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Soccer Thread


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\

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Wish I could follow the African Cup of Nations live, it's a really close tournament so far. I think Gabon is a nation that will only improve as a result of the tournament, as it is already doing (I think they won the under-21 tournament for Olympic qualifying), Equatorial Guinea not so much. I fancy Ghana to win it this year, but you never know. I just hope Senegal get knocked out early for the purposes of me being able to put Demba Ba back in my Fantasy Football team.

And go Mirandes! Semi finalists of the Copa Del Rey, extraordinary, they've already put out Villarreal, Racing and now Espanyol. Methinks Barcelona will still win the cup.

And good Carling Cup game last night, Cardiff did deserve it but it was so tense.

Off to Stevenage this weekend, hoping Notts County will reach the FA Cup fifth round!


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\
It's funny how Zamora is all over the news with people saying he's already signed for QPR, but it's not been officiated yet. He has 3 hours to stall this out and NOT sign for those QPR sods. God I nearly died when I saw the news Jol had agreed.


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My High School Alma Mater's girls soccer team is going to state!


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Simon Grayson sacked as leeds manager! Went to his last game in charge last night. Zigic was unplayable (unmarkable) xD


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Anyone looking forward to the Crawley-Stoke game?

TP is going to have to treat it as a huge game, as Crawley will be wanting the win so badly.

Then again, where have all our home ties gone? no home matches so far in the FA Cup for us.

But alas, I remember back on our 5-0 win over Bolton. Damn that felt gooood!

Now, I'll look forward to Sunderland, and hope we stop losing at home to the likes of frigging West Brom.

Oh yeah, watched the highlights of Ghana v Guinea. Jeebus those two goals were absolutely brilliant (Not as good as when Howson hammered the ball over the keeper from 35 yards out in Fifa 11 ;D)
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As I'm sure 99% of people already know, Fabio Capello has resigned as England Manager. With Harry Redknapp making it clear he doesn't want the job, who do you think will be getting the job?


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Seeing as Harry Redknapp is one of the biggest media*****s in England and loves attention from the media, coaching their national team would give him even more spotlight. And has he really said that he doesn't want the job? As far as I know he's been pining for it for quite a while, the only thing that speaks against it right now is that Tottenham are in the middle of a season, but all in all I think Redknapp wants the job, the question is if he would take it on Spurs expense.


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Can you imagine the midfield options Spurs would have were this to come off? Modric, Parker, Sandro, Livermore, Huddlestone, Lennon, Kranjcar, Bale, van der Vaart and Hazard. Incredible. This is ignoring the likes of Jenas, Bentley, Pienaar and dos Santos for various reasons. Personally, I think there is a possibilty of Jenas and Pienaar resurrecting their Tottenham careers.

If a deal could also be negotiated with City for Adebayor, Tottenham would be serious players in the 2013 title race.


Another midfielder..? Honestly I don't think Spurs need any more midfield options, it's getting ridiculous. We have quality players lying around, not even being played, and Redknapp is still chasing up players.


I remember posting rather frequently in the previous incarnation of the football thread here on sppf, so it was surprising to see I hadn't posted in this one yet. Gonna rectify that right now!

Anyone, if any of the old members are still around, they certainly remember that I'm a hardcore Milan fan. And I am extremely delighted at our win tonight. We were clearly just better than Arsenal and deserved this win.