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Something About Pokemon that You Can or Can't Live Without


back again...
You just write the things in Pokemon that you can or can't live without

*If there is already a thread like this please direct me there


Master Mew

Active Member
cant live without my 31 IV attack and 27 IV speed garchomp!!

can definetely live without magmortar


Well-Known Member
I can live without all of the stupid teams and the rival always looking cooler than us!! But I can't live without a rival.


<--- Clair
Can't live without the insaley powerful dragons in pokemon.

Can live without the normal type pokes.


Johto Trainer
I can live without the incredibly slow surfing speed... But I can't live without my Pokedex D:


I can't live without Zangoose, Delcatty, Persian, Meowth and Glameow.
Whee, cats. :)


I can't live without Wobbuffet.
I can live without Contests/Super Contests.



Forever now
Ummm, Can't live w/out Crobat, Milotic, Metagross, Swampert and my shiny espeon.


Well-Known Member
Can't live without Psychic type pokemon, breeding (and Dittos to breed with), or Serebii's IV calculator/ EV data.

Can live without contests (definitely) and having to surf for long stretches of a poke'journey.


Well-Known Member
I cant live without Oxygen... oh this is about Pokemon ok.
I cant live without a good Fire Pokemon by my side.


Queen of the Abyss
I can't live without water pokemon.
I can live without the crazy morals from the anime.


De Ibwis Twigga!
Can live without overrated pokemon (Lucario, DARKRAI (Hate that thing)!
Can't live with out my Pal (Perfect Palkia)
I can't live without Bidoof, Ditto, and my GSC.

Bidoof - HM Slave. :>

Ditto - Sex Slave :>>

GSC - The best.