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Some EV training needed please


Cascade Trainer
im wondering where is a very good place to train HP, sp att, sp def, att, def and speed EVs. Im trying to find the perfect places but i need a little help.
Also for example: If i am training a Machamp at Route 23 *the route just before the entrance to victory road* and i encounter and fight ekans, spearows, arboks mankeys etc what EVs will i get when my machamp levels up. Will it get speed EVs and Att EVs or will it get 1 kind of EV each lv up. EG if ajority is that i fought more ekans than spearows, will i get and attack EV or will i still get Both when my machamp levels.

Also how do u get another pokemon infected with pokerus and can u get macho brace in fr lg?
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Cascade Trainer
Yes but it doesnt say what i want it to. i want to know: EG I want Att EVs, so i go to route 23 and battle some ekans, but spearow appears also. If i fight the spearow after i have fough some ekans, will i still get the EVs from ekans or will it reset and i get the EVs of speed from spearow?

Thats what i want to know......


Well-Known Member
It is a load to read, but here it is... http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/ev.shtml

Also if you want to know what Pokémon have what Ev's, just click on the mini links which are symboled either, HP, Attack, Defense and so on... you will know what I mean.


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Gastly in Pokémon Tower is good for Special Attack. Don't know for other, though.