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Something Sinister from Silph Co


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
(wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle) Pending:
In the future, can you post regular size? I don’t care to squint at my computer. You should also run it through a spell check. I’m fine with the fangs stuck in his collar, but how he managed to rip off, clean out, and put on another pokemon’s claws is a bit of a stretch. Also the collar’s color is inconsistent, if you’re saying it’s now red instead of blue because it’s supposed to be blood stained, blood stain is more of a brown color. Ripped his brother’s head off, might be overkill as well, perhaps tore open his jugular would be more accurate. Of course, this RPG is open to all ages, so try not to be too graphic. Actually I’m surprised the police didn’t just put them all down on the spot given the circumstances, and that even if they didn’t that the collar wasn’t taken away to aid in his rehabilitation.

Okay, I fixed the text, made it less graphic, took away the collar and claws, and spell-checked it.

Mind you, the Pokemon who he was taking his prizes from were all dead. So even if it was difficult, he did it to show his strength.

Also, Bone is trying not to be violent anymore...but it would be wise if whoever adopted him kept him away from Saffron City. Really, he's going through healing.

If I need to fix anything else, I'll gladly oblige.


Dr. Researcher Man
(Guywhoiam) Pending:
No you don’t really need an age, but it’s nice if you give a guess. If you can manage one more sentence on appearance that would be great, but it’s not mandatory. You do know you are allowed up to 6 moves? There’s also a grammar error here; “into Leavanny during while fighting Clay’s Krokorok,” but that’s no big deal.

Well, I just gave him my age because I have no idea how long Leavanny live. I gave him a String-shot bag to carry things in! I only put four moves because I was going to have him learn more without having to forget any. I added a couple, though. And I fixed the grammar error.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
While I'm coming up with my sign up, I'm also trying to think of who I want to adopt. I plan on making my character a Co-ordinator, so something that fits any of the 5 contest categories would be good. I love the roles in this RPG, how we have the Pokémon (including of course the ones who were previously human) in the Adoption Center, and a few trainer characters who adopt them and eventually help them get to the bottom of whatever the hell Silph Co. is doing.


Internet Overlord
(wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle) Accepted:
I understood the claws were to show his power, but having put claw sheathes on a cat, I can guarantee they come off much easier than they go on.

(Guywhoiam) Accepted:
I’d suggest starting him somewhere outside as if he was a wild pokemon, because he’s basically feral, but not truly adoptable.

(Billy Mays): Well, keep in mind that there are probably more sign-ups to come, and that how you and prospective pokemon interact at the Adoption Agency will affect who you can adopt.


Reserve me a spot as... a... something. Damn, on the other hand you need trainers, but on the other hand it's been ages since I last played as Pokémon... Uh, gimme a Sneasel reserve for now, I guess.


Internet Overlord
(GoldenHouou): Okay, you can make a trainer as well. I normally don’t allow players more than one character in my RPGs, but given the Trainer, Pokemon, and NPC Pokemon nature of this one, I’ve decided to allow it. -EDIT: Oh, and your player Pokemon does not need to be adopted by your Trainer.-

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Name: Louis Piere Montoya II, also known as "Louis Le Magnifique"

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Appearance: Louis is a thin man of regal stature, and is 5'8 feet tall. Louis has sky blue eyes and jet black hair that is short and well kept, and shines due to the hair gel he uses. He also has a small moustache and a thin beard that are well trimmed and of the same color as his hair. Although he is in shape, Louis isn't really muscular at all. Louis always dresses in style, and tends to love to wear suits anywhere he goes. He always makes sure his suits are clean. Louis especially likes tuxedoes, and he always wears a red rose on his chest. Louis wears a black belt with a Pokeball buckle, that has straps on it for his Pokeballs, which are all Luxury Balls.

Personality: The way he acts, you'd swear Louis is some sort of royalty. Louis is always proper and acts like a gentleman. He is very kind and caring to others, and is a major philantropist. Louis hates to get dirty, to the point of being obsessive about it, but if he absolutely has to do it, he will (reluctantly). People tend to think Louis is gay, but although he isn't gay in the meaning of homosexuality, if you mean gay as in happy, then Louis is very gay. He loves to get attention with women, and will often flirt with them. He still isn't sure why people tend to assume he's gay. Louis dislikes fighting, and often won't fight if he has to. In the case of Fight vs Flight, Louis is more of a Flight kind of guy. He doesn't get angry much, sometimes he gets a big temper tantrum when he is pushed over the limit.

History: Louis Piere Montoya II was born in Lilycove City, where is father worked as a breeder. Louis' grandfather, Louis Piere Montoya I, was a world famous Co-ordinator, who had eventually retired to become a breeder. However, his son Jauque decided not to become a Co-ordinator and just worked with his father as a breeder. Louis Piere Montoya II however (Jauque's son), wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. So, he started to compete in contests with three Pokemon he got as eggs from his father, and eventually became a star in the contest scene. Louis is now filthy rich, and he loves to give most of the money he doesn't spend traveling and buying the best clothes and items for himself and his Pokemon to charities. Louis became so good, that he eventually earned the stage title of "Louis Le Magnifique". During the finals of a contest in the famous contest hall in Hearthome, an announcer referred to him as Louis Le Magnifique, and the nickname has since spread like wildfire.

For a few months now, Louis was comtemplating on getting more Pokemon to use for contests. He finally decided he'd go and do it when he arrived in Saffron City for a contest, only to find that he needs a full team in order to compete. Louis was about to make his way out to the routes to find some Pokemon, when he saw the Adoption Center. Louis of course, being the caring and Pokemon loving person he is, immediately decides that he wants to adopt instead of catch new Pokemon, and so he makes and appointment and goes there the next day, to look for a few Pokemon to add to his team.

Current Pokemon:

Name: Houdini

Species: Kadabra

Gender: Male

Moveset: Teleport, Psychic, Role Play, Recover, Encore, Signal Beam

Appearance: Nothing in particular, except that Houdini wears a top hat and a cape.

Personality: Houdini is very intelligent, but is extremely obidiant and does whatever Louis tells him to do. Despite his wisdom, Houdini is shy and tends to not stand up for himself when he's pushed around; however, he will stand up for others. He's the calm one of Louis' Pokemon, and often ends up stopping fights between Applejack and Rarity.

History: One of three Pokemon Louis raised from an egg. Houdini has always been good at competing in contests, and due to his knowledge often helps Louis decide what to do for their routine in a contest. He also knows how to use telepathy, so he can talk to Louis.

Name: Applejack

Species: Ponyta

Gender: Female

Moveset: Flare Blitz, Agility, Bounce, Morning Sun, Charm, Captivate

Appearance: Applejack looks like a normal Ponyta, except she wears a brown stetson on her head.

Personality: Applejack is kind to others and loyal and trusting to her friends. She's more reckless than Louis' other Pokemon. Applejack is more athletic than Houdini and Rarity, so she likes to do more physical activities than they do.

History: One of three Pokemon Louis raised from an egg. Applejack took a while to get used to contests, but now she's a pro at competing in them. She isn't as nessesarily clean as her trainer is, as she doesn't really care much whether or not she gets dirty, which means Louis has to clean her a lot more than his other Pokemon. Louis still can't get her to wear any sort of girly dress.

Name: Rarity

Species: Roserade

Gender: Female

Moveset: Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle, Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Captivate, Poison Jab

Appearance: Rarity has purple hair instead of white, and she wears a diamond necklace around her neck.

Personality: Rarity has elegance and grace, and is a lot like Louis himself. She loves jewels, and loves to win. Rarity is actually a fashioneista herself and loves to help Louis with clothing designs for eachother and for Louis' other Pokemon.

History: One of three Pokemon Louis raised from an egg. Rarity is a natural at contests, as if she was born to compete in them. She and Applejack don't always get along, due to their conflicting personalities.
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Internet Overlord
(Shampoo Thief) Accepted:
Thank you

(Billy Mays) Pending:
This is a good start.

You’ve met the length requirements, but I’m worried that your character is a bit too Gary-Stu. As in he looks perfect and has a nearly perfect personality. One or the other is okay, but both is too much. Making him less Gary-Stu could be as simple as giving him a limp, but I’d suggest playing with the personality a little more instead, since it’s the less perfect of the two. What if he’s cleanly to a Monk (OCD detective) like standard, and shrieks like a girl if someone spills something on his clothes? That would certainly give cause for people to think he’s gay even though he isn’t. Or what if he’s not quite the sweet man he seems like, what if he’s running an illegal underground trafficking business and actually gives away money because he feels guilty, or has girlfriends in every city because he’s so rich and famous he thinks he can get away with it? He just needs some flaw to make him more believable.

Also where/who did he get his nickname from?

Can we get something more on Houdini’s personality? The MLP reference is cute, but commenting that Applejack has a southern accent is going to get real old real fast, not to mention that what each forum member feels is a southern accent is relative to their location.

You should also do a spell check on this.
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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Oh, I probably should have mentioned that he actually is obsessive with being clean to the point of being obsessive comulsive, so he only gets dirty if he has no other choice. And he also is a sissy, who hates getting into fights. Why do you think he's a Co-ordinator?

And the nickname is the name he goes by when he competes in contests, which he got from being...well, magnificant (in case you don't know, the nickname is French for Louis the Magnificant).

And I probably should add a bit to Houdini's personality. And I'll take out the southern accent part of Applejack's personality.

As for the misspellings, sorry about those. I can type at a decent pace but I make a ton of errors. :/


Internet Overlord
So edit his personality accordingly, don't be shy about such quirks, they make the character more interesting.

I got the nickname, what I wanted to know was if someone else had given it to him, or if he'd thought it up. Or that maybe he inherited it from his grandfather? When was also still a valid question, as he might have been given the nickname in high school as a joke for all we know.

Thank you,

And that's what spell check is for.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Ok I added a bit to Houdini's personality, as well as Louis'. I put that he earned his title from being really good at contests, pretty much someone called him Louis Le Magnifique and the name just caught on. And of course I took the southern accent thing out of Applejack's personality.

I wasn't going for a perfect in every way Gary-Stu character, I was going for a kind hearted gentleman who is a obsessive compulsive sissy that most people think is gay because he dresses up Pokemon and competes in contests for a living, plus because as previously mentioned, he's a sissy.
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Shadow of nothing
I have a couple of questions. For humans turned pokemon, are you thinking more first stage pokemon or can they be later evolutions? Also can they leave the adoption agency, say an Abra Teleporting out, and go off one their own without a trainer?


Internet Overlord
(Billy Mays) Accepted:
I never meant to make you think I thought you were trying to be Gary-Stu on purpose. I was just trying to help you create a more believable character.

I was thinking first stage, as in these pokemon have obviously never been trained. Yes, pokemon may go off on their own, as I indicated by asking if you’d jump the fence and run off.


(GoldenHouou): Okay, you can make a trainer as well. I normally don’t allow players more than one character in my RPGs, but given the Trainer, Pokemon, and NPC Pokemon nature of this one, I’ve decided to allow it. -EDIT: Oh, and your player Pokemon does not need to be adopted by your Trainer.-

Oh! In that case, I might just sign up with a trainer as well. Don't put me down as reserved for that yet, though!

And sort of off-topic, but what is it with naming Pokémon after MLP characters nowadays? Seriously.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Ponies are awesome, that's why.

I like being the only trainer, it makes me feel special. :3


Team Galactic Fan
Venus Kirby




Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip

Venus is a bit smaller than the average Eevee, but also a bit slimmer. She has a scar on her left eye, probably from her fights when she was a human. Her eyes are grey, and usually sparkle have mischievious look in them. She doens't have any clothes on, since she's a Pokemon, and doesn't have any items either. Venus is actually pretty confident being an Eevee, and is already trying out her new moves. But sometimes, she still gets a bit wobbly.

Venus usually is very aggresive, and takes every opprotunity to fight. She says that it's for her "training", whatever that is. She rushes headfirst into almost everything, and that usually ends up with her getting into trouble. She's also very suspicious of strangers, and doesn't trust them until they gain her trust. And that, belive me, takes quite a while. But when she becomes friendly with someone, she immediately becomes loyal and follows her new "friend" everywhere.

All that Venus remembers is the fact that she was part of Team Galactic, had a sister, and lived in Sinnoh. She also remembers that when Team Galactic was defeated, she fled to Hoenn, and stayed there for a while. But then, the police found her, and they got into a big Pokemon battle. Venus got away, but just barely, and got a scar on her eye as a reminder. After that, she decided to move to Kanto, but was suddenly knocked unconcious from behind. When she woke up, she was in the adoption agency. And so far, she detests how people treat her like a Pokemon, and wants to destroy them all...

((I know, the last name is hilarious. I couldn't think of a better one.))


So many interesting RPs... so little time...

Reserve me for a Pokemon, please. I'm not sure which one I'll be using just yet.


Internet Overlord
(GalactaKnightisawesome) Pending:
Not bad. Again, please use spell check. Not sure what’s so hilarious about Kirby, it is a real name.

Appearance and personality are a bit short, even though you got the appropriate number of sentences, so if you can think of anything to add to them, that would be nice. However of bigger concern to me is that you may be using the forgotten history as a crutch so you don’t have to write as much. Even fragmented memories have details, like if her sister was older or younger, or does she remember what attack/weapon gave her, her scar?

Okay, I‘ll add you. I know the feeling, there’s so many choices, and how do you chose? Do you go with one you love, represents a human character you already came up with, or one that’ll be a challenge to play as?

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Tyler "Ty" Kingston
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Ralts
Moveset: Growl, Confusion

Appearance: Ty is the typical height and weight of a Ralts. (Which is 1.04" and 14.6lbs.) His eyes are light blue instead of the usual red color the Ralts evolution lines have. Though not like anyone can see them since they're usually hidden underneath the green "helmet hair" unless viewed from the right angle. Other than this, he looks like any other Ralts. There was also an apple core (Leftovers) in the cage along with him, and he's carrying it around with him. He arrived wearing no clothing. Like all Ralts' he is able to sense emotions, and the red horns on his head glows different colors depending on the emotion being sensed. They also glow white when he uses a Psychic typed attack (In which case, his eyes will glow as well.)

Personality: Ty is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He is a kind hearted young man, but he is also rash and hotheaded. He often jumps into action without thinking first. Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can sometimes be a troublemaker. At times, he is lazy, and will often procrastinate to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will see his goal through to the end. He is very confident in himself, so much so, that he can come off as arrogant, and he tends to underestimate things.

He has a big appetite, and he likes eating a lot. After becoming a Pokemon, he's discovered that Pokemon food actually tastes good, and he gone through the angency's supply of food quickly. He is a nicknamer, and he has a habit of giving nicknames to people he meets. He is a bit of a flirt, and he's not afraid to resort to cheating or using other questionable methods to get things done, but he has a good heart, and he means well. Even though he is actually enjoying being a Pokemon, as he likes the attention he receives from the girls, he would like to return to being a human at some point.

History: As a human, Ty grew up in Lillycove City Hoenn, into a wealthy family. His parents were well-known Pokemon trainers, and he always wanted to follow in their footsteps. He grew up playing with all the Pokemon his parents caught over the years, and he developed a love for Pokemon due to being around them since he was in diapers. He treats them like the brothers and sisters he doesn't have. He became a Pokemon Trainer as soon as he was able. However, he lost to the first Gym leader he challenged (Which was Winona since she was the closet.) After this defeat, his parents sent him off to the Rustboro Trainer's school, so he could learn the basics of being a Trainer like they did.

The boy was not happy about being forced to go to school, and he initially slacked off. Doing only well enough to get by. However, after losing to another boy who also had some harsh words for him, he pulled his act together, and worked hard to prove him wrong. He managed to graduate from the trainer's school with good grades.

After that, he tried to take on the Hoenn League Challenge again. Using his newfound knowledge, he managed to earn all eight gym badges, and qualify to participate in the Pokemon League Tournament. Unfortunately, that would have to wait, because he suddenly woke up as a Ralts, in a cage in an adoption center in Saffron City Kanto. He has no idea how he got there.

(Ralts doesn't learn an attacking move until level 6. :/ Also, I may add a human trainer as well.)
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