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Someone's in the Kitchen With Meowth (Krazyshipping, One-shot, G)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by GeneChildMewtwo, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. GeneChildMewtwo

    GeneChildMewtwo My name is deceptive

    Hello! I don't see a lot of Krazyshipping stories around so, I figured I should post the ones I've done so if anyone else is looking for them there will be something to find. =^°^=; If you don't know what Krazyshipping is, it's pairing Ash's Pikachu with Team Rocket's Meowth.

    Also, I write Ash's Pikachu as a female and so this story uses "She" and other feminie pronouns on her. This isn't because I wanted to avoid pairing two male characters (I've got no problems with that) I just tend to see Pikachu as a female. I also didn't want to say "it". The story wouldn't be any different if Pikachu was male so if it bugs you you can just pretend the "she"s are all "he"s and it won't matter.

    Anyway, on to the actual story. =^°^=;


    Meowth checked over the ingredients one more time to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything. Everything was there on the table, alongside some mixing bowls and other things that were necessary in the cookie baking process.

    “Soon I’m gonna have a whole bunch of yummy cookies,” the cat Pokemon stated with glee as he rubbed his paws together, “and dey’re all for Me-owth!”

    Luckily for Meowth, this Pokemon Center nearby where he and his teammates had made camp had a fully equipped kitchen for use by the trainers who were staying there overnight. The nearest town was almost a day away, so trainers that were so inclined could make something for themselves (and their Pokemon too) before the long journey the next day. Since it was well after midnight however, Meowth was the only one awake outside of the night-shift Nurse Joy who was too occupied with her combination of a novel and headphones to notice Meowth make his way in. He had the kitchen all to himself. Or so he thought…

    “I can’t say I’ve had a dream about Meowth in a kitchen before,” a familiar voice squeaked in a half awake and somewhat annoyed tone from the entrance to the kitchen. “I really shouldn’t have sneaked all that ketchup before bed…”

    “Pi-Pikachu!? What’re you doin’ here?” Meowth was not expecting to see Pikachu here. Maybe the resident Nurse Joy, or maybe a trainer or something, but not a Pikachu. Not that Pikachu.

    “Well, I was trying to sleep,” Pikachu squeaked in an annoyed tone. “And here I thought having the room nearest to the kitchen was a good thing…”

    “Well, you can go back ta sleep, dere ain’t--“ Meowth was about to send Pikachu on her way since he had no intention of sharing his cookies, but he realized that maybe sparing some cookies for a chance to finally catch Pikachu might actually be a good trade. “Err, well ya could go back to sleep, but den you’d miss out on all da tasty cookies.” Meowth revised his statement with a big grin on his face.

    “You’d better not try anything…” Pikachu warned, a slight spark emanating from her cheeks.

    “O-Of course not! Would I do something like dat?” Meowth replied, a little nervous since he knew that when it came to shocking him, Pikachu meant business. Trying to change the subject back to the cookies and away from him, Meowth quickly added, “But if we’re gonna have any cookies, we gotta get to bakin’. Why don’t ya start by puttin’ da eggs in dat bowl dere, I’ll get da dry ingredients together."

    Pikachu figured she’d play along for now since she didn’t see Meowth’s partners around anywhere. Pikachu mentally noted that for the record, the cat was a bit more tolerable when he was by himself. She walked over and hopped up onto a chair, and then onto the table where Meowth had put out all of the things they needed to make the cookies.

    Meanwhile Meowth, who was standing on a chair, began mixing the various dry ingredients in a bowl. Although, just after he started, he heard an affirmative “Pika!” from across the table. Meowth looked over to see Pikachu standing in front of the bowl he instructed her to put the eggs in, and sure enough the eggs were in there. Still inside their shells, however. “Pikachu, you gotta crack da eggs first! Ya can’t have da shells in dere, too. Haven’t ya ever made cookies before?”

    Pikachu gave a confused squeak. “Well… not really,” she explained with a little bit of a nervous giggle. “I’m a Pokemon, I don’t cook.”

    “I’m a Pokemon too, but—“ Meowth began to say, but paused for a moment. “I guess I’m a little different, huh?” There was a giggle in response to Meowth’s statement.

    “Well, I just have to crack it open, right?” Pikachu asked with a squeak. “That can’t be that hard.” She took the eggs out of the bowl and placed them back on the table. She then grabbed one egg with both paws, and raised it up above her head.

    Meowth knew right where this was headed, but just as he reached out his paw and tried to tell Pikachu to wait, it was too late. She slammed the egg down as hard as she could causing most of the shell to shatter, and the gooey insides to splash out down both sides of the bowl, as some of it onto Pikachu as well. “You gotta be a little more gentle with ‘em…” Meowth explained as he walked over to Pikachu.

    “I think I overdid it…” Pikachu explained with an embarrassed squeak.

    “Here,” Meowth said as he handed Pikachu a napkin from nearby. “It looks like most of it missed ya.” Meowth grabbed another napkin and cleaned up the egg mess on the table while Pikachu cleaned herself up. After they had cleaned up the mess and Meowth got a new egg to replace the old one, the cat went back to the business at hand. “Now, let Meowth show ya how it’s done,” Meowth said with a smile as he took an egg in one paw, and struck it against the side of the bowl. Then, with just that one paw, he skillfully split the shell and dropped the rest of the egg into the bowl. Pikachu watched in silent admiration as Meowth set the now empty egg shell to the side, grabbed the next egg with one paw, tossed it up into the air, and grabbed it with the other. Following this was a swift cracking motion, and the next egg was then split and its contents emptied into the bowl in a similar manner to the first.

    “Oh wow, Meowth!” Pikachu squeaked. “I’m impressed. I never knew you could do stuff like that.” Her eyes were alight with amazement at Meowth’s small performance.

    “Well, of course! But wait until you’ve tasted da finished product,” Meowth explained. “Dey’ll be the best cookies you’ve ever had, since I use Meowth’s special recipe.” As Meowth talked, he put the rest of the required wet ingredients in the bowl.

    “Well, actually…” Pikachu began to explain. “I haven’t actually had any cookies before. I mean, I’ve seen the humans eat ‘em but…” Pikachu smiled, a little embarrassed at how much she didn’t know about the whole situation. Meowth sure knew a lot about human stuff, but since he more or less lived as a human it made sense.

    “Ya haven’t had cookies before!? Really?” Meowth was shocked at first, but then he remembered that most Pokemon didn’t have the freedom in food choice that he did. “Well, dat’s what ya get for lettin’ dat human a’ yours tell ya what to eat all da time.” Meowth went back to mixing the ingredients after his statement.

    Pikachu giggled at the thought of Ash being “her human”. “It’s not like that. It’s just usually… I handle the battling end of things, and Ash and his friends sorta handle the rest. And hey, the food Brock makes is pretty good.”

    “One day, you gotta try some real food; none a’ dat ‘Pokemon food’ but some of da good stuff.” Meowth stirred what had become cookie dough by this time. “Oh, hey, the dough’s almost ready. Can ya come here and stir it a little more while I get da cookie sheet?”

    Pikachu nodded with a “Pika!” and came over to take over the stirring. She grabbed the big wooden spoon with both paws and began to stir. It was a little harder than she thought it would be, but even with her small size it wasn’t too bad after she got the hang of it. It wasn’t really a matter of strength as much as just she wasn’t used to using her forelegs to stir something like that.

    “Hey, dat’s pretty good. You just gotta work on dat egg crackin’, and den ya could make your own cookies,” Meowth stated as he came back with the cookie sheet. Pikachu gave a bashful giggle at his comment. “Okay, now we gotta put da cookies on here,” Meowth continued. Then he grabbed a chuck of dough, and rounded it into a ball with his paws. “Just like dis,” he explained as he set the ball of dough onto the cookie sheet.

    “Okay.” Pikachu tried to copy Meowth , and rolled her own ball of dough, and put it next to his. “Like that?”

    “Yep. Dat’s perfect.”

    The two of them rolled up the rest of the dough, and filled the cookie sheet with cookies. Then Meowth picked it up, and carefully brought it over to the oven he had set to preheat back when he gathered all his ingredients together. As Meowth was about to set the cookie sheet down to open up the oven Pikachu scampered over and then jumped up and grabbed the oven door handle with both paws, pulling it open as she fell back down to the ground. “I know how this part works, I’ve seen people put stuff in here before,” Pikachu said with a smile.

    “See, I bet ya could be a great cook, if ya wanted to.” Meowth climbed up on a stool he had placed near the oven and slid the cookies inside. He then closed the oven, and walked back over to the table. “Now we just gotta wait a few minutes,” Meowth said as he set the timer, “and den it’ll be tasty cookie time.”

    Pikachu walked back over to where Meowth was and sat down. “You know, Meowth, if you know so much about cooking, why don’t you become a chef or something?”

    Meowth stood in thought for a second, and then sat down next to Pikachu. “I tried dat a couple times. Ya know how hard it is ta keep a job with dose two around?” Meowth’s tone changed to a slightly more annoyed one as he recalled his two comrades. “We had a job makin’ cakes, right? Well, Jessie decides it’s a good idea ta just ‘try a little’ ta make sure it’s good. Den Jimmy had ta get in on it, and dere’s no way I’m gonna let dem try it if I can’t and den… even Wobbuffet is havin’ some and… den all da cake’s gone.” Meowth paused for a second before continuing, “Of course we got kicked out but… In da end I guess we woulda left sooner or later anyway.”

    “Aww.” Pikachu was surprised, maybe Meowth had more to him than just being a thieving cat after all. He was kinda nice when the other two weren’t around. “Hey, maybe you could get on a cooking show? Then it’d be just you.” Pikachu tried to suggest something hoping to give Meowth something good to think about instead.

    “And you could be my assistant. Dose guys on TV’ve always got a cute assistant ta help ‘em out.” Meowth didn’t quite realize what he said until after it came out. “Err, wait—maybe dat’s magicians, not chefs.”

    Pikachu blushed a little at the idea of her being someone’s “cute assistant,” but just as she was about to say something about it the timer went off, its beep informing them the cookies were ready to be taken out. “Well, I’d better get dose cookies, huh?” Meowth said with a grin. He walked over, and after putting on some nearby oven mitts opened the oven and removed the cookie sheet from the oven. He placed it on a nearby counter. The smell of freshly baked cookies now wafted about the room.

    Pikachu’s nose perked up as she noticed the smell. “Wow, those smell good!”

    “Once dey cool, you’ll see how good dey taste, too.”

    After the cookies had cooled and Meowth put them on a plate, the two Pokemon sat on the floor, ready to partake of their tasty treat. Each of them grabbed a cookie and took a bite.

    “It’s really good,” Pikachu squeaked with a smile. “You know, I’m kinda glad you woke me up.”

    “Hey, it’s more fun when ya got someone ta talk to. Otherwise it woulda just been me an’ da cookies, and I don’t think dey’d wanna talk to Meowth, ‘cause I’d eat ‘em all up.”

    Pikachu giggled at Meowth’s comment. “Meowth, you’d better pinch me, I don’t want to find out I just dreamt all of this.”

    “I thought you said ya hadn’t had any dreams about me being in a kitchen or anything…” Meowth replied in-between bites of cookie, “unless ya had dreams about Meowth bein’ somewhere else,” he teased. Of course Pikachu didn’t dream about him, that would be weird.

    Pikachu was caught a little off guard by that however, and started to blush a little. “Of-Of course not! I mean…” Pikachu looked down at the half eaten cookie in her paws and hesitated a little.

    “Hey, I was just playin’ with ya.” Meowth was a little surprised at the reaction he got. What did it matter if she had a dream about him? It’s not like dreams meant a whole lot... Plus they saw each other all the time anyway, so what was there to be embarrassed about? Meowth decided to get Pikachu’s mind off of it by taking her up on what she said earlier. Pikachu gave a sudden “Pi!” as Meowth pinched her. “See, not a dream.”

    “Yeah. But it’s getting kinda late.” Pikachu realized with all this talk of dreams, she should probably be sleeping. What if Ash noticed she was gone? “I gotta go.”

    “Already?” Meowth was a little disappointed to see Pikachu have to go so soon, but before he could protest, she got up from her sitting position and scampered off toward the door, taking the rest of her cookie with her.

    Pikachu paused at the entrance to the kitchen, and turned back to Meowth. “Thanks for the cookies. Maybe next time you can make some of that ‘real food’ you were talking about,” Pikachu squeaked with a smile. “Well, see ya!” With that, she left.

    Meowth sat there for a second, wondering what to do now. “It’s just like Pikachu ta run off like dat.” Then it dawned on him, “And I missed my chance!” Meowth was a bit aggravated at himself for letting the yellow rodent slip through his paws once again. After a few moments however, Meowth began to reconsider his feelings about the whole thing. “Well, at least it was fun. Pikachu’s a lot more fun ta be around when she’s nice. If only she was like dat more often…” Meowth decided to plan a better recipe for next time he happened to be in the kitchen with Pikachu.
  2. Pikki Zuka

    Pikki Zuka likes to rock out

    So much cute! *throws hands in the air* I agree, there should be more Krazyshipping here... where could we find some... >_>

    My favorite part is still where she smashes the egg, and he shows off his one-pawed egg fu. I'm not really sure what else to say... since I did read this before. o^_~o
  3. Astinus

    Astinus Well-Known Member

    GeneChildMewtwo! You came to SPPf to post your Krazyshipping fics!

    Just as a warning for next time, all shipping fics go in the Shipping Fics section. This section is for general fics.

    I liked this. It was cute. Especially Pikachu and the eggs... ^^ Thanks for always giving me a refreshing break when reading. I just love the lightheartedness of this.

    Not much to say, but... Who gave this a one-star? ;;
  4. GeneChildMewtwo

    GeneChildMewtwo My name is deceptive

    Pikki Zuka: I really liked the egg part too. And yeah, I'm sure you've seen this story enough by now. =^°^=;

    Hanako Tabris: I remember you! You commented on another fic I posted on BMGF, right? And sorry about putting it in the wrong place, I forgot this board had a specific place for shippy fics. Can I move it somehow? Or maybe a mod can? I'll make sure to put things where they belong from now on though. Thanks for the heads-up.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading it. =^°^=
  5. Astinus

    Astinus Well-Known Member

    Just PM either Zephyr Flare or Dias. They will move your fic for you.

    Yeup. I'm the same person. I use the same name everywhere. XD
  6. UltaFlame

    UltaFlame I'm weird accept it

    nice i enjoyed it alot! and i really don't care what gender you choose to make pokemon. there all genderless to me... anyway i like the part wth the eggs as well. anyway not much i can say really. i've never read this before but i didn't notice anything wrong with it... and how can i say how to improve if i saw no way to improve right? i don't see how. but there always is a little improvement possibility.
  7. GeneChildMewtwo

    GeneChildMewtwo My name is deceptive

    UltaFlame: Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it. =^°^=

    I just have that disclaimer about Pikachu's gender at the beginning because sometimes people like to comment with "But Pikachu is male" which, while possible, is never clairified in canon. Although, in the end it's not a huge deal either way. =^°^=;;
  8. Ampris

    Ampris Slip slidin'

    Aww, what a great little story! Among all of the fics currently amassed here, this one is definitely my favorite; it was just so lovable and fun, and Pikachu and Meowth were adorable together! I loved how Pikachu was characterized, and extra points for getting Meowth's accent down perfectly, it can be hard sometimes. The writing and grammar are spot on, and I really can't think of anything wrong with this story at all. Pikachu and Meowth are just too cute together, and even if I'm more of an Eggshipper, I can't wait for another of your Krazy fics^^ Lovely job.:)
  9. Oh, cute! There are way too few Krazyshipping fics. I loved the cookie-baking scene, it was very cute. And the very end... kinda shippy. Good job!

    ~!MK!~ ;258;
  10. GeneChildMewtwo

    GeneChildMewtwo My name is deceptive

    Ampris: Thanks! =^°^=; Meowth's accent is a little tricky, I had to double check to make sure I kept it consistent. Also, I have a friend who beta read this so most of the errors got weeded out between the two of us checking it. =^°^=;

    Which one's Eggshipping again? The list says it can be two different ones, and both aren't what I thought it was. =^°^=;;

    As for more Krazy fic, there might be some in the not so distant future... =^°~=

    ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~: Thanks! Yeah, there's not enough Krazy fanstuff out there. Although, lately I am seeing a little more here and there. =^°^=;
  11. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    This one-shot placed a smile on my face, mainly because of its cuteness. This story has got great ideas, great plot, has got no errors, great descriptions, but I don’t see the ‘spark’. I’m a hard reader to impress at times but I’m pretty sure that there are others who would be fascinated by this easily.

    Overall score: 4/5

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