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Someone, kill me already >.<

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by sweet_piplup123, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    Okay right, I am just a pathetic amateur who seeks improvement...


    ...well, here's a banner I've made....


    I'll post some more eventually.

    Program used: Adobe Photoshop 7

    Font: violation
  2. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    It's not a bad tag at all.
    There are very few effects used though. It looks like you just used a picture of a butterfly and then added text. If that's what you did, hurray, but you need to add more to it lol.

    Also, not really digging the notebook texture thing to the left. Maybe if you added lines like notebook paper to the tag it would look better :]
  3. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    Well, I might as well tell the truth.

    I did kinda just used the picture of butterfly and added text. I was thinking of adding a few vector brush things on them but decided that they might look extra...so yeah.

    The picture was print screened from a Youtube music video and I changed the level/contrast/saturation before adding the text on and applying the notebook texture.
  4. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    Well don't get me wrong, it looks pretty, but it would look better if you added a lined paper texture on it and erased over the butterfly. Then that paper-esque feel it has due to the holes on the left would be more defined.

    I would say its a WIP (work in progress) :]
  5. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    Just one problem...

    I always delete my psd files after I finishes making a banner T__T

    ...I should get into the habit of actually saving them.

    Anyway...a before/after thing. A flower icon. The flower was fron a photo my Mum took. I was playing around with selective colouring and all that crap...because this is what you get from reading tutorials from livejournal. *shot*


    ...and yet more stuff on The Fray. *got bricked* There's two version of the icon, I think my second one looked better though. The picture is from their album "How to Svae a Life" which consisted of a broken lightbulb. (I thought it was a golden tree until I got a close looked at it 0___0)


    (And don't worry, I have not deleted my psd file yet.)
  6. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    The Fray icon is very nice. The colors are okay and the notebooky feel is more defined in this.

    Theres something I don't like about the flower one... perhaps the text?
    Idunno :/
  7. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    ...text too girly? 0___0

    Anyway...this was a request from my shop.

  8. Lucariofan-atic

    Lucariofan-atic avant ǝpɹɐƃ painter☆

    It's a nice banner.
    And, 1 advice: better if you don't delete the psd files, even if you have to fnish your banner. It's nice if you add a few brushes.
  9. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    The text in the magne banner isn't all that lol.
    It's white when most of the banner is yellow and it sorta sticks out.

    Advice: Unless you're making a cutesy banner, try to use solid fonts, not ones with areas of transparency here and there as they tend to come out a bit weirdd.
  10. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!


    ...a friendship banner.

    ...yeah ^^;

    I am getting used to saving things in PSD files now :D


    Made another one...


    Yes, it's the one I am using in my signature right now. ^_^
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2009
  11. ShadowSplash

    ShadowSplash Don't Mess With Me

    i do like your friendship banner, maybe you'd like to make one for me? :p
    you dont have to though, just might be some good practice for you.

    by the way, i think the admin's here will infracture you for bumping D:
  12. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    You've got a point, I better fix up my post...

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