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Something Sinister from Silph Co

Billy Mays

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More people joining up, and yet I'm still the only trainer. XD

Sorry, I can't adopt ALL you guys. Six is the limit baby, can't go higher than that for my team.


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(Mon1010) Accepted:
You may add Ralts’ lowest level attack to your move set.

(Aura Of Twilight): Zoura, got it

Yes, (Billy Mays) is right, we could use some more trainers…

We've got a lot of sign-ups anyways, so I'll probably be putting the RPG thread up soon.


Kate Black




Tackle, Growl

Kate is a small, shaky Mudkip with a slight purple tinge, but not quite shiny. Her head-fin is also short upon her tiny head. She has deep, amber eyes with a puppy-dog look. She smiles rarely, as she only does when she feels the need, but when she smiles it's broad and warm. Upon her rear-fin, there is a small, petal shaped birthmark. Her cheeks have a red tone, and are almost as long as her fin. On her right front leg, there's a bracelet embedded with rubies, that she inherited from her parents. She isn't wearing any clothes, being a pokemon.

As a human, she was around 1.50 metres tall, and weighed 30 Kilograms, making her small for her age. She often wore slightly ripped jeans, with a cheap T-shirt, that was normally advertising something. She was very skinny, so her clothes hung loose around her limbs, even though they were a few sizes too small for her.

Kate is rather shy, and only acts when it is absolutely necessary. She is often the first to flee from anything dangerous, and is hard to get to trust. When she does trust you, she is extremely loyal and won't leave your side, even if it puts her life at risk. She prefers not to talk, and, as a result, has never had any friends. She is kind, but only if she senses that kindness is needed. She is an extremely fussy eater, and won't eat anything that she hasn't eaten before. She is hardly ever noticed, and she likes it that way. Kate is creative and bright, but is never given the chance to show it, as she is pushed aside if she tries.

She has a tendency to want to know more about what's happening, but she keeps her mouth shut. Occasionally, a "Why?" slips out of her mouth, but as soon as it does, she slips back into the shadows. Shadows. She regards them as her best friends. Silent, like her, but they're always there. She likes to think of them as stars- she can't always see them, but she knows they're always there. Kate has a slight obsession with morals. She knows at least 25 off by heart, and the only time she talks by her own will is when she sees a moral situation, and she blurts out the moral with a small smile on her face.

Kate lived, before becoming a Pokemon, with her foster parents and foster brother. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 4, and her foster family only adopted her as they were knew her parent's friends, and felt sorry for her. After a few weeks living with her foster family, Kate was soon ignored, and she could tell she wasn't wanted there. She taught herself to nit be noticed, and life was a little easier for her. Her foster family were poor, though, and only had enough money to pay for the small, 2 room flat they lived in and to buy food and send her foster brother to school, leaving her at home to do all of the chores while her foster father blew what little money they had left at the casino that they lived above, and her foster mother to search for a reasonable job. Here, Kate taught herself to read, using instruction manuals for cheap furniture. Every night she would mourn her lost parents, and wish for a kind couple to come and take her away. That wish never came true.
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Shadow of nothing
Can I get a reserve for a Gallade?


Eon Collector
Just a suggestion, but don't you think that sign-ups for pokemon should be put on hold until we get more pokemon trainer sign-ups, otherwise we'll have a huge inbalance of pokemon to traine ratio.I think a ratio of around 1.5:1 would be a good ratio of pokemon to trainer mix.


Shadow of nothing
Nevermind my resereve.

Name: Ian

Species: Gallade

Gender: Male,

Age: 24 in Gallade species years

Moveset: Psycho Cut, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Thunderpunch, Teleport, Night Slash

Appearance: Ian is slightly taller than a normal Gallade, standing about 5’ 6” as opposed to 5’ 3”, but he weighs the same amount. Around his neck he wears a Pokéball on a chain, (more in history) which he is extremely defensive of. A scar crosses his right eye, a souvenir of a battle with a Scizor when he was a Kirlia. His eyes are deep grey color, and seem to be constantly in motion. Beyond that he is a run of the mill Gallade in appearance. Like all members of his species Ian walks with the grace of a master swordsman, a side effect of being extremely capable in the art to blade.

Personality: Unlike many Gallade Ian does not obsess about honor, instead he will do what he needs to do to accomplish his goals. That said if he gives his word, he will keep it, upon pain of death. Ian maintains an air of aloofness at all times, partly because he feels that his ability to speak with people, and his skill with a sword set him apart from other Pokémon, and despite that has a firm sense of right and wrong, and a firm set of morals, that he never deviates from, no matter what he might say or do. However the aloof image Ian presents is more of a way of hiding his greif over the death of a freind. When among those he considers friends Ian is more relaxed, but around people he refuses to let his guard down. If in the event that he does become angry, Ian is still very level headed, and always thinks things through before acting. In that event, he will consider every possible option when acting, regardless of consequence or possible mishaps however.

History: As a young Ralts, Ian was captured by an older man, who wanted a companion for his last few years of life. Ian had no recollection his parents, whoever they are. Instead he spent his time living with the old man, who had once been a higher ranking law enforcement officer and had many powerful enemies, in seclusion. The man treated Ian as a partner and friend, instead of as a tool to battle with, and Ian came to enjoy his company, learning to communicate telepathically with people so he could talk to his friend. After three years of hard training Ian evolved into a Kirlia, and the old man gave him a Dawn Stone he had received while in service, and Ian evolved into a Gallade. At this point Ian did not spend any time in his Pokéball, rather living outside, almost like a wild Pokémon, assisting his trainer with many things.

Then one day, a man arrived at the house the two shared. The old man recognized him as a murder he had captured, who apparently wanted revenge. The old man gave Ian the Pokéball he had captured him in, and told Ian to run and hide. Ian refused, telling the man that he had sworn to protect him, and he wouldn’t go back on his word. The man told him that he was going to die soon anyway. Reluctantly Ian Teleported away from the house, after his friend made him promise not to try and find out what happened to him and as he reappeared a short distance away from the house, he could hear gunshots.

Ian had no doubt about what happened in the house, and swore from that day on, if he gave his word about something he would keep that promise, even if it killed him. Right now he is living near Saffron City, simply watching the trainers that pass by, and trying to find one he considers worthy of his assistance.
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And... it's done!

Name: Madison “Maddie” Freeman
Species: Shellos (East Sea)
Gender: Female
Age: 19; 4 in Pokémon years
Moveset: Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Harden, Counter

Even for a Shellos, Maddie is short, reaching just 11 inches. Being of the East Sea variant, her underbelly is completely green, while the rest of her body is an oceanic aquamarine, and from her back, two flap-like fins protrude. Light green bands, a deviant from the bright yellow on most Shellos, circle her eyes and mouth and line the edges of her fins. At the top of her head, ear-like antennae poke out, separating a bit at their ends. She generally has a loose smile somewhere in her expression, and her eyes are never quite open, emphasizing her casual, almost cynical personality.

Around her neck is a white string holding a Shell Bell – (it jingles as she walks, making it nigh impossible for her to search for conspiracies without being noticed). Though still getting used to her lack of hands, she moves relatively fast on her slug-belly-feet, zipping from room to room with curious speed for a Shellos.

Personality: Maddie was bound to be turned into a Pokemon, eventually – and a Pokémon without hands, no less. They would have caught on, eventually. Obviously, they couldn’t allow anyone snooping through their files. Otherwise, their cover might be blown. And they couldn’t risk having their experiments discovered by the public.

… Who’s they? Well, the government, of course. Which, in turn, is run by a highly-civilized alien race. How else could they have kept their mutant-probing experiments under wraps without the help of a potent mind-erasing device used to control the thoughts of the population? Penicillin and electricity? Hah. Obviously, the aliens were behind everything.

Maddie is… a little bit of a conspiracy theorist. Well, maybe not a little. She has a wild imagination, with an even wilder sense of logic, and the two combined tend to give her some strange ideas. When faced with obstacles in her life, she can always find a way to blame it on something else – freemasons, the government, daytime television – and explain her fanciful scenarios as if they were common knowledge. Of course, being turned into a Pokémon hasn’t helped her imagination any, and she’s already decided that her condition is based on a wide-spread, government-funded experiment run by Nazi scientists in order to test the adaptability of humans in a Pokémon state.

And yes, she believes the government is run by aliens.

Although she may have some strange ideas, she’s not without a way of explaining them. Though she’s not a prominent user of jargon, she explains her theories with such casuality and confidence that people can’t really help but think she knows what she’s talking about. Of course, she explains everything in that way, throwing statistics and advice at any question given to her. It’s a bit of a surprise, then, when people find out that she was making up everything she said.

She’s not one to get too excited about things. Nor is she one to get upset. Casually calm, with a healthy dose of cynicism, she approaches life from a logical standpoint, and is generally mild in the way that she acts. Even so, she’s not a pushover; stubborn as an ox, she refuses to back down on her conspiracies, (though she’s rather plain in stating so.) Her temper is almost non-existent, but watch out – calling her theories on governmental-takeover garbage will land you a quick trip to the hospital.

Despite her imagination, Maddie is actually quite a logical person. She knows quite a bit more than she lets on, and is certainly not simple-minded. She just thinks a little too much into things. That said, she’ll often try to read into people’s actions, playing guessing games as to how they’ll react and what they’ll do next. Likewise, her skills at strategy aren’t half bad. If only she were the competitive sort…

History: Maddie was the stereotypical video-game nerd, the girl who sat at her computer twenty-three hours a day killing dragons and shooting down lawless banditos in a quest to save a lost princess. She loved everything related to technology, engrossing herself in the world of programming, where she spent most of her time hacking into ROMs and creating mods for her favorite games. Granted, nothing she did was exactly legal, and she always had a careful eye out for the men in black, who were no doubt watching her to make sure that she didn’t uncover anything... important.

She likes to say that she was a conspiracy theorist from the moment she was born. Her mother wasn’t around very much, and her father, a theorist like herself, taught her basically everything she needed to know about the universe. She was the outcast of her peers all throughout her school year, the crazy girl who thought the educational system was out to brainwash her. By the time she graduated from high school, she had risen to the elite of theorists everywhere. No way the aliens would get to her now.

Her last memories as a human are that of a computer screen, riddled with code and dotted with binary and encryption. Fueled by the ever-growing rumors that the Silph Corporation was running shady experiments on innocent civilians underneath the city of Saffron, she had attempted to hack into the company’s database. Her plans were thwarted, however, as she awoke in the Adoption Center, transformed into a Shellos. Certainly, the company had tried to take her out for attempting to expose her secret. She made a vow, then and there, that, once she obtained for herself a pair of cyborg-bioware arms, she would try to break into the company again.

Since then, she’s been wandering around the Adoption Center, explaining her various theories to the other Pokémon there. No one’s jumped at her theories just yet, but she’s sure that a few more days as Pokémon will clear their heads. In the meantime, she’s been enjoying her Pokémon form, practicing her new style of walking by dashing around the agency. Now, if only she had hands…


((As an added bonus, her name is based on a popular conspiracy theory. Brownie points to whoever can figure it out. =P ))
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Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
Here's mine. Tell me what you think, please.

Name: Yuuki Thompson
Species: Zorua
Gender: Female
Age: About 16 or 17 in human years


Appearance: As a human, Yuuki had shoulder length silver hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. She stood at a medium height of about 5’5 and weighed 114 pounds, making her an overall healthy teenager. Often she would wear a simple violet colored tee-shirt and tan shorts so that she would be comfortable on her travels, as well as the standard running shoes.

Now a Pokémon, Yuuki is slightly different than the average Zorua. The tuft of fur on her head is black instead of red, much the same as her eyelids and the tips of her feet are. The irises of her eyes are an eerie violet shade without a speck of blue to be seen. A single pointy tooth juts outside her closed mouth cutely. She also weighs less than other Zouras. Not quite used to being a pokemon yet, Yuuki often trips and stumbles on her four legs. Also, she is still trying to get used to the idea of having a fluffy tail on her rear that she is constantly able to feel with. Her improved hearing often causes her to flinch at loud sounds.

Personality: Yuuki is actually quite mature and responsible for her age. She has a firm set of morals, and tries to see outside of the box in conflicts and other situations so she can see from different perspectives and properly judge. Stubborn and independent, Yukki sometimes acts like the lone wolf. Whether it’s to prove something to herself or other people, she has no idea—just acts, for fear of being called weak. She’s often hard on herself as a result, so stressed that she sometimes may push herself to the limit. Around other people, she is a quiet soul, willing to listen to their problems and empathize when possible.

History: Yuuki spent most of her early childhood growing up in Floaroma Town. Her mother was a talented herbalist and landscaper within the community, and her father was a mechanic who worked at the Valley Windworks, so the family was able to support itself quite well. She also had an older brother named Jamie. Often the two would play games in the large garden behind their house with some of the wild pokemon from sundown to sunset. When Yuuki was eight, Jamie, who was 14 at the time, decided to become a Pokémon Ranger, and after months of training he departed for the Alima region to begin his career. Although she was devastated, Yuuki felt an overwhelming happiness for her brother, for he had finally found something that he would enjoy for the rest of his life, and tried to ignore the sudden emptiness in her gut for days afterward. At that point she realized how strong of an influence Jamie had become in her life, which had made her so naïve of the world outside of home. Lost. She felt absolutely lost and without direction, having nothing to go back on such as possible talents. When her parents saw this, they suggested for her to go on her own journey.

So once turning twelve years of age, Yuuki began traveling. With her starter pokemon at her side, she was able to make it as far as the Sinnoh pokemon league before finally being defeated. Instead of trying her luck at another region though, Yuuki simply went back home to think about things, still feeling dissatisfied with a myriad of emotions in her heart. A few months later, Yukki and her family received heartbreaking news from the Ranger Union: Jamie had disappeared over three months ago during a mission and had yet to be found, dead or alive. Consumed by worry, Yuuki decided to go and find him herself, even if it meant she had to become a ranger to do so.

At least, that’s what her plan was in the beginning, before the day she woke up and realized she was no longer human.

Like any sensible person, Yuuki is now freaking out at the change of events.
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(wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle) Trainer reserve, got it.

(Norns) Mudkip, Kate Black: Pending
Pretty much everything is too short. You have enough sentences, but not the length I look for. Suggestions of things to add; hold items or clothing, why she’d have been punished for reading, and has she managed to down any pokechow? - BTW, stepparents and siblings are related to you by marriage, so foster, god, or adoptive, would probably be a better description of her family members.

(Slipomatic): I appreciate you offering your opinion, however in this particular RPG, I think it should be okay since not all pokemon are planning on hanging with a trainer anyways.

(Soul Muse): Ian, Gallade: Pending
This is good, but you personality doesn’t meet sentence the limit. You could probably just break apart the longer ones, but I imagine you’re creative enough to come up with some additional information.

(Pokefan0234)Madison “Maddie” Freeman, Shellos: Accepted
That was delightful to read… Mind you, Miranda isn’t going to let you wander around the Adoption Center all the time, she has to keep some semblance of order. The name sounds familiar, but I got nothing.

(Aura Of Twilight) Yuuki Thompson, Zorua: Accepted


Shadow of nothing
Oops...Apperently I can't count. I added a couple sentences, so it should be good now.


Sorry, it's just this is my first RPG. I've just discovered how to RP, and I'm looking forward to this. I completely remade the history, and I'm adding things to the personality and appearance.


Maddie was the stereotypical video-game nerd, the girl who sat at her computer twenty-three hours a day killing dragons and shooting down lawless banditos in a quest to save a lost princess.

You have just given me the perfect description of my best friend. Her name's Maddie, too.

Anyway, I think it's ready, but I'm here to change it if you want more


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(Norns) Mudkip, Kate Black: Accepted
I’m assuming you meant Knit not Nit. It would be rather hard to teach yourself to knit, but then again it would be just as hard to teach yourself to read without help, so I guess we can assume Kate is fairly quick to pick stuff up.

EDIT: RPG Thread is up
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I might need to pull out, sorry. I still love the idea, and do think I could be able to finish the su, but I generally don't like joining already running rpgs. This one also seems pretty fast-paced (15 posts while I was asleep, woah), so I fear I might not be able to keep up. So, better give my spot to someone with the time to stay active.

Sorry again, but have fun you guys!