along but didn't do much until the Orange Islands.


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Because they were caught at end of kanto saga if I recall right and its clear their trainers where idiots.plus nreding to balance far to much out.
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