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Solgeleo GX deck!!! much awesome. such clunky. very powerful.


New Member
Hello! ;330; I am new to Serebii, and would like some help with my deck.
it is a Solgeleo-based deck, and it is currently really clunky. Here is my current decklist: ;229;

2x Solgeleo GX
2x Cosmoem
3x Cosmog
2x Magernea EX
2x Skarmory
2x Genesect EX
2x Shaymin EX

1x Lysadre
2x Professor Kukui
2x Lille
4x Ultra Ball
4x Trainer’s Mail
4x Professor Sycamore
4x VS Seeker
4x Energy Retrieval
1x Town Map
3x Energy Search

10x Metal Energy
2x Shield Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy


New Member
Should I replace Genesect EX with Aggron EX or Steelix EX?
I probably should put some Pokémon Center Lady, or Devolution spray, maybe a Rare Candy? Just sayin'.
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Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
My friend and I used to run a metal deck featuring Dialga EX, Keldeo EX and Bronzong with Float Stone and Muscle Band being necessary tools.

The idea was to always have Dialga as your attacker with a Muscle Band to make him do 170 damage every turn. He has to discard 2 energy to use his big attack every turn. Keldeo's Rush In makes Dialga return to the bench where Bronzong can attach an energy from the discard to him. 2 Bronzong on the Bench refuel Dialga every turn. Keldeo then retreats (for free with Float Stone) and Dialga is ready to attack.

We stopped playing that strategy because Keldeo rotated out. There is a Zoroark that works the same way as Keldeo, but he requires evolving and the deck didn't run as smoothly. Solgaleo can perform the same function, but's a stage 2, making it less smooth than Zoroark, but it's a strategy worth considering.


New Member
Thanks! The reason I have Solgeleo is for massive damage output, and I have Magernea and Skarmory for Greninja and decks that require abilitys to work. I have Genesect as a secondary attacker, although I will replace that with Steelix.

P.S. How do I change the banner from Kanto starters and prof. Oak to something else?

Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
your banner changes automatically based on post count. it's not something you can control.

I'd probably stick with Genesect. It costs less energy and you don't have any energy ramping. Not sure which Skarmory you're intending to use. Roaring Skies?

Other suggestions I would make: switch out Energy Search for Professor's Letter, Reduce Cosmoem to 1 or 0 and add 3-4 Rare Candy, Find a way to fit another Lysandre.