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Something Sinister from Silph Co (RP Thread)


Internet Overlord
*Joule the Voltik*
(and Miranda the caretaker)

Joule felt ignored herself. Kyler was now examining the quick claw on a leather cord around her neck, and muttering to herself about how it ought to work. Joule had just assumed the items would work, that’s why she carried around the Electric Gem inside her ribbon.

The male caretaker appeared with a couple of candles. He coaxed a shy looking Numel to the side of it’s pen and instructed it to use Ember on one of the candles. He patted the Numel’s back, “Good Job.”

He lit the other candle and handed it to Miranda, “Pretty crazy hun? Let’s let the pokemon into the yard. You can continue adoptions out there and I’ll go pick up a couple boxes of light bulbs.”

“Yeah, good idea,” decided Miranda. She turned to address Louis and Lilla, “If you two wouldn’t mind we’re going to move outside into the light. It’s about time for the pokemon’s playtime anyways.”

She handed the candle to Aipom as he leapt up onto her shoulder. This freed her hands for the task of opening the nearest cage and pulling out it’s occupant.


Kate the Mudkip

Kate felt Miranda's warm hands slowly close around her. Where was she going? Kate looked ahead, and glimpsed a small yard, with metal wire concealing it from the outside world. As Miranda let her down, she studied her surroundings. A few strands of dead grass here, a bunch of weeds there, and the Aipom that was the first Pokemon she'd seen in the adoption agency, clinging to Miranda's shoulder . She suddenly felt dehydrated, but scorned herself as she had only been outside for a minute and slowly moved over to a bowl of water in the corner opposite the door.

She didn't feel like running around, so just sat in the corner, watching Miranda serving customers through a low window. She wondered, for the first time, whether her foster family would miss her. Probably not. One less mouth to feed, that's probably what they would be thinking. But the adoption agency looked as packed as ever, with too many mouths to feed. Somehow they did feed them, she knew that, but there seemed to be a never-ending flow of Pokemon. Did they just yank any old ones off the street? She wondered where she'd been found, and if it had anything to do with her former life.


Shadow of nothing
Ian the Gallade

I reappeared in a forest clearing a fair distance from Saffron City. No sooner had I rematerialized than I fell backwards, landing awkwardly on something. I rolled over, the pain in my chest lessening the more I lay on the ground.

“Note to self,” I mumbled out loud, “Long range Teleports with dark types are a no no.” That was of course assuming that the Zorua had come along. My head no longer spinning from the painful exertion of psychic power, I sat up, and the first thing I noticed was that the Zorua was lying in the middle of the clearing, which explained the heavy object hitting my side. I wasn’t sure if the little Pokémon was male or female, but it looked annoyed.

I stood up, slowly, to make sure that sudden dizziness from overuse of psychic powers didn’t set in. Turning to the Zorua I spoke. “You are extremely bony you know that?” I grumbled. That much was true, the impact with the little Pokémon had hurt far more that I expected it to. I didn’t wait for a response, walking around the clearing to try and find out where we were. “Not to mention you weight far too much for such a tiny Pokémon.” I groused. Abruptly a Pidgey swooped down to hover in front of me.

“Hello Ian.” The bird greeted me. I inclined my head; because I spent so much time in the woods here, most wild Pokémon knew of me, or knew me personally, so I wasn’t surprised. “What are you doing here?” The small bird asked.

“Nothing special.” I replied, knowing that the little Pokémon wouldn’t look into the matter further. I was stronger than most Pokémon out here, so they all would take my word at face value. The Pidgey nodded, “However could you tell me if anyone of note comes this way?” I asked. The little bird nodded and fluttered away.

Turning to face the Zorua, I strode over and sat down in front of the little Pokémon.


What do I do now?
Kyler Mallory

"Time to go outside." Were the only words Kyler really heard before her cage door opened her. She recoiled into her cage as a pair of hands emerged from the darkness of the room to pull her away.
"Woah, careful there!" Kyler gasped as the hands wrapped around her and pulled her from the cage. "I don't like," she struggled against the grip, "to be manhandled!" she flailed as the employee struggled to find a way to hold her in place.

"Come on, now!" she could now tell that the person holding her was a young man as he took her towards the light filled door. He briefly took a hand off of her to open the door and Kyler took this opportunity to look over his shoulder quickly before being taken out. She could see Joltik's cage and the former Purrloin's as well as other pokemon. How many were former humans? An Absol caught her attention towards the corner. He or she wasn't doing much, just laying in the cage. It seemed almost...sad to see it. It looked bored as well, but Kyler knew she had to keep her wits about her. Just because this place was an adoption center meant to help pokemon didn't mean there were any other pokemon that had other intentions while staying there, hence, the snappy and violent Purrloin.

Bright light stunned Kyler's green eyes as her fur was kissed by the warm sunshine that came through the clouds. The wind gave an oh so gentle breeze as verdant greens painted the landscape.
"It's beautiful," Kyler said in awe, knowing the human couldn't understand her anymore.
Around the green land surrounding the building as a whole appeared to be a fence to keep the pokemon in, or to keep other more predatory pokemon out. Either way, it struck her as an amazing place. This is a place that her family would truely enjoy--

Her family....
Kyler looked down and before she knew, she was already on the ground, the young man heading inside to let more pokemon out. The grass tickled her paws and she decided to just lay out and stretch since she couldn't run around much anyway. While laying out she thought about her family and what they must be thinking right now.
Are they worried? Do they miss me? Are they looking for me? Do they even know I'm missing?
The questions buzzed like an angry Beedrill's nest and Kyler figured it would be best to lay those thoughts to rest. It didn't matter anyway since she was stuck being a Vulpix. Nothing was going to change that any time soon unless someone adopted her or any of her previous thoughts from before came to light.

Kyler tried to lay the worry laying thoughts aside as she looked towards the building that had once held her. In the shade provided by the roof of the building, she saw another pokemon.
"Well," Kyler tried to stretch her bad leg before hobbling over. "Guess it's a good a time to make friends as any, I suppose." she said to herself as she limped towards what appeared to be a Mudkip that was very interested in what was happening through the window she was looking through.


Internet Overlord
*Joule the Voltik*

Joule scurried about her cage nervously. Miranda and the male caretaker were letting pokemon outside. What should she do? Should she try to get adopted or try to escape once they let her out in the yard? She could actually get around pretty quickly despite how short her legs were, but could she make it to Sliph Co one her own?

Miranda came close to her cage and peered in, “Oh my, aren’t you excited?” Miranda reached in and picked her up gently, “Come on, let’s go outside, it’s time for you to make some friends.”

Miranda carried Joule to the door and set her down just outside. The yard was pretty much what she expected, having dropped a few pokemon off at the daycare back when she was a trainer. The whole area was surrounded by a fence. Near the door the ground was impacted and there were only a few strands of scraggly grass and some weeds, but further out there were lush plants of all kinds, even a few shade trees. There was a large bowl of water in one corner, and a small pond out by a couple of the trees.

Kyler was rushing towards the bowl and a Mudkip that seemed to be hanging around there. Joule however wanted to survey the area, she had a decision to make, and she wanted to view it from a better angle. Joule scurried off towards the tallest of the trees.

Joule started up the tree. The vertical climb was a little difficult, but her feet seemed to be made for climbing and clinging.


Kate the Mudkip

Kate looked away from the window, and saw a Vulpix coming towards her. At first she didn't know what to do- it could attack her like that Ponyta attacked the Purrloin. But then, the Vulpix had a friendly look in it's eyes. As the Vulpix got nearer, Kate felt a little more at ease, but still felt stiff and awkward. She kept telling herself that the Vulpix just wanted to be friends with her, but she didn't know how it was like to have friends. She looked up at the Vulpix, and forced the corners of her mouth into a smile. She realised she was violently shaking, and stopped abruptly when the Vulpix looked at her. It's gaze did seem friendly, Kate told herself, so there was no reason not to greet it.

Shyly, Kate returned the Vulpix's gaze, and mumbled "Hello"

As soon as the word left her mouth, Kate felt dizzy and strange, yet all warm and fuzzy. She wished she hadn't muttered it, yet at the same time she was glad she did. She waited for the Vulpix to respond
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What do I do now?
Is it too late for me to join?
Skipper the Krookodile
Move Sets:
Foul Play, Dig, Crunch, Earthquake
They call me Skipper, yeah I'm a wild pokemon, I Lead a group of sandiles and Crocorok, but one day A group of humans attacked me, they threw several pokeballs at me but that was useless, but they managed to sneak behind me and capture me in a net, mans that angered me but i couldn't move but the next thing i knew i was in a cage! I don't know how but I set off a ton of earthquakes but still no use
As the days went by i saw trainers walk past me looking at me, most of them walked pass, while some looked at me, one day i saw a tall Guy, and i over heard him saying that i was a pokemon that has been terrorizing places, well its a true fact, i did do some food raids but still this is ridiculous why throw me in a cage? I am so angry I might just break out of the cage!

Um...Victinifan? You might want to actually post that in the sign up section since the form to do so is in there

Kyler Mallory

Kyler slowly but surely, limped her way over to the shaded area where the Mudkip stood. Something about it seemed...uncomfortable? She would have to be careful and not do anything to startle it.
She tilted her head and wondered if she was seeing correctly. It looked like the Mudkip was starting to tremble, but if it really did happen then it stopped immediately after it muttered, "Hello,"

Kyler smiled, now realizing the Mudkip was female. That made for easier and less awkward conversations in the future.
"Hey." Kyler responded before seating herself on the cooler grass. "Sorry it took me so long to get over here," she waved to her back leg, "You know, injured leg and all, but I got to where I was going right?"
'What are you doing?!' Kyler's thoughts screamed at her. 'You sound like a babbling idiot!' Kyler gave an inward grimace and concurred with the insult. Why was she telling her this? This pokemon probably has no interest in that!
She shook her head in confusion and looked back to the water pokemon.

"I'm sorry, I probably should've introduced myself first, I'm Kyler." She tried to extend a paw to shake her hand but refrained against it. Did pokemon even shake hands? Ugh, intelligent as a human, clueless as a pokemon. That's just how it goes.
"So, uh," Kyler looked down at her paws to continue the conversation. "How long have you been here?"


Eon Collector
Sepra Xalve

I despise this place. If I ever get out, I am never setting my foot into an adoption center ever again. It is almost like a torture camp. I want peace and quiet, I don’t get it. I want sleep, I get disturbed. It’s a never ending process of torture for me. I was now standing outside, after being rudely poked and told to go outside. I resisted until I was threatened to be dragged outside by my tail. I was extremely irritated once I was outside, standing under the sun. My fur seemed to enjoy the heat as I began to feel warm, too warm for my tastes. I walked carefully, making sure that I wouldn’t stumble and make a fool of myself as I walked towards the small pond.

I only acted like a normal pokemon as I didn’t want any attention right now, but I was thirsty. I almost made a face at how I would drink the water as I was sure that I had to lap it up like a dog. I sighed as I moved my muzzle so that it was touching the water and sucked in the water. I found it slightly easier if I stuck my tongue out slightly to scoop up more water, but I still felt uncomfortable. I took some small comfort that I was making hardly any noise while drinking. I let out a sigh of contentment as I quenched my thirst and looked for some shade. This heat was bothering me and I found a good spot under a tree. I definitely avoided the tree that the vulpix and mudkip was standing at talking to each other. I got myself comfortable as I felt drowsy from the remnant of the heat that stuck with me. I let out a yawn as I tried to get some rest, now that it was somewhat quieter.


Kate the Mudkip

Kate listened silently to the Vulpix's words. Was this what it was like to have a friend? It didn't seem alien at all. It felt... Natural. Kate loosened out, and almost nodded when the Vulpix introduced itself as Kyler. Kyler didn't look too comfortable either, so at least Kate knew she wasn't alone. Kyler then asked her how long she'd been at the adoption agency. Kate realised that she didn't know. She'd been cocooned in her thoughts, so she didn't know how long it was since she was found.

"Around a day, maybe" She guessed, hoping it would be close enough. "I don't remember arriving"

Kate paused. Could she tell Kyler about her previous life as a human? She glanced around, seeing drowsy looking Absol, who seemed to be avoiding them. Apart from that, all of the other Pokemon were running, slithering or floating around, unaware of the conversation between her and Kyler.

"I think I used to be a human" Kate stated unintendedly. She hoped Kyler would understand, and not just look at her like she was a total creep

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Louis Piere Montoya

(OOC: Once again I got permission from WInterbreezesrule for this, so don't worry.)

At last Houdini came to me after the caretakers came to me telling me that they were moving the Pokemon outside. "Houdini, I want you to take this Purrloin to the Pokemon Center a few blocks down." As usual, Houdin nodded and said, "Yes master." I turned over to Miranda, who was taking a Pokemon out to the yard. "That is ok with you, yes?" Miranda looked somewhat surprised. "Oh-of course it is Mr. Montoya-erm, Louis. As long as he take him back here afterwards of course. *sigh* This mess is going to take forever to clean up..." I gave her a smile and made my way out to the yard, where all the Pokemon were gathered. I could see several Pokemon I saw earlier, such as the Joltik, who was climbing a tree. I surveyed the yard, looking for any Pokemon that might be a good canidate for adoption. That's when I spotted a Vulpix and a Mudkip over by a tree on one side of the yard. From the looks of it, they were engaged in a conversation with each other; I always thought it was cute when I saw two Pokemon chatting with each other like two people would. I walked toward them a bit to get a closer look, but not wanting to disturb them; and watched as they spoke in their own tounge, one that a human could never hope to understand. As I watched them, I couldn't help but feel there was something odd about them, like...they were diffrent somehow. Like I've said, I got a talent for being able to judge a Pokemon just by looking at them, but when I see them, I can't help but feel something, but what I feel, I'm not sure of yet. Maybe it was just me subconsiously telling me that these are the ones I should adopt, maybe not. But for whatever reason, I feel...something, and because of that I feel like this calls for investigation.

I walked back to the agency to find Miranda sweeping up the floor with a broom, cleaning up some of the shattered glass. "Madam, I think I've made my choices."


Internet Overlord
(Victinifan100): If you want to join go find the sign-up thread, and you’ll need a lot better of a sign-up. Also please remove that post.

*Joule the Voltik*

Joule looked down. Oh, the ground felt so far away, but she was probably only 4 or 5 feet up. Being this small was bizarre.

She looked around. Miranda and the male caretaker had already let several other pokemon into the yard, including a rather fluffy and snuggly looking Absol.

Higher. Joule pushed herself to climb higher. She wanted to view the whole yard from the canopy of the tree, but it was slow going. She stopped again, and took another look. The coordinator had come out into the yard. He was watching Kyler and the Mudkip, and looked pretty interested. So one of them was the pokemon he wanted, hun?

He walked off to talk to Miranda, who’d started to clean-up. Never mind that, Joule told herself, she was almost to one of the lower branches now. She reached over for it, wiggling her little bug leg. It took several tries for her to pull herself up onto the branch. There, this was a good vantage point.

The male caretaker was shoving the shy Numel out the door. It seemed afraid to come out into the open space with other pokemon. Finally it gave and took a few steps, then huddled up against the outer wall of the Adoption Center.

Joule looked over at the fence, she didn’t think she could jump it from this tree, but she might be able to jump over it by climbing one of the others. Maybe even swing over it gently if she could figure out how to make silk. Might as well work on that now.

Okay, concentrate, String Shot, it’s easy right?


What do I do now?
Kyler Mallory

Kyler relaxed as a casual conversation ensued.

"I don't remember arriving." The Mudkip looked to her with innocence in her eyes. It reminded Kyler of some of the kids in her hometown. Wait? She doesn't remember arriving?
Kyler gave a brisk shake of her fur as the sun tried to pry its way under the shade.
"It's okay," her ears lowered to the front of her head. "I don't remember coming here either, but from the way it sounds, it feels like we got here at the same time." Kyler enjoyed having a somewhat normal conversation, but that's when the conversation turned to anything but.
"I think I used to be a human." The Mudkip said surely, but almost with restraint as if she didn't know how to say it. This brought Kyler's full attention.

"What, did you?" Kyler repositioned herself so her bruised leg wouldn't be in such a bad spot. "Did you just say, that you thought you used to a human?" She asked it almost accusingly until she realized what she was doing. She gave a quick look around the yard to see if anyone else was watching before leaning in closer to give a whisper.
"I know I used to be human. I mean, if I don't remember anything about this," she waved around with her paws, "life itself, but remember something about walking on two legs my whole life up until now, then there has to be something behind that." Before allowing the Mudkip to say anything else, Kyler continued. "There's a Joltik here, I didn't catch her name, but she used to be a human too!"

Kyler couldn't help but feel excitement or at the very least, relief rise up through her that she really wasn't alone. At the same time, though, she couldn't help but come to the conclusion that something else was happening if this many people were remembering being human before. The thought of that Purrloin trying to attack that Joltik just because of a comment on being human, it made her wonder if it was a risk telling other pokemon that, especially if they didn't believe you.
"By the way, I don't think I got your name." Kyler used this as a way to ask while she looked around again. She could see Miranda talking to someone, but she couldn't really pinpoint who it was at the moment. She shrugged and gave her attention to the Mudkip once again.


Kate was shocked. Kyler used to be a human, too, and so did a Joltik that's under Silph Co's care.Was it a coincidence, or did Silph Co have anything to do with the switches? Before she had time to think about it fully, though, Kyler asked what her name was.

“I'm Kate” She replied “Kate Black's my full name. As a human, I mean”
She paused. Kate hadn't made conversation as a human, yet as a Pokemon it came natrually. She wondered what else she had yet to discover as a Pokemon. Well, she wondered a lot. She tried to pick the conversation back up.

“I don't really miss my life as a human, to be honest”
The words sounded wrong as soon as Kate spoke them. They had just come floating out, syncronised with her thoughts. She desperately hoped Kyler would understand her feelings.

“Um, well, I get fed better here... And, uh... It's more interesting than doing nothing all day...”
Kate didn't want to say anymore. She felt like she'd talked too much. She did want to continue the conversation, so she waited for Kyler's response.


What do I do now?
Kyler Mallory

Kyler nodded at the mention of the Mudkip's name. Kate. That's a nice name. Simple and straight to the point.

Kyler thought everything else was normal about Kate up until she mentioned that she liked being a pokemon better than a human. Saying that she was fed better here than she was at home. What was Kyler supposed to do, argue with her? It was her choice or rather opinion, but she couldn't really stop her from doing what she- er, uh, wanted, she guessed.
"Well, that's okay if you feel that way, and admittedly, I kinda like being a pokemon too, but," she couldn't help but think of home. "I've come to the conclusion that if I can become human, I will and if I can't and I'm," she took a breath, "Stuck like this for the rest of my life, then so be it. I'll just have to find a way to live with it.
Kyler felt good getting that off of her chest, saying aloud was definitely better than keeping it locked inside. Speaking of locked inside, what really would happen if Kyler stayed here for the rest of her life, well, stay a pokemon. Would she finally get adopted and live a long worthy life, or would she stay in this place forever? Staying in a cage for the rest of her days wasn't the definition of a good time to her, but it beat being vulnurable in her current state. She didn't want to get attacked out there, who knows what could find her.

Kyler took a deep breath and laid flat out on the soft grass.

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
*Yuuki the Zoura*

I let out a soft groan, my body throbbing. The teleport, I realized after a moment, had been successful. I was outside, finally free out of that miserable cage, and the ground beneath me was firm. I would've rejoiced, but at the moment I was hurting like hell. My thoughts went to the Gallade then. It seemed that he had kept his word at least, despite all the chaos that had taken inside the building, but still I couldn't help but feel slightly suspicous of his motives. Why had he saved me? It couldn't have been simply because he had found me, "intresting". Something just seemed off.

At that moment I felt something stir beside me. The Gallade. I heard him grumble aloud, "Note to self." A pause. "Long range teleports with a dark type are a no, no." I opened my eyes, blinking, and got to my feet. The physic pokemon had stood up as well, and I was aware that his eyes were right on me. “You are extremely bony you know that?” He grumbled. We were in some clearing, surrounded by a forest of trees. I had no idea where we were.

I glared at him, irritated at the sudden insult. "Look who's talking jerkwad," I shot back, "I felt like a Snorlax had landed on top of me when we landed, but then, I realized it was you. What do you weigh? A ton?"

It was if he hadn't have heard me. As he started walked around the clearing, he then added,"Not to mention you weight far too much for such a tiny Pokémon.”

"Excuse me?" Was my response. Why was he suddenly insulting me anyway? It couldn't have been from the pain; no, it must have just been his personality at last coming to the surface.

Again he ignored me. Out of nowhere, a Pidgey had swooped down from the sky. The two pokemon, acting like they knew each other, exchanged a few words before going their seperate ways.

Then the Gallade simply walked over to me, and sat down, his red eyes unreadable.

"What's your problem?" My voice demanded. I really didn't like how he was staring at me--like I was a display in a museum, or a small child that he was scolding. I scowled, my brows furrowed as I said, "Take a picture. It'll last longer."

A stare. Just a stare. Annoyed, I met his gaze.


Internet Overlord
Norns: Mind your Name and Species, put them at the top of the post please

*Joule the Voltik*

Joule concentrated on producing String Shot. It felt odd, not the same sort of odd as when she charged an eclectic attack, but certainly some sort of odd. After a few moments she was able to produce a result. She shot sticky silk across the yard and onto the window of the Adoption Center. The window shook from the impact. Thunk!

“I did it!” celebrated Joule. She’d figured out two moves Thunder Wave and String Shot! But her celebration only lasted a moment, as she just about fell out of the tree. “Gahh!” squealed Joule scrambling to re-stabilize herself on her perch.

Well, it may be a useful move, but it didn’t seem to be useable in the way Joule had hoped.

Calming down, Joule settled onto her belly taking another look at the yard. Pokemon were wandering around and conversing like before. Miranda popped her head out of the Adoption Center and looked at the outside of the window. She shook her head with an expression something between amusement and annoyance, probably because she thought it was funny, but also knew she had to clean it up. Oh, there’s a benefit of being a pokemon, thought Joule, you don’t have to do any cleaning!

Well, probably time to come down now. Joule climbed back up onto the trunk, did a bit of a U-turn, and started heading down. It was a little scarier coming down than going up, and as such, Joule was slower than before.


Shadow of nothing
Ian the Gallade

"What's your problem?" Scowling the Zorua demanded of me. Its voice sounded feminine. "Take a picture. It'll last longer." I did nothing for a long time.

Carefully I tried to see if I could feel any surface thoughts from the little Pokémon, but I couldn’t, most likely because she was no longer somewhat freaking out. I was amused that the little Pokémon held my gaze, I hadn’t meet a large number of Zorua, but most smaller Pokémon were naturally weary of someone stronger than them, and in the case of this Zorua, I was a lot stronger than her.

I considered how to respond for a long minute. “You are strange for a Pokémon,” I mused, “You don’t have the natural fear of those dangerous to you that most wild Pokémon have….What makes you different?” I frowned, at least as well as my species could, and took a moment to curse my old friend for imparting so many human actions in me. Pokémon were not meant to smile, or frown, or in general express emotions as humans did. Shaking my head slightly I resumed examining the little Pokémon. “Better question, who are you really? I don’t know what it is, but you remind me of a human more than a Pokémon…”

My brief musing had brought something to the fore in my head. Even from our brief discussions, I could tell this Zorua did not think like a Pokémon, furthermore, as a result of learning telepathic speech to converse with my old friend, I had a good understanding of humans, so I was confident I knew what I was talking about.


Shampoo Thief
Jeremy Abberworth, Wooper

Jeremy had fled from the Adoption Center with no clear plan in mind. He didn't know where he was or what to do. But he kept moving. Eventually he found his way to the edge of the woods. He decided it would be safe to travel though there, maybe even find a fellow pokemon to help him out. Fellow Pokemon he thought. This is crazy! He was not able to travel quickly in his new form, and constantly lost balance. His large head, which he noticed was larger than his body, was a challenge. And trying to balance that large head while walking on two nubby legs that lacked knees made it almost impossible. He fell countless times and was getting very dirty.

As Jeremy made his way through the woods, he fell. Instead of getting right back up, he just kind of laid there. After a minute or so he heard a call. "Hey, you okay?"

Jeremy looked up and saw a Pidgey a few feet from him. It cocked it's head and looked at him. Before Jeremy could reply, the bird continued. "You don't seem like you are from around here. I've never seen a wild one of you. Are you with a trainer?" The Pidgey looked around, but found no one.

Jeremy then said, "No, I am alone. I need help, I'm not a pokemon. I'm not supposed to be I mean. I am a human! Please don't think I'm crazy, I'm not making this up."

The Pidgey looked at him some more, cocking it's head to the other direction now. Then, without warning it took off and flew away. "Wait! called Jeremy. "Come back!" but it was useless. Jeremy continued to lay there, choosing to take some time to rest and wallow in self-pity.


What do I do now?
Kyler Mallory

Kyler didn't really know what to say. Kate had quieted down and hadn't responded to her answers quite yet. Did Kyler hurt her feelings? That's the last thing she wanted right now, finally being able to talk to someone and then accidentally offending them. This is why she didn't go up to people as often when she was human and another reason why she didn't have the most friends.

Still waiting for an answer that she knew might not come, Kyler laid herself out on the grass. She could try to practice some moves, maybe that would give her a new source of conversation with other pokemon as well as Kate. She thought hard on what kind of moves a Vulpix would know at....what level was she? 1? 5? Probably 5 since she already knew she could do ember and it wouldn't be hard to do a tail whip.
Kyler gave a forceful sigh and watched as small embers flew out of her mouth and onto the grass in front of her. She wasn't surprised by the small wisps of smoke from the singed blades that began to rise in front of her. However, it did surprise her when a small fire began to burn. Kyler stood up with almost no hurry and squashed a paw on the flames without thinking. She waited for the burning sensation in her paws, but it didn't come.
"Probably because I'm a fire type," she whispered to herself. "Duh."
She continued to stamp out the fire until all that was left were small black smudges on the ground.
"It's a good start." she said in a normal talking voice. "Maybe I can do a fire spin later, or flame burst!" she said with growing excitement. Maybe being a pokemon wasn't so boring after all. "I mean, I know fire spin isn't very powerful, but it'd sure look cool." She said smiling. The sunshine felt so good to her, then she remembered that her fire type moves would do even better in sunny days.

"You know what Kate, you might be right. Maybe being a pokemon wouldn't be so bad for the time being." She laughed and looked back towards the building she had been housed in until now. She could see Miranda and that coordinator guy still talking. Miranda seemed focused on trying to clean up the glass, but Kyler could tell that she was interested in what he had to say. What he said though, was a mystery to Kyler.


Kate the Mudkip

Kate watched Kyler quietly. Kyler looked like she was having fun- creating fire and stomping it out, stewing over various moves. Kate didn't know anything about any pokemon besides Slacking, which was the only pokemon used by her foster family. Then Kyler said something that made her want to talk again.

"You know what Kate, you might be right. Maybe being a pokemon wouldn't be so bad for the time being." Kate was grateful that Kyler undestood her. Then, when Kyler looked over at the adoption agency, Kate decided to see what moves she had. She was calling Kyler to try moves with her, when a low growl emerged from her mouth. Growl! She had used a move! She used it over and over, until her throat grew too dry and she had to take sips from the bowl. She wondered what other moves she had- maybe running around would unveil another move. She ran determindly, as fast as her four stout legs could carry her, then picked up speed, feeling more confident in herself. She glanced at Kyler, hoping she was watching her, but she was still gazing in through the window. "Kyler, you wanna try out your moves with me?" She called out, trying to will Kyler away from the window, but it was a failed attempt.

Kate slowly stopped running, and went to see why Kyler wasn't paying attention. She glimpsed the coordinator and Miranda, talking over something- probably what pokemon the coordinator wanted to adopt. Kate wanted to go with the coordinator, but she didn't want to leave Kyler behind. Kate began to pick up her pace again, glimpsing back through the window all of the time, before BAM! She ran straight into a large, crooked tree. She could feel pain in her head as where she hit the tree, there had been a pointy thorn, that glinted slightly in red. As Kate felt her vision failing, the last thing she saw was Miranda, rushing to her side.