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some shinies and legendaries for trade


I'm mainly looking for shiny Stunky/Stuntank or shiny Skorpi. I'll accept other shinies.

My haves


shiny Electrike level 12
shiny Manectric (2x) one level 26 and level 33
shiny Suicune (hacked)
shiny Golem (japanese)
shiny Solrock (japanese)
shiny Wobbuffet level 75
shiny Sharpedo(nicknamed)
shiny Mew level 100(hacked)
shiny Zubat(nicknamed Fury)
shiny Ludicolo level 31
shiny Deoxys (hacked)
shiny Gulpin (japanese) level 12

non- shinies

10 ANIV Celebi
Zapdos (Modest)
Articuno (Bold)
Moltres (Rash)
Mewtwo (Rash) high IVs on special attack and speed!!
Ho- oh level 75 (used EV lowering berries)
WISHMKR Jirachi level 53 (used EV lowering berries)
Latios (Modest) with Soul Dew
Latias level 50
Kyorge (Modest)
Rayquaza (Modest) level 77
Linoone level 92 with PP Max
Lugia level 50 untouched from pokemon XD (Jolly)


Shinies (shiny Skorpi, shiny Skuntank VERY HIGH Want)
Other shinies
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Urban City Breeder
Wanna trade my shuppet i named shadow for shiny Ponyta?

If so, my info is in my signature.


Kawaii Trainer
So the LVL 40 Latias is untouched obviously. What's it's nature?