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Something Sinister from Silph Co (RP Thread)


Internet Overlord
Approved Pokemon Players:
(Let me know if something appears to be wrong here)

1. (VampirateMace) Joltik, Julie ‘Joule’ Wattson
2. (Slipomatic) Absol, Sepra Xalve
3. (Shampoo Thief) Wooper, Abberworth
4. (Pokefan0234)Madison “Maddie” Freeman, Shellos
5. (Mon1010) Tyler "Ty" Kingston, Ratls
6. (Aura Of Twilight) Yuuki Thompson, Zorua
7. (Norns) Mudkip, Kate Black
8. (Cometstarlight) Kyler Mallory, Vulpix

Regular Pokemon:
1. (wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle) Shiny Purrloin, Bone
2. (Guywhoiam) Leavanny, Dual
3. (Soul Muse) Gallade, Ian

??? Pokemon:
1. (Mon1010) *Reserved*
2. (GalactaKnightisawesome) *Reserved*
3. (Krazy95) Riolu *Reserved*
4. (GoldenHouou) Sneasel *Reserved*

Approved Trainer Players:
(Let me know if something appears to be wrong here)

1. (wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle) Lilla Melody
a. Psychic the Espeon (NPC)

2. (strategiser24) Jerry Litsner
a. Umbreon (NPC)
b. Archen (NPC)

a. b. c.

1. (Billy Mays) Coordinator, Louis Piere Montoya II
a. Houdini the Kadabra (NPC)
b. Applejack the Ponyta (NPC)
c. Rarity the Roserade (NPC)

a. b. c.

a. b. c.

1. Do NOT Bunny/Control anyone’s main character(s) in any way without their expressed permission. You may however control a Trainer’s NPC pokemon if they are not currently in battle. Even if another player’s Pokemon character belongs to your trainer, you cannot control them in battle, you can only give them orders/instructions, and hope they obey.

2. Please put your Name and Species, or the word Trainer/Coordinator, at the top of your post. This is to help cut down on confusion.

3. You do not need to list your Inventory. However please post your Move Set in your first post, and then in any post where it changes. Pleases remember that you are limited to 6 moves.

4. We are not worrying about Stats or PP in this RPG, but please just use your best judgment. You know that water gun isn’t going to take down Mewtwo in one hit, and that you can’t use Fissure 50 times in a row.

5. Please post a least -the Serebii Minimum- sentences. If you do not think you can post this much, please wait until you can.

*Joule the Voltik*
Move Set:
String Shot, Leech Life, Spider Web, Thunder Wave

Joule sat in her cage holding her Electric Gem in her mouth, not moving a muscle as she thought over her current situation. Did Sliph Co. really do this to her? The sounds of her ‘fellow pokemon’ soon reached her ears, breaking up her thoughts. Various chirps and barks, the patter of feet, the gurgle of water, and the rattling clank of bars being gnawed. And then, there was also the tick of the clock.

She glanced up at the clock over the door. It had been 18 minutes since Miranda had paraded the last group of people through the Adoption Agency compound. It had been a girl who’d just gotten trainer’s license and her mother who was rewarding her with a pokemon. It didn’t take them long to zero in on an adorable Igglybuff, apparently abandon by a careless breeder who considered it a worthless runt, and rush off to fill out the adoption papers with Miranda’s Grandma.

Joule set down her electric gem and let out a much needed sighed. She picked it back up and paced the cage. She really didn’t know what to think, again she felt like sighing. No this would never do, carrying something around in her mouth was to restrictive to speech and other mouth related needs. Not that she could speak, come to think of it. Well, she could, to other pokemon, so she needed her mouth free. She tucked the Electric Gem into the ribbon Miranda had put around her neck. There, now she could walk around, free to talk, and eat, and sigh. She shook her head to insure the gem would stay in place, it seemed the ribbon was tight enough to keep it secure.
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Shadow of nothing
OOC: When Ian is speaking telepathically, I will use italics.

Ian the Gallade
Moveset: Psycho Cut, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Thunderpunch, Teleport, Night Slash

I stood a good distance back from the tree line, my eyes closed as I attempted to calm myself. Another trainer had the bright idea that I was some ordinary Pokémon and that he could capture me. Running a finger over the Pokéball dangling at my neck I snorted. The whelp was pathetic.

Shaking off all thought of the trainer I had beaten, I focused instead on a strange new occurrence.

Often times in my search for another human who I felt worthy of my help, I would spend a good deal of time near the Adoption Center. I wasn’t really interested in the newbie trainers, but I would watch the veterans who came, to see just how good a person they were.

Of course, during these excursions, I could not help but sometimes overhear the surface thoughts of the Pokémon in the building. While my abilities in terms of telepathic speech could not be compared with serious Psychics like Espeon, Alakazam, or Mewtwo, I got by well enough, and what I was hearing recently shocked me to the core.

A fair number of the Pokémon in that building seemed to think that they were humans. I didn’t have a clue why; at least three or four of them were broadcasting thoughts to this effect like radio towers. Grumbling I made my way back towards the Adoption Center, sticking to the woods around the city, to try and avoid detection by another trainer.

It didn’t take me long to arrive at the spot I normally sat in, once I did, after making sure the bothersome humans were gone, I concentrated on projecting my thoughts towards someone inside the building.

“Who ever in this building seems to be determined to drive me off my rocker with thoughts saying you are a Pokémon, please think the reason why, so that I might be able to help you.” Well, I wasn’t sure I wanted to help, but I was somewhat curious why humans would get stuck as Pokémon. I had no idea if anyone would get my thought message, so I sat down to wait.


Kate the Mudkip
Tackle, Growl

Kate glanced around the room at the other pokemon. The ones who belong in this world. What has Kate done to deserve this? Well, no one would be missing her back at home. It'd probably take them a few days to notice she was missing. She clutched her bracelt, and took another look at the rest of the pokemon. Goldeen, swimming in endless circles, but not achieving anything. Cynaquil, their fires bright but easily quenched. Chatot, a life of being nothing but an echo. Kate didn't belong here, but she didn't belong with her foster family, either. She didn't know where she belongs. Everything has a place. Was that true?

Kate floated still in the water. She had tried a pinch of pokemon food, but she ended up coughing it up. Miranda had stroked her back, adding comments like 'I can't believe you turned up here' Kate shouted that she couldn't either, but the Aipom that she had met earlier snickered at her, and said that that's what Miranda says to all of the pokemon. Kate wondered what Silph Co. were doing. Maybe they were just running a friendly adoption agency or maybe... Kate didn't want to think about it. She jumed out of the water onto a small, plastic island and began flipping ideas over and over inside her head.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Tyler "Ty" Kingston the Ralts
Growl, Confusion

Ty sat in his cage, munching on some Pokemon food. It was specially made just for him, well specially made for a Ralts anyway, but good enough. Surprisingly, it really wasn't all that bad. As soon as he scarfed down on the last bit of food, he rattled the food bowl against the bars of the cage. "Hey! Can I get some service here?!" Not like any of the humans could understand a word he said, but he was pretty sure they would get the idea.

It was funny though, just the other day, Ty had been human. He had just gotten his Rain Badge, and qualified to participate in the Hoenn League tournament. Then next thing he knew, he was in a cage in a Pokemon adoption agency all the way in Kanto, and in the form of a Ralts. Apparently, he had been found at the Sliph Co warehouse, which was strange, because he remembered being in Sootopolis City. What happened, to him between then and now, and who was responsible, was a complete mystery. He was determined to return to his old life, but untill he could figure out how to do that, he may as well make the most of this situation. After all, being a Pokemon wasn't all that bad so far. He was fed, and well taken care of by the employees of the agency, and he got all kinds of attention from girls. The only problem was constantly being aware of what everyone was feeling all the time, but right now, that was only a minor annoyance.
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Shampoo Thief
Jeremy Abberworth (you left out my first name on the OP), the Wooper
Moveset: Water gun, tail whip, mud sport

The first thing Jeremy noticed when he woke up was that he was underwater. The second thing he realized was that he was not drowning. But how? He seemed to be breathing just fine. That made no sense, he was never able to breathe under water before. He tried giving a kick, and swam into a barrier of some sort. Glass? He tried again and got the same result. Definitely glass. So was he in a tank? He swam to the top of the small tank, where he found a rock that protruded out of the water. He hopped out of the water and onto the rock, only to fall onto his face. Where had his hands gone! He flopped over onto his back and looked at his body. His fears were realized, he had no arms. But that wasn't even the weirdest part. He was now blue, and had a tail! He started scream and flop around, unable to get back onto his feet without arms. That was when an Aipom started telling him to calm down, that it was safe and he was at the adoption center....

... Later, after the encounter with the Aipom and Miranda, Jeremy was sitting on his rock (finally managing to get up). The girl had mentioned something about Silph. Co. Well, that was where Jeremy worked! What had happened to cause this transformation of his? He was able to hear other pokemon talking in the adoption center. It sounded like he was not the only one there who used to be human. Jeremy, frustrated of being locked in this tank, called out to no one in particular, for the tenth time it felt like, saying "Get me out of here! I am not a pokemon! I am a human!" He felt a bit ridiculous saying it, and got some strange looks from other pokemon around him, who probably thought he was crazy. He was beginning to think that he was.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Louis Piere Montoya II

"Today's the day we meet our new friends my lovelies!" Louis exclaimed geefully to his three Pokemon, who all walked by his side as they made their way to the Adoption Agency. "Master, what kind of Pokemon are we looking for?" Houdini asked Louis telepathically. "I don't know Houdini, and that's what makes it so exciting! I have no idea what they could be yet, and the wait for the reveal is just killing me!" Louis walked into the agency, with his three Pokemon following him. He walked up to the counter to see a pretty young lass at the counter, filling our paperwork. "Hello sir, may I-Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Is that..Are you...Louis Le Magnifique!?" Ah, a fan. Louis loved it when he ran into fans of his work, especially when they were women. "Indeed I am madam, but you may call me Louis." Like a gentleman, Louis kissed the girl's hand, which caused her to blush intencely. "Wow...Um, anyway...I'm Miranda, and this is the Adoption Agency. You scheduled an appointment for today I presume?"

"Flirting with the ladies again I see," Applejack said while watching her master. Rarity waved off Applejack and said, "It's just what he does dear. He can't help it. And besides, she IS a big fan of his. I know I would take the oppritinity to relish in another's admiration if I had the chance." Applejack rolled her eyes at the thought and bluntly said, "Whatever."

"You two! Over here!" Applejack and Rarity looked back to see Louis and Houdini were already making their way to the back where they held all the Pokemon up for adoption. The two of them quickly ran after him, and the four of them followed Miranda into the part where they held all the Pokemon.

"Alright sir, here they are. Feel free to take your time in searching through them." Miranda gave Louis a smile and a wave and headed back to man the desk. Louis walked a few steps and said, "So many choices...*gasp* I know! Houdini, how about you go and look for the right Pokemon! Ask them some questions, and get to know them. That way we can be SURE that we'll be picking the right ones!" Houdini nodded and said, "Of course master. Right away master." And went straight to work, going from Pokemon to Pokemon to find the right canidates for Louis' team.

(OOC: Hope you don't mind, but I thought that Miranda would probably be the kind of girl that'd watch contests, so I figured having her be a big fan to Louis was appropriate. Don't worry, I won't do this with EVERY girl Louis meets.)


Eon Collector
OOC: I'm definitely staying strictly 1st person view. Also, I got sniped ^^^

Sepra Xalve
Scratch, Feint, Leer

Rescued from a Silph Co. warehouse, it just didn’t make sense to me. I remembered caring for pokemon, but this was a bit extreme to care for one. I sighed as I stared at my reflection from the water bowl. I had panicked earlier when I saw my reflection, but now that I think about it, I could get used to being a pokemon. Somewhere deep inside me, I didn’t know what it was, but the prospect of battling as a pokemon was exciting. I definitely would despise if I was adopted by some trainer who was into contest. To me, pokemon contests held no interest for me and now that I think about it, neither did pokemon battling, but it’s definitely the less evil of the two. Going back to looking at my reflection, staring back at me was my dark blue eyes. The scythe like horn lying on top of my head still felt odd, even more so when I pressed my paw against it awkwardly. I never could think that something on top of my head would be so sensitive to the touch. Heck, I was still getting used to the sick tail that was behind me. I definitely would need some time to get a feel of my body as having a tail had its problems, mainly being just as sensitive as my horn.

It could have been because I wasn’t used to being in a body with such extremities, but having to walk on four legs is downright hard. I was thankful on the inside that the cage I was in had decent room for me to at least walk a few steps before having to turn around. It’s so awkward for me, having to focus on putting opposite paws forward, sort of like how I used to walk, with my arms and legs as a human. I think that keeping my true identity down as a secret would be best in the long run as I felt like I was given a second chance. I didn’t remember much of my human life, but what memories I did remember weren’t exactly pleasant memories. I sighed as I tore my somber gaze from the cage to the scarf that was tied around my neck. I didn’t recognize what this white scarf was for, but it did go well with my fur so I wasn’t against it. I did feel a bit embarrassed to be seen wearing an accessory as I was no girl. If someone asked me to wear something like this I would straight up say no, but somehow, wearing this scarf after having that caretaker with the aipom tie it around my neck, it feels right. Right, I need to stop thinking too much, I’m already becoming attached to this scarf that I’m loathe to be seen walking around in.

I looked around outside my cage to see several other pokemon in cages of various sizes depending on what was in the cages. I did think I saw a small yellow pokemon with blue eyes, but I was distracted by a girl that came and went crazy over a cute pokemon. I watched the girl till they left and let out a sigh that I didn’t notice I had been holding. I definitely did not want to be adopted by some trainer who thought I was cute. I can tolerate looking cool, but I am not cute. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts and attempted to lie down on the hard metal cage. I still hadn’t figured out how to slowly lay down gently as I wasn’t still used to my legs, but I’m sure that I would figure it out sometime soon.
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Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
*Yuuki Thompson the Zorua*
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, and Pursuit

I wasn't sure how long I had been pacing. Perhaps all night. Perhaps just a few hours. It felt like forever, maybe, yet I was still alert and weary. Restless. My ears went up at every growl, every caw, the constant creaking of cages and doors screeching open or closing. The mingled scent of humans and pokemon filled my nostrils. From what I could see in my small cage, the walls and cages had been painted a bleached gray hue.

Everything was so surreal. Not long ago, I had woken up wondering how I had gotten here, only to realize immediately afterwards that I was no longer human. I couldn’t stand on my two legs, was unable to use my thumbs. My body was coated from head to toe in fur, just stopping at the pads of my feet. As if the confirm that I wasn’t human I even looked in the water bowl. I didn’t even recognize myself.

I was a pokemon. Those violet eyes that weren’t mine proved so.

But why? How did this happen? My mind was swimming with questions that I had no answer to. How I ended up in this place was a blur in my memory. When that girl, Miranda, came into the room, I managed to figure out that I was in some sort of adoption center, but nothing else.

“Mommy, look at that pokemon!”
I blinked, my attention suddenly focused on a young girl in front of me with green eyes peering into the cage. A middle aged woman stood next to her, eyebrows already narrowed in thought.

“I don’t know. This Zoura looks like it could be trouble, dear. How about we keep looking?” She asked. The little girl shook her head insistently, a stubborn look in her eyes. With a sigh I heard the woman say, “I guess we can adopt it then. But if it causes trouble….”

At the word ‘adopt’ I felt panic settle in my stomach. This wouldn’t go well.

Before I even registered what I was doing, a growl had made its way up my throat. As a blinked in surprise he woman in front of me shook her head, and dragged her daughter away before the girl could protest.

I looked down at my paws. That was odd.


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
Bone, Shiny Purrloin
Moveset: Pursuit, Assurance, Pay Day, Payback, Shadow Claw.

I scowled as I sat in the corner of my dreadful cage. Another group of people had passed by, and once again, they seemed interested in me. The instant the caretaker-- Miranda, I thought-- said I was in that huge fight that broke out so long ago, they all skedaddled. If they had known that I was the one leading the battle on one side, well, I probably wouldn't be in this cage in the first place. I could hear the other Pokemon, but the agency had pretty much made it impossible for communication with others. My cage didn't have walls that were made of bars, minus the door, the walls were all blocked so I didn't see any Pokemon that might...provoke me. It got lonely in here. Sure, I didn't really feel much for others...but being alone made me feel something. I really couldn't tell what.

As of now, I had heard a few Pokemon going crazy because, appearantly, they were susposed to be human. The cries had died down quickly, mind you, but I found it hilarious. Pokemon couldn't be human! Sometimes I wondered how one could be so idiotic to think that. Maybe they thought they were human, in some warped way, but if any of them had actually been human, I would become a...fluffy Purrloin.

I shuddered at the thought. Me...fluffy. I looked into the bowl of food and water that had been given to me. I hadn't eaten anything yet, but the water was almost gone. I got down onto my belly and just laid there for a second. I was waiting. Waiting for something. For some odd reason, today seemed different. I wondered how.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
(Just going to shorten the name for posts

Louis Montoya

Louis sat in a chair reading the latest issue of his favorite digest magazine when Houdini walked back over to him. "Master, I could use a bit of help with finding a Pokemon. Any critera I should be checking for?" Louis looked up at Houdini and sat back in his chair. "Hmm...I think...a cute Pokemon would be a good idea. Something small, but could still pack a punch. And also maybe a tough looking Pokemon, one that would stand out and grab the audience's attention, while not taking any attention away from his or her partners. Does that work for you?" "Yes master. Thank you." Houdini walked away while Louis drew his attention back to his magazine. Houdini began to look around the room at all the Pokemon. So many choices, yet so few that especially caught his eye. Houdini kept looking until he looked over to one cage and saw a small little Joltik pacing in her cage wearing a purple ribbon with a yellow gem in it. (Jackpot.) Houdini walked up to the cage and asked, "Hello ma'am, may I have a word with you?"


Applejack sat next to Louis while he read his magazine. She was really bored, and was itching for some action. Of course, there wasn't any action to be had, so Applejack was trying to think of something else to do. She looked around at all the Pokemon. One that caught her eye was a tough looking Absol wearing a white scarf. She looked like the kind of girl that Applejack was: brave, tough, and hated "girly" clothes. Applejack trotted over to the cage and looked at the Absol, who seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. "Hey, how'd you end up here partner?"


Internet Overlord
@Norns: It’s not night.

@Shampoo Thief: Hun, okay, I’ll fix that in a bit.

@ Slipomatic: That’s why I require Names/Species at the top of posts, it’s easier for others to be confused when reading first person posts. Also please remember to post your Species.

*Joule the Voltik*

Joule heard something. No, heard wasn’t the right word. It seemed to be in her head, “Who ever in this building seems to be determined to drive me off my rocker with thoughts saying you are a Pokémon, please think the reason why, so that I might be able to help you.”

“What?” remarked Joule in shock. Wait, think it. “It’s got something to do with Silph Co!”

"Hey! Can I get some service here?!" shouted a pokemon some ways away, srtanding out against the regular chatter and clanks. Joule snickered, that was rather High School wasn’t it? Wait, no time for joking. What am I doing here? How did I become a pokemon? No clue, still no clue.

Miranda came through the door with a man and three pokemon. Was he picking up or dropping off? Miranda commented, "Alright sir, here they are. Feel free to take your time in searching through them."

So he was picking up, and obviously no amateur. Hmm… a skilled trainer might be easier to convince, if she could think of any way to communicate. He sent his Kadabra to ask pokemon questions. Was it telepathic? Could it talk to him? She waved her arm at it, but it was busy interviewing other pokemon. How could she get his attention. Attack! She could try an attack. Wait, how do pokemon attack? She really never thought about it. Was it instincts or a complicated decision?

While she was pondering the Kadabra came up to her, "Hello ma'am, may I have a word with you?"

“Yes! I need you to tell your trainer something for me!” shouted Joule.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Houdini, Louis' Kadabra

After he asked, the small Joltik shouted, “Yes! I need you to tell your trainer something for me!” (Must be important for her to yell so loudly.) Houdini thought as he listened to the Joltik. "Alright. What do you wish to tell my master?" To Houdini, it seemed like this Joltik was pretty eager to get out of the agency, which would make his job of getting her to come with Louis all the more easy. Although he did have to question why she felt the need to yell so loudly...Oh well, must be that she's been on the fritz ever since she got put here, he knew he probably wouldn't like it much if for one reason or another he got locked in a cage in an Adoption Agency.


Eon Collector
OOC: oops, I forgot about the species, fixed the post so no worries. dang, was also hoping to get my post in before you posted billy mays.

Sepra Xalve
Scratch, Feint, Leer

I just didn’t feel comfortable lying on my belly and legs. The cold floor didn’t help, but I felt like I wasn’t really able to move unless I stood up and that made me feel slightly vulnerable. I was distracted from my thoughts when a feminine voice, definitely higher pitched than the caretaker, spoke, causing me to look up at the voice. “Hey, how’d you end up here partner?”

I was slightly torn from indecision as to whether to tell the truth or not. I looked away and spoke quietly, “I was rescued from some warehouse that burned down. I guess that since I don’t really know where I’m at, it probably would be better if I found a trainer who knew where I was.” While it wasn’t the real truth, it was true, regarding my circumstances. I looked over this creature that had flames gently burning on her back and various areas. I think I may have been mesmerized a bit by the flames when I heard a small cough and I blushed a bit, slightly embarrassed for staring off into nothing. I think I had slightly leaned forward towards the heat that was given off by the pokemon. I shook my head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just not very social right now, given my circumstances. I just want to leave this place. By the way, what is your name?”

The creature in front of me snorted slightly and replied, “Sorry about what happened to you partner. You can call me Applejack.”

I snickered slightly at the name, getting a slight glare from Applejack and I just needed to make sure. “Are you a boy or girl, if it isn’t too personal of a question.”

Applejack glare remained and said with a slight edge in it, “I’m a girl and what’s so funny about my name?”

I paled slightly at how defensive Applejack had gotten over her name and I meekly replied, “I’m sorry, but your name was funny. I’m sorry if I have offended you.” I sighed as I looked away, not really wanting to talk anymore, but I guess I had at least be polite. “I forgot to tell you my name. It’s Sepra.”


Dr. Researcher Man
((OoC: I like to title my posts with a phrase or whatever based on what happens in the post. If you don't want me to do this, just let me know. I also give Billy Mays permission to bunny Dual a little bit so long as he doesn't break his character or go overboard with it.))

Dual the Leavanny
"And so the story begins..."
Moveset: X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, GrassWhistle, Dream Eater, String Shot, Helping Hand

The sun shone through the clouds as Dual walked along the edge of town, hoping to find some food. It had been a few hours since he had eaten, and the silk bag he carried has run out of food. He disliked the idea of having to eat leftovers, from humans or pokemon, but he couldn’t get any food from the wild. It would seem that pokemon from the Kanto region don’t like him, seeing as they keep preventing from collecting any berries or tree sap. But there was one advantage that he had over the wild pokemon. Although it wouldn’t sustain him for long and he wouldn’t get any nutrients from it, Dual did have Dream Eater and could use it to keep the feeling of hunger at bay for a little while. He approached a Meowth, who was eating out of some garbage. He raised up one of his leaf covered arms to his mouth, and started to blow into it, using his other arm similarly to a violin bow. A beautiful sound wafted through the air putting the Meowth to sleep.

Dual lowered his arms and opened his mouth. His red eyes shifted to a shade of purple, same as did the Big Root around his neck. A red glow shone around the Meowth and it trailed away, down Dual’s throat. Dual could see the dreams as he ate them. The Meowth had trashburger for lunch earlier in the day, and… and… what was this? It would appear that the Meowth was eating the trashburger behind the adoption agency, and it heard, from within the agency, a couple of pokemon talking about once being human. Dual started to choke when he, and the Meowth, was picked up by some woman.

“OoOoOo, how rare! A Leavanny in Kanto!” the woman carried them to the Adoption Agency. Dual struggled to get free, but to no avail. The woman walked through the front door with Dual laying in her arms, a little disoriented from his Dream Eater getting disrupted.

“What do you have there? A Leavanny and Meowth? We certainly have a lot of arrivals lately. Put them over there. Sadly, they will have to share a cage.” Miranda told the woman. Dual and the Meowth were placed in the cage, both still sleeping.
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Internet Overlord
@ Billy Mays: Please try and make your posts a little longer.

@ Guywhoiam: That’s fine.

*Joule the Voltik*

Joule was happy to hear the Kadabra reply calmly, “Alright. What do you wish to tell my master?"

She wasn’t sure he cared, but at least he agreed to listen. How to start. Just get to it, decided Joule, “Well, I know this is going to sound odd, but I didn’t used to be a pokemon. I was a human, a trainer even, but something happened. I’m not really sure what. I think it had to do with Silph Co. Miranda said our poke balls came from there. I think they put my brain in a pokemon! I need to find someone willing to take me to Silph Co. so I can find out what’s going on and get my body back!”

Joules wondered nervously how he would reply. Over his shoulder Joule could see someone else coming in. She had some pokemon and Miranda instructed her to put them in the same cage, noting that the adoption center was getting crowded. That’s no good, but hopefully her cage would be free soon.

“Even if he can’t help me, maybe he’ll at least tell Miranda,” commented Joule softly to herself as she settled back down looking up at the powerful psychic pokemon, “If she believes, maybe she’ll let me go.”


Shadow of nothing
Ian the Gallade

I frowned, waiting for some kind of response from the building. None came for the longest time, and I was about to leave when a female voice assaulted my psychic hearing.

“It’s got something to do with Silph Co!” I blinked in surprise at the loudness of the voice. I paused, struck by the thought, what the devil is Silph Co. A large number of the humans often thought about it, and I wracked my brains, trying to remember. Then it hit me, Silph Co was the research and development company in the center of the city that my old friend had talked about often.

I thought a reply back, “I see. So what can I do to help you then, whoever you happen to be?” I sat back, wondering what I could possibly do to help a Pokémon stuck in the adoption agency.

As I sat, watching the world go by, I saw a Meowth and a Levanny get picked up by a woman and carried inside. I scowled; typical human’s thinking that any Pokémon not of a trainer was lost. I shook my head at such idiocy.

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Houdini, Louis' Kadabra

“Well, I know this is going to sound odd, but I didn’t used to be a pokemon. I was a human, a trainer even, but something happened. I’m not really sure what. I think it had to do with Silph Co. Miranda said our poke balls came from there. I think they put my brain in a pokemon! I need to find someone willing to take me to Silph Co. so I can find out what’s going on and get my body back!” Houdini paused and stared. "...Alright. I shall tell my master."

Houdini walked back over to Louis. Louis put down his magazine and asked, "What is it now? Having trouble again?" Houdini shook his head. "No sir, but..." He pointed at the Joltik. "...that Joltik wanted me to relay a message to you. In her exact words... *ahem* Well, I know this is going to sound odd, but I didn’t used to be a pokemon. I was a human, a trainer even, but something happened. I’m not really sure what. I think it had to do with Silph Co. Miranda said our poke balls came from there. I think they put my brain in a pokemon! I need to find someone willing to take me to Silph Co. so I can find out what’s going on and get my body back!”

Louis looked extremely confused at what Houdini said. He pondered about it for a moment. The Joltik was certainly off her rocker, but she didn't seem dangerous, plus she definately seemed to be an...interesting type of Pokemon. And Louis loved the interesting ones. Louis gave Houdini a warm smile and said, "Alright, I agree. We can add her to the list. Now, go look for two more Houdini." Houdini nodded again and said, "Yes master," then went off to look for more Pokemon.

It was then that he stumbled upon a Meowth and a Leavanny sitting in a cage together. The Meowth didn't look to interesting, but Houdini could just tell that the Leavanny was special in one way or another. He walked up to the cage and asked, "Excuse me, may I ask you a few questions sir?'


Kate the Mudkip

Kate watched the Kadabra strolling up to a Leavanny, who was squashed inside a cage with a rather bored looking Meowth. She had heard the Kadabra's master requesting two more Pokemon... Maybe this was her ticket put of the agency. She tried to catch the Kadabra's attention by frantically swimming in loops around her tank, but the Kadabra was too absorbed with the Leavanny. She took a look at the man who was Kadabra's master. He looked OK. He didn't look much like a trainer... She saw him take some small, round things out of his pocket. They were badges. Of course! He's a coordinator, a performer, not a trainer. Kate felt a little better than her first experience of being a Pokemon. She felt more alive than she had ever been, human or not. Was this her destiny? Or were Silph Co responsible for her conversion?

She looked back at the Kadabra. Still stewing with the Leavanny. Miranda was serving some customers- a plump boy and his plumper father. They strolled over to her, and she heard Miranda say that she was looking eager to be adopted. She realised that she had been swimming around the whole time- she stopped abruptly and pretended to be asleep, heard from behind "I don't want that's Pokemon, it's boring". She gave a satisfied smirk, then jumped back into the water to watch the Kadabra and Leavanny.
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*Joule the Voltik*

Before Kadabra had even answered, the psychic voice was back, “I see. So what can I do to help you then, whoever you happen to be?”

“Oh! I’m not sure. I’m trying to get a trainer to take me there!” she thought. Afterwards she realized the Kadabra was just staring at her. It did this for several minutes before replying, "...Alright. I shall tell my master."

It walked off towards the man Miranda had brought. What a lazy way to look for a pokemon to adopt thought Joule, he was just sitting there reading a magazine.

He would? Yes. Joule felt something funny as she leapt in excitement. Wait she knew that feeling. She’d felt it when she made a mistake while working on a computer, only this time it didn’t hurt. She was discharging electricity!

I can do this. I can use an attack! Joule sent a jolt of electricity at the bars of her cage. It was weak, but sparkled and sparked. That looked familiar. Oh! Oh! That must be Thunder Wave!

She glanced over at Kadabra. He moved away from his trainer and started talking to other pokemon. Oh no, they’re not going to help… A large round man entered with his large round son through the door near the trainer. She could hear the child making comments on what he did and didn’t want, "I don't want that Pokemon, it's boring".

What a brat. Joule settled down to the bottom of her cage. She was small, if she just lay there, the child would pass her by as well.


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Sepra Xalve

I was now glaring at Applejack who had snorted at my name. Granted, I had snickered at Applejack’s name, it still felt humiliating that I couldn’t wipe that laughter from her. I sighed as Applejack finally calmed down. I grumbled a bit and said, “Don’t you need to go back to your trainer, I’m sure that he or she is looking for a new pokemon here.”

Applejack’s stopped smiling as she adopted a neutral expression before cautiously saying, “True, I do need to return to my trainer, perhaps you’d like to come with us?”

I shook my head gently and said, “If I had to live with a nickname after a food brand, I think I’ll take my chances. Besides, I don’t know what your trainer does. I do hope it isn’t competing in contests is it?”

I ignored the glare given to me again for mentioning about her awful nickname as she replied, “Yes, my trainer does compete in contests.”

I frowned and sighed before saying quietly, “I’m sorry then, I’m not interested in becoming a pokemon dressed up with accessories and then competing to show off moves. It was nice talking to you though. It breaks the monotony around here.”

Applejack frowned before saying, “Alright, whatever suits your style partner. I enjoyed our chat, but as you say, I do need to return to my trainer. Be seeing you.”

I waited till Applejack was gone from my sight before letting out a sigh. I didn’t mind the company, but I definitely did not like dressing up in silly outfits or ribbons. I sighed as I laid my head on my paws, still uncomfortable with this position as I felt that only my front paws and head were the only thing capable of free movement. I wasn’t going to complain though about how comfortable of a position it was if it wasn’t for the restricted movements. The sound of a comment did make me want to hide myself when I heard a bored voice saying, “I don’t want that pokemon, it’s boring.”

I gingerly looked for the source of the voice and I had to grimace at how fat the child was. I don’t know what, but it seemed like he was a spoiled child so I definitely didn’t want to be that child’s pokemon. I felt my body tense up as the child came closer to me. I felt the child’s eye look over me before saying, “I want that absol daddy.”

I vehemently shook my head letting out a growl, surprising myself and the father. I guess my face intimidated the father as he took his child and said, “I’m sorry son, but this absol doesn’t seem to like humans. Let’s move on, perhaps there may be a cooler pokemon here.”

The child had frowned before perking up at the idea of cooler pokemon further back and walked eagerly to see if there was a cooler pokemon. I watched them walk before sighing before freezing in place. I had growled at them and it was on an unconscious level. I most definitely didn’t growl at people, being shy. I shook my head lying back down on the ground, not even remembering that I had unconsciously stood up to growl and tried to sleep off my worries. I think though that the position I was in wasn’t the best position, but I didn’t feel like experimenting with positions to get comfortable, I just wanted to sleep my worries away.