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Sobble Sobs For What Reason? (1117)


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omg I loved this episode, Sobble is adorable! Gou is a great trainer for it :) lots of cute moments!
LOL at morpeko, I'm curious if it'll follow TRio around for the whole series


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Btw is Morpeko any good? I don't see it joining Ash, but is it powerful?


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saw the episode last night and boy are you guys mad for no reason was it the best episode?No, but it was not a bad episode you guys got mad over a scan which did not say it was going to ash and a preview that they had to squeeze multiple episodes into and hiding a suprise capture
Except we've seen Rowlet sleeping at night

Multiple times

Where is this energy it's storing during the day?
Unfortunately, Ash's Rowlet has proved again and again that it's a massive lazy loafer.
Btw is Morpeko any good? I don't see it joining Ash, but is it powerful?
Brock's Happiny pretty much opened the gate to unrealistically strong Pokemon out of the eggs, so take that as you will.


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Was expecting salt and I got way more than that.

Can't say I'm exactly thrilled on the fact that Go caught Sobble. Even though it's my least favorite of the 3 starters, I still wanted Ash to use an Inteleon. As long as Ash gets Grookey, I'm pleased.

The episode itself was really boring. Not much to say on it. Morpeko was probably my favorite part.

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So they're gonna use Go to showcase all the starters this season. I don't really care tbh, I'd much rather see more Dragonite/Gengar/Farfetch'd anyway.

I don’t really care about the Sobble capture since it is my least favorite Galar line. So much ugliness.
I actually had my hopes on Goh getting it so Ash could get Rapid Stryke Urshifu for his water type, but tbh that was before the farfetch’d capture and I cannot see now how the team could work with three fighting types.

Ash had a Hawlucha, a Talonflame and a Noivern in Kalos. As long as they distinguish themselves and rely more on their secondary types than their primary one (except Farfetch'd, which only has one type), I don't see why he can't just train Kubfu into a powerful Water type for his team.
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So they're gonna use Go to showcase all the starters this season. I don't really care tbh, I'd much rather see more Dragonite/Gengar/Farfetch'd anyway.

Ash had a Hawlucha, a Talonflame and a Noivern in Kalos. As long as they distinguish themselves and rely more on their secondary types than their primary one (except Farfetch'd, which only has one type), I don't see why he can't just train Kubfu into a powerful Water type for his team.

Agree about wanting to see Ash have pokemon that aren't starters. His current team is one of the most interesting he's had imo.

Ash in Sinnoh also had 3 ground types and 2 flying types. Gible was gimmicky but ignoring how terribly they handled Torterra they had pretty varied uses and moves. I imagine that will be the case this time as Riolu seems to use distance and close combat attacks while Farfetch'd uses a weapon and so far only seems to know dark moves, so it looks like their battle usage will have different strengths which is good.

I really hope Ash doesn't get Kubfu


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Really ain’t much to say on my side other than this was a pretty pathetic and actually quite boring episode for a capture in general.

Not even fussed about the whole Go related stuff since the episode was already boring me to tears to even care.

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Eh I like that Go felt bad for making Sobble upset, shows he's growing emotionally mature enough to be a good trainer. I just don't find the ocular gushers trope to be funny. It's above toilet humor, gross out humor, disturbing faces, and jokes that think they're funny just because there's a swear in it, but it's not that funny.

Also, thinking on it, yeah Sobble wouldn't be good for Ash's team. Usually I'd say go for it but even in the games Sobble got scared of a berry falling from a tree. It can be strong but it would be really hard for Ash to train the little guy and battle with him. Now, as long as Sobble isn't Cubone'd, I think that all will be well.


If he gets Grookie what kind of connection could be made?


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I'll be honest. I expected Ash to catch Sobble tbh, butI honestly don't mind Go got it.
(I honestly don't really care much for any of Go's catches anymore... just let it go people. It'll be better for your health)
Ash not having the pretty-much-given-by-now gen-starter pokemon for once is a nice change of pace.
Not out of the woodworks yet though...


Overall I'm fine with Gou acquiring Messon instead of Satoshi getting it, although I don't like Messon's crying gag and how it makes others cry as well. In any other series it could've been an amusing one-off deal but this is the Pokemon anime, so it's obvious that it'll be overused to the point where it'll become irritating much like every other gag.


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LOL that's how Goh catches Sobble

There's no way their balloon blew all the way from Kanto to Galar

The goggles were hilarious

I didn't even realize that this was Morpeko's debut until people in this thread mentioned it.. somehow I thought we've seen it before.. wish Ash had dexed it? Are we gonna go through this generation without Ash even seeing every Galar mon bc they're barely in Galar and some Galar mons debut with TR instead of with Ash? I would hate that

Nah, we had a week heads up on this unlike the Kalos league. It won't even be close.

Also, everyone wanted Ash to win. Even the people who said Alain would win still *wanted* Ash to win, they just thought (correctly) that Alain would. In this case, not everyone wanted Ash to get Sobble lol. in fact i could argue it might just be a vocal minority who wanted it

One of the weakest starter pokemon debuts in years

Weakest since Fennekin? Fennekin was pretty much irrelevant in her first episode, and tbh for several episodes. It was like she was just there as the token starter bc Serena had to get a starter lol

That's a boring and borderline insensitive argument. I always hate these arguments because you make the insensitive assumption that people have lives. I'm sorry but the world doesn't work like that. Not everyone can have a life they want, a partner, a job, happiness.

For some fictional stuff is the only thing they have. It's annoying when people say "emotions over fictional characters" as if there's anything really else to care about. For some sure that's the case, for others they don't have that luxury.

Besides you're basically throwing everyone under the bus who ever cried over a fictional situation. A person dying or a dog dying. Yeah how dare people be invested in fictional characters.

I don't hate Go as much as Zoruagible, I'm more pissed at the writers/producers. Go is just a product of their weird decisions but still Zoruagible's allowed an opinion.

Fair enough I guess. Thanks for adding some perspective to the conversation even if I still strongly disagree with Zoruagible.

calling him stupid and tone deaf would be an insult to people who are that


And exactly that's the reason it wouldn't surprise me if ash doesn't det even a single starter this season, besides with his goal of challenging the best in the world he better catch strong and fully evolved pokemon.

I can agree with this.

All this wouldn't have been as much an issue if people weren't really looking forward to some good development in the anime owing to the hiatus they had to take for Corona. The wait made it worse.

Fair enough.. as someone watching the dub months later, I forgot when exactly the corona hiatus came, so it's an interesting note to make. I guess it's possible it led to the salt

Literally did people forget about Goomy? Ash can't get Sobble because its timid and cries, Goomy was pretty much that exact type of Pokemon (except the crying part).

yes but Goomy double-evolved very quickly, and also, Ash wasn't a champion back then, let alone a champion competing in a World Coronation Series.. back then Ash was coming off a top 8 finish lol.. different stage of his career

These magazines which keep publishing incorrect information should be pulled or prevented from printing any spoilers in future, since they completely messed up every capture in the past couple of episodes.

wow, this thread is really filled with some all-time gems in terms of off-the-rails nonsense (that is very funny, i might add)

Regardless, I'm thinking that maybe Go will hand Sobble over to Chloe unless something happened in the episode that totally dismisses the possibility.

Just wondering what exactly made you think of this?

Also, what the hell was Riolu doing? Just randomly digging? That's dogs for you, I guess.

lol, I didn't even see this

It sold me on the Sobble species, at least. But now it makes me sad that this cool Pokemon evolves into a hideous, gangle thing like Inceleon.

Agreed. I was Sobble Squad until its evolutions were revealed after which I switched to Grookey Gang lol. Also, is that a typo is there some meme I'm unaware of that calls Inteleon an incel?

Go is getting the whole trio for sure while Ash continuesly getting fan favourites like Gengar and Lucario.

Why are you saying the expression "fan favorites" as if it's a bad thing lol? Are you aware of what the word favorite means? lol?

Uh huh now find some examples after Kanto lol

Dude, this is Goh's first generation just like that was Ash's.. if Goh stays for multiple gens and keeps doing this **** then criticize him

Oh so Goh just threw a poke ball in a fountain, ok as if that's better lol.

It is better.

No idea about Google but today he certainly used googles :p

LOL! You still misspelled it even the second time! Btw, this is not trying to make fun of you, but it's just a really funny thing to point out that you made the typo, someone made a joke about the typo, and then when trying to respond to the typo, you made the same typo AGAIN :D