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Something Sinister from Silph Co (RP Thread)


What do I do now?
Kyler Mallory

Kyler had just barely begun to sit down and relax when she realized her group was on the move again. She quickly scrambled like a small puppy new on its feet and ran while partially sliding into the cooler restaurant area.

A smooth and cool chill wafted through the room, making Kyler feel as if she was taking an ice bath. Her fur stood on end and she kept a tight lid, so to speak, on her jaws to keep her teeth from chattering.
'What's the matter with me?' Kyler thought. 'I used to love the cool air conditioning of these kinds of places.'

She attributed the new found feeling as a side effect of her turning into a fire-type pokemon.
'Maybe I can warm myself up if I focus enough.' she pondered as the group settled down again. She concentrated on warmth. Soley on warmth and getting warm.

Slowly like a small ember in the caring hands of a survivalist; Kyler was able to warm up considerably, but was still able to enjoy the slight chill.
'I'm just learning more and more about my new body all the time!' She smiled before giving herself a prompt shake, her tails now spread out to a more lively and vibrant look.

Her new looks almost distracted her from the new found noise above.
"Shoo now, go back to your trainer."
She saw Joule on the edge of the table, apparently checking out the restaurant in a different way. Kyler couldn't help but chuckle and stood by the table, just in case that Joule was to have a fall.