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Something for the nostalgic! ^___^

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Hey, hope you all like this! :D If you wanna see the real size of it, please go to http://www.deviantart.com/view/25052606/ and IF you're that curious, you can check out the original sketch here http://www.geocities.com/c1986t2/cmg18.html ^_____^


Please comment, critique and criticise all you want! ^^;

Jason Park

The Steel Master
Very cool. :) One thing I might work more on is Ash's jean. It doesn't have a clear form.


I'm sooo happy you posted your beautiful artwork Carina, and even better an Ash and Misty piccy!!

The colours are vibrant and your lineart is soo smooooth!! I love everything about this piccy of yours....IT'S THE BEST!!!!

Thankyou soooo much Carina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh a very nice pic.
I just love the background. Really seems like asnap shop of the sea.
Love the for ground as well. Just like watching the old eps. Wish they bring her back to the show. Think it would be intresting.

Fool's Hope

In God We Trust
Awwwww! That's so sweeet! I love it!! X3
Pikachu looks a little small, IMO. But other than that... *hugs pic*


Well-Known Member
Whoa. Do you make the show? You're really THAT good.The characters look like themselves and their expression match the "usual" situation. XD The little Luvdisc in the background sweatdroppin is cute and funny.


O.O Holy mooses! It's beautiful, adorable, gorgeous... *dies* I love their expressions X3 Great job ^^


Thankyoooooou so much peeps! ^______^ :D Thankyou each for taking some time to leave a comment here. =P

LOL Kaiviti! What are you thanking me for?? I'm so happy you like this one too! Yay! ^___^

Jason Park, As you pointed out, I was a bit careless on Ash's jeans! lol I gotta check out how proper jeans are coloured....

Yea, Pokemon Pirate, Pikachu does look smaller than he's supposed to be! And he should be standing on Ash's shoulder too...woops

Burakki, Aww Thankyou so much for such a big compliment! :D Glad you like all their expressions! hehe


Third time I had to re-register on serebii >< Keep getting kicked out for inactivity...

Haha I still absolutey <3 that pic Car!! Rock on =)


MISTY!!! Aw, I miss her a lot, but they had to replace her with May -_-# I love the coloring in this, and Misty's expression! Sigh, good old times...

Evanji Axu

O.O HOly shinizzle...that's so beautiful! The colors are so bright and vibrant.

Hee, we know she can't hide it, just lookit that blush!

Thanks for bringing back memories of watching the anime before going to school in the morning. *smiles*


Well-Known Member
Nice, very nice. Awaiting more. Not hyper either. Kicks my art's (censored).


Zephyr Trainer
I can hear them now:

Ash: [teasing] "You like me don't you?"
Misty: [annoyedly] "I do not!"
Pikachu: [nervous] "Pika.." Translation: "Oh [bleep], not this again..."

XDD. Anyways, it's really good. I especially like how you made the background, the sparkling water, the sandy beach, and the broad blue sky. Plus the way you made their faces and expressions, I can imagine what they're arguing about too. See above ^
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