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Some funny Pokemon/PotO artwork


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Our main characters...Kricketune as Christine,Rotom as Nadir,Gallade as Raoul,and Darkrai as Erik.

Unmasked!A critical-hit!It's super effective!One-hit KO!~Sorry about the size of the next two.

Last,but not least....Erik and Nadir during the emotional breakdown at the end of the book!

I hope you enjoy them!

Crystal Hikara

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I had a good laugh at the first one. Ah, competitive battling lawls, definitely. XD Nice hatching technique on the lower pictures. You definitely have an interesting and unique sense of humor, I shall say.

Now, as for the first two, I'm assuming they're...charcoal? Something else? Marker? either way, they're very distracting when they aren't clean as the others. It really drags away from the images if you can't really see what's happening in the pictures, you know? Maybe that's me, but it seemed to really take away from the potential.

However, I do like this images a lot. Keep it up. I can't find anything besides what was said previously about the images to complain about. :3


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I lol'ed at the first one. You are a good artist and have a good sense of humor.
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