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Some sketches

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Who Said Pikachu?

Pikachu Spotter
They're all ok, but I think you have a problem with your necks, they're too thick in most of them, especialy the first one.

1. Like I said with the neck, also his ear is too big and sticking out. His chin on the ear side also goes straight to the ear without passing a cheek which looks a lil odd. Also proportion wise his legs need to be longer with his crotch lower down as well.

2. The mini one in the corner's cute. Again the neck is too thick which seems to be badly offsetting his face, if you put the neck line closer to the point in his chin I think that'd help.

3. Eyes are fun and it's good to practice expressions, I like this and I think it's neat.

4. Again the neck is too thick and his ear's too big, ear's don't go above the eyes unless they're animal/elvish ears. His legs are also still short with his body being so as well. I think it would be good for you to practice some hands as well so you don't have to keep putting them in fists.

Anyways, other than that they're all nicely presented, well done and keep drawing!

Happy Hunting!
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