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Something Sinister from Silph Co


He's Lost. He Stong.




Move set:
Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand Attack

Unlike most Aimpom, Tickle does not have a sticking-up bit of hair, he has a small scar on his ear, for a unknown reason. Also, Tickles fur is a lighter shade than other Aipoms'. Tickle is slightly bigger than most Aipoms, 3'10". Tickle's lighter than the avrage Aipom, making it easier for him to leap around at 23lbs. His tail is longer that avrage, too, but only slightly. Tickles eyes are a normal shape and size as well as his mouth and teeth. He has a small wristband on his left hand, which is completely black. Tickle, for some reason has taken a easy stand to his new legs, in fact, he finds it better! He athletically leaps around, controlling his tail elegently. Tickles feet are the usual size and so is his arms.

Tickle is a joker. He loves to play and laugh, what he loves more is making other people laugh. He gets enjoyment out of seeing people being amused by his silly jokes and pranks. Tickle will mess around, prank people in obscure ways, and just all around be silly, be prepared for him! Although he seems to be silly and stupid, it's just a mask. Inside Tickle is a genius; he's smart and decisive, which is very, very useful in battles. He likes to keep this inside so he won't be seen as a 'Geek', which also shows serious confidence problems, he may act like he's confident, but this too is just a disguise, inside Tickle only tries to prove himself to other people, he hates letting other people down and loves to have a good opinion from others, he hates not to.

As a 'human' Tickle lived in Twinleaf town, living quite a boring life, even though he did, as expected, alot of pranks and tricks, there was no-one who understood him, he was usally sitting alone, talking and playing with Pokémon on the Route 201, even though the Pokémon seemed to take a shine to him, Tickle's parents always looked down on him, and so did everybody else. So he never got to go on his Pokémon adventure as no-one trusted him with Pokémon because he fooled around too much, they didn't see him as responsible, which was a crushing blow to his confidence. He usally did errands to Sangdem town, as there was nothing else for him to do. One day, when doing a errand, he saw two boys get a Pokémon, just because Rowan saw them trying to get to him by running through a amount of tall grass. He was angered by this and later on tried it himself. He raced in to grass, fell over his own feet. When he tripped he hit the floor hard and blacked out. Then he woke up.​

(I'm very, very sorry for my spelling the first time round. I was tired and revising and... Yeah. Sorry, if you spot anymore mistakes I've not found myself, please inform me, but yeah, I've done everything you said, so I should be accepted. )


Internet Overlord
LostMetagross: I'm sorry, but due to the apparent lack of communication, I don't think I’m going to be able accept you as a player in this RPG. That was your second unapproved post on the RPG thread, if I asked you to remove a post from there before, what made you think it was a good idea to post there again before being accepted? - The 5 page limit referred to the RPG thread, which this is not. You obviously aren’t capturing enough information for this to work. Also when asked to edit a sign-up it does not mean to repost it, it means to tell the Game Master (that's me in this case) that you've edited it so they can look again.


Internet Overlord
This is exactly the lack of communication that I was talking about. I asked you to delete the post you made in the RPG thread (not the post you made here in the Sign-Up thread), then I asked you to tell me that you'd done so (I meant here or via PM, I thought it was clear I didn't want you posting in the RPG thread yet) so that I would know it's time to take a second look at your sign-up, which I understood you to have already edited, but wanted to see you delete your RPG post before I looked at it.

I’m still willing to give you another chance at joining this RPG, but you need to follow the following instructions carefully:
1. Remove your post from the RPG thread, and do not post there again unless I tell you that you are accepted/approved.
2. Break down the run-on sentence at the start of the history, there’s so much information in one go, that I’m not sure what you are saying.
3. Words you have still misspelled (so you can find them, since you asked): Aipom, average (2), elegantly, a lot, usually (2), Sandgem.
(Edit 2 and 3 in the post above, you do not need to repost your whole sign-up.)
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Internet Overlord
Don't worry, new RPGs are posted all the time, you should be able to find one that you like and can join pretty quickly. If you like I can inform you when I post the RPG I'm currently writing, it's about everyday people who suddenly receive books on real magic.