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Something that I wonder about

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Sham, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Sham

    Sham Smile

    If the final battle in the Alola league was 3 vs 3 how would the classmates barring Kiawe even advance to the finals without it being weird? It’s like they were destined to lose since most of them had no more then 2 Pokémon.
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  2. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    It's because girls aren't allowed to be battlers in this anime :/
  3. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Frankly, I don't think any of Satoshi's classmates should've competed in the first place. The fact that only Kaki had enough Pokemon to be a candidate for the finals in the first place is incredibly unfair, so I don't know why the writers bothered adding that limitation in the first place if it was just going to make Maamane, Suiren, Mao, and Lilie battling in the tournament rather pointless.
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  4. lolipiece

    lolipiece All smiles Staff Member Moderator

    If Cameron was allowed to bring 5 Pokemon to a 6v6 match, then the same should apply here. Also not like it matters. They were never going to make it that far to begin with.
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  5. AznKei

    AznKei Team girls in Trials Of Mana FTW! XD

    The writers can pull an "Alain from XYZ" with other Pokemons to fill the gap just for the battle and never seeing them again afterwards. Also, it would make more sense to them to lose early, especially when they don't battle as much than Kiawe during the series.
  6. Sham

    Sham Smile

    I’m not arguing that they shouldn’t be allowed to compete. I’m saying that they should of at least had enough team members for themselves to have a fair fight in the finals, thus adding a bit more ambiguity to the league.
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  7. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I think there would've been a vast difference between the classmates debuting new Pokemon without foreshadowing, and what Alain did at the Kalos League when he showcased four new Pokemon considering that he was just a recurring rival character and not a main cast member for three years.
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  8. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I'm sure the finals would have been 2 vs. 2 if Kukui was aware one of the finalists only had two Pokemon. That's probably why the quarter finals were still 1 vs. 1 in order to accommodate James.

    Same with the Exhibition match
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  9. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix #ChespinGang

    Supposing if by some miracle Lillie blasted her way to the finals with only Snowy (impossible but let's assume there's a bizarro reality where that happened), I could see one the following scenearios:

    - The league comittee scales the battle according to what she has on hand;

    - She gets new pokémon in a cheap and nonsensical way, maybe the ride pokémon since they are his mother's?

    - Either her friends or Gladion lend one of theirs. Since Gladion did pull his dad's Zoroark, I could see a return of some of his old pokémon.
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  10. SerenaRulez

    SerenaRulez Well-Known Member

    The people in charge wanted to give the illusion that all of Ash's pals had a shot at making it to the finals but we all knew that none of them stood a chance not even Kiawe. :(

    But if Lillie or Lana had made it farther maybe they would have borrowed someone else's Pokemon to keep competing?
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  11. RafaSceptile

    RafaSceptile Well-Known Member

    Because the protagonists we know for 3 years have a last chance to shine in the last arc of the series, not like what they did with Serena during the Team Flare Arc for example, that was super disappointing
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  12. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    That's probably the best way that the writers would've gotten around that dilemma. If things had been written better, Lilie would've already awakened Magearna by that point and could've use it, Shiron, and one of her brother's Pokemon.
  13. Ubermuk

    Ubermuk Sticky & Sweet

    Seemed liked the writing staff didn't care about that rule plot hole and just wanted to dump all of Ash's Alolan friends into the tourney for the fun of it. I dunno how they would've handled things if Lillie had made it to the finals.
  14. LilligantLewis

    LilligantLewis Bonnie stan

    tbh it should have been 4 on 4 since Gladion had Lycanroc, Zoroark, Umbreon, and Silvally
    SerenaRulez likes this.
  15. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    It was sorta the giveaway to who was gonna make it through in hindsight (though I suppose if worst came to worst Lana could have used her ride Lapras).

    I feel like the league was just set up as a grand final activity for the main cast, and like all their previous ones, there were some who were prepared or inherently talented in it and some who weren't. Both it and the Guzzlord faceoff were also a way of giving the SM lot one final hurrah.

    It is strange the quarter finals weren't 2vs2 or double matches (even for James he could have shanghaied Meowth or something), though I suppose they wanted to keep focus on the key opponents, especially with the story/character focus prioritised in many of them.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
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  16. LilligantLewis

    LilligantLewis Bonnie stan

    I would say it's because the league arc was already gonna be 18 episodes, more than double the length of any previous league, and adding more Pokémon to battles just meant extending that even more.
  17. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Yeah plus a lot the battles seemed streamlined to give one Pokemon a good performance most of the time, something that would be harder with larger team matches.

    Some of the battle royal participants like Shaymin and Sandy got screwed over because of this limelight compression for example, and there were a couple jobbers in the 2v2 ones, like Scizor and Marowak (even if they got okay display in their previous single matches).

    I mean it's obvious a lot of the first/second round fights were designed around certain Pokemon, eg. Rowlet vs Decidueye, meaning more added to the equation would likely just end up fall-guys for the main event anyway. Look how desperately they tried not to make any of Ash's Pokemon the jobber of the group.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
    Leonhart likes this.
  18. Applecorp

    Applecorp Well-Known Member

    That's a really good question and I think the other classmates would've been able to keep competing even though they didn't have 3 or more Pokemon. They would've been at a huge disadvantage though which sucks for them.
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  19. Ignition

    Ignition Free

    This question highlights one of my biggest gripes with SM. Ik the anime isn't just about captures but each companion could've been given at least one more Pokémon yet didn't. Even the ones they did have ended up just getting a sudden rush of boosts to accommodate for the upcoming League. Yes, this is for fun, but if you're going to have the classmates show interest in joining the League, at least introduce that earlier into the series
  20. nickdt

    nickdt Well-Known Member

    tbh, QF should have been 2v2, just so Meowth could participate as well. It would have been funny if James would have fought Ash and the first match-up was Meowth vs Pikachu, with Meowth defeating Pikachu. I think Jessie would have gone crazy and then Togedemaru could have participated in the main tournament as well.
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