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Some fans still complain and hate something.

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I just figured out that there were reasons to hate each series. I started watching Pokemon in 2019, of course from the Original Series, then I continued.

Reasons to hate:
AG: May and Harley
D&P: probably Ash and Paul (I didn't like Paul myself, but now i want his comeback - especially for PWC match)
B&W: Iris calling after Ash "what a kid"
XY: Team Rocket brutally treated the main characters.
S&M: picture, shattered face of Ash and Pikachu.
Journeys: Goh catches a lot of Pokémon, including legends.

Were there any reasons to hate the OS series? What do you think? Will there be a lot of hatred again in the next new series?


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Tbf most of them, if not all of them, are overreactions

I had more excitement to get pissed off when Team Rocket brutally treated Ash and Pikachu in XY, when Paul treated others a lot (this is a personality I hate a lot), I hated Harley when he was using and manipulating May for his purposes (I thought it would definitely suitable anime for kids?) But I don't hate Goh, so how did that come about? Because he does not brutally treat other people as above, he is very friendly even to pokemons, which is clearly visible and does not treat Ash too bitterly.

Charizard :p
Ah, I remember. But for me it was normal, then he listened to Ash normally later, but I guess it was different 20 years ago.
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