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Soccer Thread


A Failed Experiment
Sadly, I didn't watch the game because I was feeling sick last night. I might watch the replay today.


Statter Master
Liverpool vs FC Gomel today. 5 past 8 pm gmt i believe


A Greater Evil
Satisfied with United's performance, though they need to work on their Pens.
0-0 for 90 minutes against Barca is an okay result.
2 Defenders and Valencia were enough to stop Messi in the first half.

Real Madrid 5-1 AC Milan.


But you know what annoys me? Barcelona aren't unbeatable, I know that well, as we all frickin saw last season, but annoying losers keep saying that it's the end of an era of dominance now that Pep has left. Bullcrap, I don't want to hear it!!! I guess we'll all see when Barca and Madrid play in the Spanish Supercup finals.


halted development
The Community Shield will be played in two days. Normally it wouldn't be too exciting, but since it's Man City vs. Chelsea, I think it should be a good match, we'll be able to see how good Man City looks, and how Chelsea's new signings perform against the defending EPL champs.

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Lol Mexico - Brasil 2-1 Goodjob Mexico.

Flame Mistress

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Dammit, Mexico won. I wanted Brazil to win... especially since they floored us in the semis

It was actually so close though, there was a chance right at the end that could've made the score 2-2. But of course Brazil had to blow it -_-


A Greater Evil
LOL. We have another diver in club. Hazard!
Community Shield was ********. I thought Savic should've been sent off. De Jong and Zabaleta are bunch of morons.
Tevez looked sharp, which is scary.
Torres :D


With the Van Persie speculation intensifying, and the manager and players trying to avoid the fact that Van Persie might leave by constantly saying that "I dont know, but for now he's an arsenal player" and "I hope he stays", i actually think that Van Persie might join Manchester United! Although i agree that we dont need him very much, and i think Ferguson will probably buy another left-back and maybe a central midfielder before the season ends, but Van Persie would definitely boost our club! However, that could probably be the end of the road for Berbatov, who imo has been harshly treated last season, and maybe even Macheda(unless a loan move benefits him).