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Some Trades: Event and a Shiny!!


Some Trades: Event and Shinies!!

Here are my trades:

Lv. 100 Mild Raikou( OT:10. Aniv)-Only taking really good offers.
Brave Mew (OT:MYSTRY)
Jolly Rayquaza
All starters
Modest, Rash, and Timid Porygon
Jolly, Adamant, and a Timid Treecko
NEW: Bold Lv. 71 Ho-Oh
NEW: Shiny Impish Charmander
NEW: Shiny Naughty Ledyba

Looking for:
+Sp. Atk or +Atk. Riolu - Nickname: Lee
+Sp. Atk. Ralts
+Def. Eevee-Nickname:Umbra
Bold Chansey- Nickname:Joy
Adamant Magikarp-Nickname: Skulkraken
These guys must be shiny.

Bold Chansey w/ Seismic Toss- Nickname:Joy


Thank you.
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New Member
wat do uwant for the celebi

The Lazy Lucario

The Lucario Breeder
Ill trade you a rilou for a cyndauil?

The Lazy Lucario

The Lucario Breeder
No its not shiny
i assume careful chansey with seismic toss and aromatherapy wouldn't work?

The Lazy Lucario

The Lucario Breeder
is your cyndaquil shiny?