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Something I Just Realised...

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by ChaosMage, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    there are anime only gyms yu know and lets say there is at least 1 gym battle a day for leaders
    so thats 2920 a year + anime only gyms ( which would make up for heaps )
    how does ash not meet up with these trainers
    oh and why in the stands of gym fights is it always empty ( i hate the fact theres so much people in contests and none and gym battles )
  2. Pokemon Forever

    Pokemon Forever Active Member

    yeah you right, that kinda missing...
    but I want to add some more questions:

    1. how can the gym leaders lose to so many trainers (who reach the league by obtaining badges) and still get loads of experience to be so strong?

    2. how can so many coordinator reach the grand festival with 5 ribbons if in every contest there is only one coordinator that getting a ribbon? there must be many contests in many towns, and repeating contests as well. but if it's actually happens, why ash and co. doesn't stay at the same town until dawn gets the ribbon? and how can ash and co. and the same judges (except nurse joy) make it to all these contest (or part if them) at the same time?

    3. how ash always make it to the league excatly when it starts? the same question can be asked about all the other competitors...
  3. yeminied

    yeminied Well-Known Member

    It's simple.

    The contest judges are some sort of cloning experiment and so there are something like six Mr. Contesta's judging all of the contest that happen multiple times every day.

    Ash probably never sees other trainers with gym badges because they just don't tell him about the gym badges. It would be nice to see Ash battling more people though. The writers need to have either more rivals that battle Ash often or have the rivals he already has battle a lot more. However just seeing Pokemon attack other Pokemon all the time wouldn't be that great so I think they are doing just fine the way they are.
  4. pokemonfan301

    pokemonfan301 pokemon thespian

    I think the whole situation is not that complicated. The writers just don't care enough for trainers to flash badges anymore.
  5. dagon22

    dagon22 Charmander master!

    Maybe there are other contest judges that we don't know about, and Ash and friends just get the same ones by luck.

    Or, the writters don't think about that when they show all the contestants.
  6. robbybevard

    robbybevard Sandshrew fan

    Because at this point, counting battle pyramid and Orange Islands, Ash has some 50 badges to his credit and so any random shmuck trainer going through their first league with a whopping 3 badges just aren't interesting. Ash is a veteran whose been doing this for a while. His ego has deflated, he's matured, and hes better than any newbie out there. Only experianced trainers like Gary or Paul can offer and sort of challenge or interest to Ash, or the viewers

    Because really, going around saying "Oh, your on a quest huh? How many badged do you have? 3? Well I got 50!" That would make him more aarogant than Gary.

    Kinda like when Johto started and he pulled out Charizard against a total newb. It was stupid.
  7. Vivian

    Vivian Well-Known Member

    As for the contest judges quesions had you ever thought that we may have hundreds of Sukizu and Contesta, just like Jennys and Joys? There are also hundreds of cities,and many treiners may be colecting those ribbons through years!
  8. bd25

    bd25 Goldenrod City Champ

    As was seen against Johanna's old rival, Lila, a co-ordinator can not use their ribbons for YEARS and still be eligible to enter them in a Grand Festival (which is presumably what Lila would have done, if she had won the Celestic Town contest against Dawn).

    So that means a co-ordinator can stay in a region until they collect enough ribbons to be eligible for the Grand Festival.

    However, does that mean they are automatically entered into that region's Grand Festivals in proceeding years if they so wish? Same goes for gym badges... you've already collected enough from that region once before, so why do it again? Casey only had 5 badges by the time the Silver League rolled around, so she was probably collecting badges still during that time to enter in the NEXT year's League.

    If collecting enough badges/ribbons from a region once is enough, then that would greatly cut down on how many trainers fight gym leaders, or how many co-ordinators enter contests (because not everyone is going to be eligible for that year).

    Also, Ash doesn't get to the league 'right before' it starts... In Kanto, he had 4 months before the League started to train and in Hoenn he had a little bit of time, wherein he caught Snorunt and met up with Morrison again...
  9. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    Dat could be the same for gym badges alright

    sure remember when morrison nearly missed his last badge didn't they say he'd have to wait until next year
  10. Poke Master 7

    Poke Master 7 Boulder Trainer

    Actually Ash caught Snorunt before his final gym battle and he did arrive in Evergrand not too long before the league started since when he arrived they were delivering the flame. Kanto gave him leeway time and Johto gave a little less time but Ash seems to bite the bullet closer on his arrival by the region
  11. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he usually has 3 -or-so months to train after he wins his final badge.
    It usually flies by in about 5 episodes so we are left to assume one of two things.

    A) Time goes by that quickly in Pokemon, in which case Ash would either be a sickly old man or dead
    B) There is a time skip in which Ash trains off screen
  12. npdargy312

    npdargy312 Master Coordinator

    I think now a days the writers are just trying to show other things people do involving pokemon other than competing in the pokemmon league.
  13. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Ash needs more COTD battles, as does Dawn. Even in Johto he often wound up battling one-off characters, but that's rare nowadays


    he doesn't do that anymore, or do we ever see the begining of and episode that was the end of a battle...well we just haven't seen that many kinds of battles ware he is really battling...most of the battling is just the distruction of TR mechas. so there really isn't any battling...

    also there are many gyms that exist in the world of pknm...so i don't expect to see that many people that are also after gyms, because there are many places they can go to...also there is so much land to cover they don't even have to take rodes and paths...they can fly or bus or...so they don't have to do the samethings...
  15. Bell56

    Bell56 The One and Only

    Really there should only be able to be 16 gyms in each region at the most, one for each type.
  16. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    ^ That would actually be nice, especially in the games, it would make them longer.

    There would be a few advantages for the anime too:
    - A lot of pokemon would be showcased through the gym leaders rather than just getting one filler episode about them
    - It would force the writers to pick up the pace a bit
    - There would be no way Ash's entire team wouldn't be able to star in at least one of the gyms, most of them would star twice and the ones they really want to ***** out would star like 5 times.
  17. kemal07

    kemal07 Well-Known Member

    16 gyms would be too much wouldnt it?

    Can anyone state why we havnt had a single DARK GYM yet?
  18. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    We've had dark type Elite 4 members but none of them showed up in the anime.

    Cyrus' ingame team makes him look like a dark type trainer, I wonder if they are going to show his team in the anime.

    If I remember he has Houndoom, Honchkrow, Weavile, Drapion, Gyarados and Crobat.
    So 4 dark types and 2 evil looking pokemon.
  19. kemal07

    kemal07 Well-Known Member

    yeh we had karen and will . But i wonder the reason for no Dark Gyms.
  20. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Will was psychic, Sidney was the other dark trainer.

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