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Something that really gets under my skin


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See, if I was to say ''cock***'' or any other foul word like that I'd get infraction points. Yet a mod sais it like they can do anything just cuz they're a mod. Like they're better than us, calling regular members that, abusing their power. And then they act like a ***** and admit they can just because of their status. It just aint right.
lol, this is to me. Cool. First up kiddo, I never give infractions for swearing, yes I know it's supposed to be my job, but I don't do it because it's probably the only rule of this forum I am in full disagreement with.

Second, I think I'll post up the PM's that transpired between us today, moreso because I can than anything else.
ugobama said:
Josh said:
ugobama said:
Josh said:
ugobama said:
Josh said:
ugobama said:
Josh said:
ugobama said:
I wasn't telling, I was asking, you *******.
Same thing.

Complete opposites, *******. And plus, If I said ******* in a thread I'd get infraction points and yet you think you can say it just cuz you're a mod.
False, I know I can say it.

Tee hee hee.

Well I'm gonna go around saying ******* and ****tard all the time and getting infraction points.
You just get smarter and smarter.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
It's supposed to mean you get smarter and smarter.

Nice sig.
Oh thnx.
Third; anyone who can spot the seriousness in all my replies needs to get out. Now. Why? Because there isn't any.

Fourth; If you're going to PM me every single time I enforce the rules against you, you can bet your money I will not take you seriously. The first time? Sure I will. Infrequently? Of course. Every time? What do you think I am?

n_n d